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Caroline Springs, Victoria

April 1990

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received on 30/07/2008 12:49:37

April 1990, CAROLINE SPRINGS (VIC) 0200hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Ms. M Bxxxxx
Number of witnesses present: 4
Sighting Duration: minutes?
Occupation: Self Employed.

Observation: Myself and two friends had gone out for a drive(it was around March/April 1990)we ended up in the back streets of Deer Park in a brand new estate with only a few new homes in this particular area, along a railway line.(Which is now I believe The Caroline Springs area). We drove into a little court where we parked the car smoked cigarettes and simply sat talking about our upcoming overseas journey we were about to embark on. As it started to get late we decided we should be heading home, so my friend started the car and began to drive out of the court, when out of nowhere right infront of us hovering directly above/infront of the car, appeared what we still describe as an unbelievable sight. A Huge Huge UFO, it was big, it was shaped almost like a Volkswagon Shape, with the most amazing bright lights almost neon colored, flashing on and off, illuminating the outline and the shape of this incredible object/ufo. It stopped us(the car) in our tracks, and our jaws fell wide open, we didn't move, we couldn't move, we were completely awe struck and couldn't take our eyes off it - we couldn't believe what we were seeing and as we watched this incredible object hovering infront and above us, it felt as though time had stopped and everything was silent, it could have been moments or minutes, but it felt more like long minutes, and than as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone in a flash, disappeared.

We couldn't move and our mouths were still wide open. We sat there for some time trying to absorb what we had just seen what we had just witnessed.

I remember finally being able to speak and all I could muster saying was "Did you see that?" and both of my friends replied with a stunned "Yes". Description: No sounds at all, the lights of this craft would flash on then flash off, when they flashed on they would light up the aircraft especially the outline of it, displaying just how enormous it was and when they flashed off you couldn't see the craft. It hovered without a sound and when it was done, it simply vanished in a flash. The colors from memory were BLUE RED GREEN PINK - Neon colors bright.

Location: The back of Deer Park Melbourne Victoria, before it was really developed. The nearest main rd was Ballarat Rd Western Highway. The area now is The Caroline Springs area, however back in 1990 it was alot of paddocks.

Other Witnesses: Jacqui Jxxxxxx and Tony xxxx

Apparent Size Other: Incredibly big.

Actual Size: Big, bigger than our car. A giant volkswagon.

Altitude: Tree top height.

Object Origin: The West.

Object Destination: The West to South West.

Moon Size Comparison: This UFO was Huge it wasn't something small, when it appeared in it's entirity when the lights would flash on, it was huge.

Planets Visible: Have no idea, I just remember it being very dark, around the back paddocks of Deer Park not alot of street lights around, however there was a street light in the court. But clear visibility that night.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Mild, Calm

Effects Physical: I don't recall any unusual physical effects apart from being shocked and priveleged at the same time - and the feeling that we shouldn't really talk about this too much.

Effects Psychological: I know I was unable to speak about it to anyone for a very long time, aside from my two friends who had also witnessed this incredible. It was almost like it was sacred that we shouldn't speak about what we had just seen. My friends also felt this. We spoke about it amongst ourselves, but even then it was spoken about very rarely- even today it's the same. And a strange belief that it was better not to speak too often about this event.

Effects Other Witnesses: Yes all of the above.


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