UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Kings Beach, Byron Bay, New South Wales

April 1999

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kings Beach, Byron Bay. New South Wales. Australia

Date: April /1999 / around midday

Approach Direction: Directly over head

Departure Direction: Vertically at what could be described as more than speed.

Witness Direction: Horizontally back to the ground face to the sky

Description: Sunbakeing on a perfectly clear day at a location on Kings Beach close to the water yet on the dryer sand, accompanied by friend John H. We had been in this position for some time, that is on our backs face up shaded by hat brims...we were not inguaguaged in conversation simply enjoying the silence and calm.

I opened my eyes into the blue above to find that there was a ariel object in a stationary position almost perhaps not directly above but almost. The local area is popular with kite/men who launch themselves of the nearby headland and so for a moment I had to sort out that it was not one of them. Having done so I then took it in visually a disc shape with a right angular extension encloseing open space within the over all structure. It did not move quiver or anything of the like, it simply remained aloft at the same height above us. As there were no other beach goers at this end of the beach it seemed that its intrest was directly concerned with us.

The sky was intensely blue and clear the object grey/blue slighty atmospherically hazed, subtle close tonality betwen the value of the sky colour and its colour. Perhaps its altitude was around 200 ft, its size larger than a bus smaller than a stadium. I kept looking without saying a word to the person I was along side of nude [Kings Beach is a nudest beach]. Then after what seemed to be a time space of a minute or two, with my expectation of it moveing or simply doing something [I expected it to move laterally to the left or right as aircraft do as they go somewhere] no it when zoot [silently] into deep infinity vertically. Whereapon my friend turned his head my way and said "UFO", I responded by saying "yes".

We did not overly discuss this event later and when I made inquire of the experience only recently he had no recolition of the day and the sighting most odd. I recent days I've spent time looking at net UFO images lots of them read testamonials...In all of these image there was no equivilant to this disc with a rightangular wing structure , however the description of the speed of the thing did ring true in other reports. Hard to describe the speed as I have already mentioned, It was there and then a speck enveloped in the blue of the day.

Color/Shape: As above

Height & Speed: As above

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