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Bossley Park, New South Wales

January 11th 1999

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UFO Sighting Bossley Park NSW

Name: Mrs Chapman
Suburb: Bossley Park
State: NSW
Background: studying for dip.prof.couns.Work in retail.
Day: 11
Month: Jan
Year: 1999
Time: 8pm
Duration: approx 10mins
Unusual: no sound but car windows were up.
Weather conditions: clear summer night.

What happened: I was a passenger in the family car with my husband driving and my 3 children in the back. We were on the main road leaving The Entrance [central coast]. There was light traffic. Ahead to the right ,just above the line of trees about 150 - 200 mtrs away [it was night] on the opposite side of the street, there was a an orange round ball light. It was moving and took our eye as it would have been very low to the ground had it been a conventional flying object. It was moving across and down in movements. It then appeared to get larger. We then noticed traffic had slowed and other cars had pulled over that were travelling in our direction. [2 other cars]

We also pulled over to watch. The car in front's male driver was out of the car watching. It then came towards us. It looked to change colour from orange to red. When it changed direction the car behind us took off quickly. My 15yr old daughter and myself began yelling at my husband to go. We had a very strong feeling of danger. The queer thing was my husband was just like the guy standing outside his car, he didn't seem to hear us but seemed totally engrossed in the light. I can't explain the terror in those seconds that we felt {except my husband}It just seemed imperative that we leave immediately. My daughter then hit my husband across the back of the head to snap him out of whatever he was in.{not a normal occurance!} He angrily began to drive away. As we looked out the rear window The red ball abruptly changed direction again and seemed to come up behind our car. With a car full of screaming occupants my husband sped off. When we looked behind it was no longer there. My husband called the central coast radio station the next day to see if anyone had reported any unusual lights the previous night. No one had. I have noted in subsequent visits to the area{which are undertaken with the kids always mentioning the night we were chased by a ufo} that there are a number of power lines and a radio{I presume}transmitter along the ridge nearby.

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