UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Injune, Queensland

March/April 1997

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received: on 21/08/2008

Time: 2100hrs
Source: Generated by newspaper article.
Witness: Mrs. Sue x
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 2 minutes or more.

Report taken by Diane AUFORN

In 1997 I saw a silver bullet it spiraled into the atmosphere then it took off into the bush. It was glowing inside it was a silver bullet.

Q: Did you see it from home or were you traveling.

A: We were traveling in the car my husband said I think something is about to crash because he saw it through his window-screen then I saw it. It just started off as a light it was circling corkscrewing for a while then it took shape into a silver bullet with lights inside it was glowing from inside then she took off into the bush.

Q: When you say it took off into the bush, was it quite low when it came down.

A: Yes it came quite low yes, it went into the scrub it didn't crash or explode it just went into the trees.

Q: Did it stop there, was it stationery in the bush.

A: No it wasn't stationery it just kept going on its course. When we got home it was 1.00 am in the morning. I rang the Injune cops the next day and I said, did something crash, he went, no did you see something odd love, I went yes, he said lots of other people did too, another tourist some people on a property, another policeman was out at the garbage dump he saw the same sort of object we saw it went behind a tree and never came out the other side.

I was told one grazier was followed to his gate the coper said they are always seeing UFOs out there and they talk about it but then it died down until the next sighting.

Q: A few questions, which way were you heading when you saw it.

A: North heading north to Emerald.

Q: What direction did the object appear from.

A: It appeared right above us, it caught our attention at the top of the window-screen we thought it was going to crash on the car. It must have been a fare way away from us, it was definitely a silver object there was no flame or anything coming out the back.

Q: What would nearest town be you think it might have come down near.

A: It would have come south of 10 k from Injune I was to scared to say Injune ha!. We didn't see another person on the road after that.

This is really odd to not long after that my kids were 12 & 14 now my husband was sleeping in the spare room I had my daughter in with me because she often had trouble sleeping and I woke up in the middle of the night towards morning it was still dark. I was to frightened to open my eyes when I did I saw a green glow in the room, I was paralyzed. I always remember I was so fearful to open my eyes but I just went to sleep.

Q: How long after the sighting did this happen.

A: a couple of months after.

Q: Whereabouts did live at the time this happen.

A: Emerald

Comment Diane: we talked about more UFO sightings the family had witnessed over the years.



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