UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Belgrave Heights, Melbourne, Victoria

October 24th 1997 & May 5th 1998

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received 17/07/2008 15:44:25

24.10.1997 & 05.05.1998 BELGRAVE HEIGHTS ?hrs (CE1)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE Report Form
Witness: Mr. Dion xxx
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 25 minutes
Occupation: Gardener

Date: Between the 24/10/97 and 5/5/98. I have a list of 5 dates that it would have occurred on. They are as follows, 24/10/97, 4/12/97, 8/1/98, 30/3/98, and 5/5/98. I have based these possible dates of the sighting on the day of a personal friend’s doctor’s appointment. I seem to recall saying to myself after the event that I would never forget the date, as it was a major sighting, obviously I have. I am sure it fell on, or was close to, a personnel anniversary or major date of some sort. I will continue to investigate and narrow the day down further.


I used to live in a small town on the outskirts of Belgrave called Belgrave Heights in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia. I don’t know if anyone knows the area well, but Belgrave is where the sighting occurred, its probably best known for its tourist attraction ‘Puffing Billy’ an old steam locomotive which runs through the Dandenong Ranges and also for its laidback alterative lifestyle. In the centre of town on the low side of the main street you have a collection of shops, then behind them the railway line and on the high side you have more shops and above them, a car park which links up with the local supermarket and library and has nice panoramic views South-East over towards Narre Warren East and Cardinia Reservoir way.

Anyway, I was sitting in the car, in the car park, waiting for a personal friend to come back from her doctor’s appointment. It was just getting on dusk and I was admiring the views over the valley towards the South-East when my attention turned to a bright star or what I thought to be a bright star on the horizon in the distance. I thought it odd at the time because it seemed a little too bright (which was an orange-yellow colour, more of an orange than a yellow) in regards to the stars around it, which were only just starting to come out.

I kept looking at this star for about 1 to 2 minutes thinking it’s brightness odd, until ‘zip’ (excuse the sound effects) it flew off at incredible speed, almost straight up and out of sight, it was gone in less than a second. At this point my full attention was on this one spot on the horizon and as a minute or so passed, I thought that that was it, that this bright star like object that seemed to fly at an impossible speed may have gone. Until suddenly almost out of nowhere, the same one or another one appeared. This one didn’t fly in it was just suddenly there, as if turning on a light. Then another flew in at ‘very’ high speed, and before I knew it, another had appeared.

I would estimate the area at which I believe I saw these craft to be huddled to be around the South East to South South-East of my position, probably an area near or close to Cardinia Reservoir in Emerald.

I was suddenly watching these lights come and go at incredible speeds, appear and disappear as if turning a light on and off, and then I watched as one of them did aerial aerobics that zigzagged across a small section of the horizon, only to watch another chase it playfully.

While this aerial aerobics was going on, one of them then proceeded to move at a steady pace (around the same speed as a light aircraft would travel if it was sight seeing) from its South South-East position to the West North-West Position. I watched this light move right across the horizon to the south of me until it was out of sight. I watched three of them move across the horizon, the last one being very close to my position.

I then returned my gaze back to the others which were still there, and at this point they were accompanied by not another one, but another two to three. ‘Zip’ again, another flew off, straight up, and was gone in a flash.

As I am writing this report 8-9 years later I will write in all honesty that what I have written so far in regards to the comings and goings of the craft, how many there were at any one time etc may be a little off. (This is only in regards to the craft that remained on the horizon doing their aerial aerobics, but basically what I have written so far is as close to a representation of what occurred as I can). The three that moved across the horizon did happen like described.

The three that proceeded to move across the horizon moved from (one at a time) a South South-East position to a North Westerly position and as each one moved the one after would move a little more north. Each craft always waited for the other to move right across the horizon before the other would move.

I remember thinking that it seemed like they were scanning the area. It was almost like they were mapping the surrounding area out, to create some sort of geological database as each one never followed the other, and they would always fly or take a more Northerly route each time they moved.

