UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Port Huon, Tasmania

September 10th 1997

Something in the Huon Sky. September 10th 10.30pm.

It was school holidays and P of Port Huon had her friend over for the night. They were sleeping that night in the lounge room but having a talk first whilst lying down. It was then that P noticed a big light, large enough to have a boomerang type shape to it. The boomerang was multi coloured, being at various times, blue, yellow, green, and red. P and her friend were both amazed and scared, especially when P’s friend pointed out a similar boomerang light close by in the sky. The first light let off a trail of sparks from the left side, they went downwards but faded out. The lights made sudden movements, moving around in an anti-clockwise movement, going up to the left and right, then dropping down again. The two friends watched the lights for some time before picking up courage to race through to call P’s mother to come and have a "look".

P’s mother reported the girls were excited and wide eyed. She went to the lounge at once but there was no sign of the boomerang lights.

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Note: This sighting is taken from the TUFOIC Newsletter, October 1997, Issue 82 originally posted in the News section of UFOINFO.

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