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Snelling Beach, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

March 28th 1998

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

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March 28th? 1998 SNELLINGS BEACH (SA) 2205hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. D. McNxxxxxx
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 25 minutes.
Occupation: Tyre technician

Observation: for the last 17 years I have been going to kangaroo island on a regular basis,for the fishing and I've made a few friends over-there one of which has 125 acres on the north coast of the island right on top of a big hill at Snellings Beach it had just passed 10 p.m around the 28th of march 1998, date might be a day or two out, it was a while ago.

I was about to go to bed in my tent as I was camping, I was listening to the radio in my car parked on the hilltop when I noticed a yellowish white light on the hillside in the distance to the east, I thought nothing of it at first then I noticed it had moved from when I first saw it, then I thought hmmm there are no roads down there it must be a guy on a motorbike so I got out of my car, the thing is it was a cloudy night the stars or moon were not visible. I watched this light and it was slowly moving to the south,up the valley just above the tree line, after watching it for 5 mins I knew it was nothing man made, just by the way it moved, with this smooth fluid acceleration but the movements were not random it was as if something was making descisions on where it was going.

I watched the 1st light for under 10 mins and it changed direction and came straight across the valley up the hill towards me, when its direction changed toward me it went from the small tennis ball dim yellow light to a bright intense white white light and it became the size of a dinner plate. I think it came to within a km of me, then it turned to the south,as it turned it went back to the small yellow light, that is when the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I ran to my friends shack a few hundred meters away, I woke him up as he goes to bed pretty early, I could hardly get any words out, I was pretty scared, he came out on the porch half asleep and saw something without his glasses and he didnt think much of it so he went back to bed, I went back to my car by myself and saw the light down in the valley still, a bit to the south so I continued watching it, at times it would dissapear behind trees and then rise vertically 10 or so seconds later and smootly accelerate sometimes in a bit of a zig zag movement, I saw it sit there for a while on the hillside and it started to move further down the valley and it took off in 3 seconds it had traveled 3 or 4kms almost to the horizon, thats when another yellow white light came over the southern horizon and they sat together in the distance, slowly the two lights made their way back to where I had seen the first light on the eastern hillside, the two lights sat there for about 60 seconds and then they went over the hillside and it was the last I saw of them, I don't think I went to bed until 3am that night I wanted to see more!

But anyway thats what I saw and it still gives me chills and goose-bumps to this day!

I watched these lights for 25 mins with no sound,my mates girlfriend has seen the same light a few years after I did and she was quite frightened by the experience,she said the same thing it came right towards her as if like a magnet I went into the local post office in Parndana the next day and asked if anyone had seen anything strange in the sky last night she said I was about the 10th person over the years that have seen them.

Description: The way it moved was almost fluid like and fast but not floating around randomly, it was like something was in control of it, consciously making decisions on where to go, with no sound at all at one stage it went 3 or 4 kms in the same amount of seconds

Location: Snellings beach kangaroo island about 5kms up from the beach towards Parndana.

Other Witnesses: my mates girlfriend sue saw the same lights a few years later and she was quite disturbed by what she saw.

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Apparent Size Other: tennis ball then grew to dinner plate size

Actual Size: not huge not much bigger than a car.

Altitude: just above tree level

Object Origin: first noticed it on the eastern hillside it went south down the valley and the second light came over the southern horizon they sat together in the distance then came to the same spot on the eastern hillside.

Object Destination: both lights disappeared over the hill in an easterly direction towards Kingscote and adelaide at 10.30 p.m

Moon Visible: no moon no stars visible.

Moon Size Comparison: in the distance they looked the size of a tennis ball or a dim yellow headlight of an old motorbike when it came towards me it went from the small yellow light to an intense white light,white as white the size of a dinner plate.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Mild, Cloudy, Calm.

Weather Comments: it was overcast

Viewing Aids:

Effects Physical: just hair on the back of my neck and goose bumps each time I think of that night.

Effects Psychological: no just was left with this weird feeling of not knowing what I had seen.

Effects Other: I went into the local town of parndana the next morning and asked the lady in the post office if anyone reported seeing any strange lights last night, she said im the 10th person over the years that has reported something like that around there,she also said she was on the computer last night and there were power fluctuations around 10 p.m so she had to shut her pc down, but kangaroo island is not known for its good electricity supply.

Effects Other Witnesses: yes my mates girlfriend was pretty frightened from what she saw.

Other Experiences: no none


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Diane Harrison/Frola

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