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Lismore, New South Wales - Brisbane, Queensland : October 1st 1997

South of Jacobs Well, Gold Coast, Queensland : September 29th 1997


Friday October 3, 1997.

Northern Star front page

" The Northern Star " Newspaper, published in the North eastern region of New South Wales, to-day carries a front page report of UFO sightings in the area.

The report by Lismore journalist Darren Coyne tells how two top Northern Rivers helicopter air crews, separately encountered unusual UFO type incidents this week while returning to Lismore from Brisbane.

Pilots Wayne Fisher and Rob Hill, support crew and medical teams, form part of the highly trained and respected Westpac Life Saver Rescue Service.

It is reported that late Wednesday night, October 1st, Mr. Fisher was flying at 7000 feet in a clear night sky when his aircraft was suddenly fully lit up inside. The sudden burst of `white light' was first thought to be lightning, but the sky was clear and the light came from above and to the rear of the aircraft.

Fearing a collision with another aircraft, the pilot immediately radioed Brisbane Air Services. It was confirmed that " there is nothing within miles of you ".

The previous Monday, 29th, at around midnight, another Westpac flight crew returning from Brisbane watched the flight of an Unidentified Flying Object at a position south of Jacobs Well on the Gold Coast ( South - east Queensland and Northern N.S.W. border ) The UFO had three bright lights evenly spaced along the side if it. The pilot said that " it seemed to be flat in appearance ". " It than tilted like an aircraft banking, than after about one minute disappeared from sight ". A radio call to Brisbane again confirmed that no other aircraft were in the area.

Also on the Wednesday evening at about 10.45pm, Mr. W.P. and his 15 year old daughter K. were driving in the Ballina area when they saw a " very large, round metallic bright blue object shoot quickly across the night sky in four or five seconds".

Details of these events used by permission of " The Northern Star " Newspaper.

My thanks to UFO researcher Barry Taylor for submitting this report.
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