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Arthurs Creek, Victoria


AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received on 6/06/2008 04:51:10

Source: AUFORN ONLINE Report Form
Witness: Mr. Chris X
Number of witnesses present: 10
Sighting Duration: 2 hours.
Occupation: Cleaner now

Observation: Around sixteen years back me and three car loads of friends used to go up to the Authers creek cemetery and sit around goofing off as you do at that age ) .

Started off as a small red light sitting in the sky , we thought it was a helicopters light . But after a few minutes me and my friend gary started to watch it further as it was very slowly moving towards the ground , no sound and fairly close . Suddenly a fairly large bright yellow light appeared , I would say the light was about 10 feet in size and 150 meters away and 50 meters off the ground . This light was seen by 3 car loads of my friends plus myself ( we where all out of our cars standing around talking )

The light was moving around and was splitting in two then re joining , this went on for a few minutes . It then turned into a soccer-ball size . We thought it had shrunk in size but later on after thinking it I'm fairly sure it had shot off into the distance that fast and quick that it appeared to have changed size , and we where watching it off in the distance thats why is looked much smaller . After 30 seconds of watching the smaller light , It was suddenly back at the same larger size . We watched it move around for a few more minutes then it was gone .

But my friend gary swore it had taken off about 500 meters away , and now looked like a small dull house light . So we all jumped into our cars and took off towards what gary said was the light . We went down a road that's at the back Yan Yean reservoir and stopped to watch this light . Every one still thought it was a house light in the distance . We then seen two fairly small red lights around 100 meters away , these where moving up in a swaying motion . We thought at first they where someone's rear tail lights driving up a hill . We where then treated to a light show of small whitish blue lights and small red lights for a good hour ( these where say tennis ball sized or there abouts ) .

But the best bit for everyone that 100% convinced us all that we were watching was a full blown UFO was when we decided to flash our car lights at the small lights . with out a word of a lie about 50 meters away just above the trees a group of lights started moving around some-type of craft We couldn't see anything bare the lights moving around what we guessed was the outer edge . This was very large about 100 feet in width , very close to us , made no sound and was just above some gum trees . It flashed the lights for maybe 20 seconds or so as if to show us there was a craft there . We watched the smaller lights that where about 100 meters away for another good hour and got bored and took off home . We all knew and still know for a fact we had seen something very special . If you want me to find out the name of the roads and mark a map where this all took place ill be happy to do that.

Anyway thought I should at least give this info to you as it relates to the Whittlesea area and I remember seeing the picture in our local paper a few years back about the picture taken at the crossing and thought you may be interested in this story and the location.

Description: The smaller lights would sway around. the larger say 10 foot one seemed to be changing shape as if it was pulling apart then re joining

Location: Authers Creek / Yan Yean

Other Witnesses: A guess would be about 10 people.

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Actual Size: There was a range of sizes small tennis ball size that we watched the most. A larger around 10 foot size.

Altitude: This varied from as high as 50 meters to much lower

Object Origin: The red light we first seen did come into view it was basically just sitting in the sky when we took notice of it.

Weather Temp: Pleasant, Calm.


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