I must also comment on the fact that when they moved to a more suburban built up area, the bright orange-yellow light that they were emitting would suddenly go out and you were left with a series of flashing lights that could have very easily been mistaken for a normal light aircraft such as a plane, as they had the same characteristic flashing light patterns. Making them look rather inconspicuous in their surrounds. I found this rather clever. Were it not for the fact that I had witnessed that very same craft perform its aerial aerobics, change its colour from its orange-yellow to a series of flashing lights. You could have very easily mistaken it for just that, a light aircraft. Making most people totally ignore or be oblivious to it.

I remember counting around nine or more aircraft all up from the experience, all the same bright orange-yellow colour.

Now this is where it gets interesting, because they were moving slowly north, they were getting closer to my position sitting in the car park, and it’s an experience I will never ever forget! I sat in total amazement as one of them was flying in my direction, I was about to view a UFO in very close proximity. I had always dreamt of seeing one of these things close up and now I was getting the chance. The anticipation of watching this thing draw near was quite spellbinding to say the least.

Now these details people may find hard to believe, but I will not hold back. I will express my own truth to the events of what I saw and the feelings that I got or felt from the experience.

As it drew nearer to my position I saw it suddenly change colour, from its bright orange-yellow to a very dark indigo-black, it was almost like switching off a force field of bright light to show its true shell underneath, that of a dark matt metallic colour, which made it blend in very well with the night sky. Again obviously trying to stay more inconspicuous in a more suburban built up area. I watched in almost disbelief as it flew straight over the Safeway supermarket carpark, then almost directly over the library cutting across the carpark I was sitting in, to fly over the church and out of sight. All this happened no more than 50-60 metres away from me. In full view I was able to see the whole craft.

It was your typical saucer shaped craft; I would estimate the length to be around 30-40 metres wide and was of a dark indigo-black colour. The blackness may have been a trick of light as it was getting quite dark by this time. But it definitely had a dark blue tinge to it. Certainly nothing like the bright orange-yellow colour it was displaying earlier. I was able to make out some small coloured flashing lights which ran in a circular motion on the outermost underneath part of the craft. The exact colours escape me but they ranged from blues, yellows, reds, and whites there may have been others, maybe a green, I can’t really remember now, but at the time, this was not the focus of my attention. As I was able to see large portholes or windows which surrounded the outermost part of the craft, and through them, the shadowy outlines of humanoid figures peering out of them.

I was able to decipher two distinct humanoids, a taller and a smaller. The first that I noticed was that of the taller humanoids, they stood out because of their size. They were just standing there peering out the windows with arms by their sides. I was able to see them from just above the head, to just below the waist line, and the more I focused in, not really believing what I was seeing, the more I realized that they where ‘very human looking’. As to my surprise, I could make out that they were wearing dark suits and ties! Something we are quite accustomed to seeing here on earth.

Looking around some more, I saw the shadowy outlines of the smaller humanoids. Only their heads were visible and they too were just peering out the windows. They were half the size in height in regards to the taller humanoids, but then I realized that their heads were larger, almost 2-3 times as large! They had no hair on their head and I could just make out some large, dark, almond shaped eyes. It then occurred to me that I was looking at one of the famous Greys, which are heard of so often in sighting reports around the world. I was not able to make out fine facial features as there was a light source coming from behind the occupants.

