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Broken Hill, New South Wales


AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received 5/07/2008 20:13:43

1992 BROKEN HILL (NSW) 1800/1900hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Miss. Rebecca x
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 2 minutes.
Occupation: Early Childhood Teacher/ Student/ Mother/ Housekeeper
Qualifications: Currently studying teaching at UNISA, Adelaide

Observation: I am 12 years old then. I am running outside, to call my younger brother inside for dinner. He is sitting on top of a pergola area, which he has climbed with his scool friend, Jxx. They are both about 9 years old. As I run to the backyard, I look up at them both on top of the pergola. "Jaxx, Jxx, its time for...", that is all I can get out as my jaw drops, and I am absolutely speechless as I just slowly point to the sky, just above where they are sitting. I stare, frozen, as I see a bright pink, room-sized 'ball' shape just hovering several meters above them. I freeze, all I can do is point. They turn around and look up, and scream as they see the ufo fighting to clamber down thew pergola. I turn and run, screaming, back inside. They follow. We all have the same account of what we saw. Inside, I yelled to my parents that we had seen something. Dad, in disbelief, pulled back the curtains. "There is nuthin there" he said. "Dad...look.." I said. In the distance we could see a small aircraft of some kind, which was moving in an uncontrolled, zig-zag motion across the sky. Up, down, diagonally it zoomed, in sharp, quick, sporadic movements...most unusual.

Location: I was living with my family in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia. It occurred out in our back yard.

Apparent Size Other: house sized

Actual Size: house sized, maybe 30 x 30 meters

Altitude: tree top height, just above the roof

Object Origin: I only saw it as a hovering object, but I think it left to the east, north-east.

Object Destination: east, north-east

Moon Visible: sunset

Planets Visible: no, sunset.


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Diane Harrison/Frola

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