UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Victoria Point/Cleveland, Brisbane, Queensland

June 26th 1998

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Driving from Victoria Point to Cleveland Brisbane, Qld Australia

Date: 06/26/1998

Approach Direction: Across the sky

Departure Direction: Straight up

Witness Direction: South

Description: We were driving home and my friend noticed the objects in the sky, about seventeen I remember counting, Cars were stopped on the side of the road and people were looking at them as well.

I wanted my family to see them so we continued to their home and woke the whole house up,around 11.30pm we all sat on the verandah, me my mum and dad, my friend and my sister and her husband.

Some made a formation, they seemed to be moving slowly. Its three years since I witnessed this and I am still amazed at what I saw....would love to see it again.

Color/Shape: Bright lights

Height & Speed: Seemed slow

TV/Radio/Press: This the same as I witnessed:

26.06.98 Brisbane, QLD (Thornsland) 2245-2330hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Basterfield Network, 28.06.98)
On Friday, 26th June, a professional Video cameraman had just returned home at the Bay side when he was called outside by his next door neighbour. To his surprise he saw a group of lights high in the sky. He grabbed his camera and started filming a light formation. The footage was shown on the Channel 7 News that night. The cameraman stated it was like nothing that he had ever seen before. During the episode, an inbound aircraft was seen passing near one of the objects. Diane has at present spoken to Gordon at Channel 7 News and he as given us the guys phone number. UFOICQ has since located more witnesses, and these people will be interviewed shortly. (UFOICQ) (U/I)

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