I was able to make out some of the décor inside the craft which was rather plain looking, which surprised me as I was expecting to see something that would have been totally ‘alien’ in appearance. You know, maybe some strange or abnormal architecture or at least some unknown colours or lights. I saw nothing of the sort, in fact the feeling that I got of the décor, was that it had a 60s to 70s office-building feel? I was able to see what looked like wooden or wooden veneer walls, as I could make out the grain in the wood, and it was that of or what seemed to be a light oak which had a dark tan colour. They ran in large vertical panels down the wall. I Also remember seeing what looked like maroon colour pin board material walls or curtains. The wooden walls immediately reminded me a lot of walking into a high ranking governmental type building, but with that strange 60s-70s feel. Also I seem to have a strong memory of seeing fluorescent lighting on the roof, the ones which have those squared criss-cross reflectors that are usually made out of silver plastic to reflect more light! The roof was of a light grey-white or cream colour. The roof also looked as though it was made out of that cork board material or something to that effect, as it seemed to be put together in sections. Again something you usually see in an office type environment? The décor just seemed out of place for something that you would associate with flying saucers, which is why it stood out so much and really, talking about it now, shouldn’t have looked ‘earthly’ at all. I found all this rather odd.

What was I seeing, Men in Suits, standing and flying alongside the Greys! Thoughts rushed through my head. Is this the government working alongside the greys or is it the military? Or are these men in suits just some sort of hybrid race working anonymously with the greys and without the government or military knowing? Or am I looking at the famous Men in Black? The thoughts kept coming; I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Focusing my attention back to one of the Greys I sensed a certain amount of calmness and peace radiating from it. It had a kind of strong ‘presence’ which could be ‘felt’ just by looking at it. It seemed to be radiating a constant state of euphoria or ecstasy.

Each humanoid was standing solitary at its very own window, and I must have seen at least 3-4 humanoids in suits and about 2-3 Greys. Most of the Greys where standing at the front area of the saucer, by that I mean the area that one would stand if you where flying the craft, whether or not this is where you would fly that craft is unknown of course, but nevertheless was an observation. Because I was only able to see one side of the craft, there may have been more humanoids standing at the windows on the other side.

This craft made no sound whatsoever and was very low to the surrounds, probably around 50-60 metres of the ground when it flew past me, which is why I got a good look at it and its occupants.

I did not have any feelings of lost time, although I did have a strange feeling that time may have stalled momentarily while it passed over. Thinking about that later, it occurred to me that maybe because of the strong anti-gravitational electro magnetism of the craft (I am guessing that’s what is used in anti-gravity) it may have been able to distort or confuse the electrical impulses of the brain, therefore creating a strange stalled time effect. I have heard of UFO’s disrupting electrical equipment as they fly over area’s, stalling cars for instance and interfering in radio waves, etc. I remember making the effort to look at the clock after it was gone, just to make sure that I was not missing any time and all was normal. Although I am writing this report 8-9 years later I am unable to determine or remember the exact time of the sighting. I only know that it was on dusk.

I don’t know if they knew that I could see them or not and I got no telepathic communication from any of them, just the strong feeling of peace and euphoria radiating from one of the greys. I did not find any unusual scars or come down with any strange symptoms of sickness and do not believe anything untoward happened. It just drifted straight over the car park and out of sight.

I probably saw it (close up) for about 30 seconds before it flew North West at a steady pace over the hill. Certainly enough time for me to comprehend what I was seeing.

Although the technology of this craft was far beyond what we are used to seeing here on Earth, like being able to move and fly about erratically at incredible speeds, change colours from bright orange-yellow to become almost invisible in its surrounds, or fly completely silently stealth like. It also had some strange earth like characteristics like 60–70s décor, and then what looked like fluorescent lighting? At the time I got a feeling that the craft seemed rather ‘earthly’. Just a feeling I suppose.

From seeing the first UFO on the horizon over towards Cardinia Reservoir, to watching the last one fly over the car park and out of sight was probably around 25 minutes.

Also I have a memory of hearing a helicopter flying around the very next night, also I remember it raining or having possibly thunder stormed either the night of the sighting (2-3 hours after sighting) or the night after, I’m pretty sure it was the night after. I have that memory because I was going to go outside again the very next night to see if I could see anything but couldn’t, probably because it was raining.

I was not under the influence of any drugs whatsoever and I have only presented the facts as I saw them, you may make up your own conclusion to the events. I do not care if anybody believes me or not it really doesn’t bother me.

For all those sceptics out there I will gladly take a poly test.

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