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AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received on 5/09/2008 02:53

1988 NANGA (WA) 2200hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: MR x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 1 minutes.

Observation: I saw a UFO once, while marron-ing at night as a young teenager in the darling range.

In-between pulling nets I had the habit of watching satellites- which appear brightly lit in the sky, from the Perth hills and are easily spotted.

Once while watching a satellite draw its arc across the sky at around 10 p.m, I saw a stationary object (stationary against the background star field) almost instantly change its velocity to match the satellites orbit.

This occurred when the object was separated from the satellite in the order of 1 degree and had reached approximately 1 o'clock.

The object was indistinguishable from the background stars and of equal brightness and colour to the satellite I was watching.

At 1 o'clock both the satellite I was watching and the object were bright in the sky.

The entire period leading from when I first located and starting watching the satellite (approximately 10 o'clock) till it reached 1 o'clock, I was definitely only watching 1 object. I was certain of this due to the brightness of both objects.

The 2nd object started moving with the satellite at approximately 1 o'clock, and I watched the 2 objects orbiting together until I lost sight of them as they neared the horizon, moved out of the sun's light and into the earth's shadow.

Description: Incredible acceleration to appear stationary against the background star field, to suddenly matching the satellite's orbiting speed.

It is possible that during the brief initial period of acceleration, there was some elongation of shape along the vector it was accelerating in.

Location: Nanga, camped on the Murray river system, Perth hills Western Australia.

Actual Size: it appeared similar in brightness and colour to the orbiting satellite I was watching, I assume its scale was of similar magnitude to a bright satellite.

Altitude: I guess it was orbiting at an altitude equal to an average satellite crossing the night sky.

Object Origin: approximately 1 o'clock, stationary against the star field.

Object Destination: approximately 3 o'clock disappearing into the earths shadow in the same fashion as the satellite I was watching.

Moon Visible: I do not recall seeing the moon that night. The star field was exceptionally bright and it was a clear night.

Moon Size Comparison: as a moderately bright star

Planets Visible: I did not take notice of the planets against the background star field.

Weather: Clear, Pleasant, Calm.



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