UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Towamba, New South Wales


UFOINFO E-mail Report

Hi I found your site this morning and its quite interesting. My missus and I have both seen things.

About ten years ago we were living at Towamba far south NSW and I was working at the cannery finishing at 6pm. We lived on a farm and the gate is about one kilometer from the house and kept locked, so each night she would walk the dogs and open the gate for me.

The first night she said she saw a grey cigar shape moving around the base of Wog mountain and out towards Pericoe. I dismissed it as low cloud as it was summer. She told me she saw the same thing the next night so on the third night I wasn't working so we both walked up the hill to where she had seen it. Next thing a huge black double rotored helicopter flew slowly on the same path.

Wog mountain is about 10? klicks away and you could hear the whump whump of the helicopter. She said her ufo? made no noise.

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