UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Gnangara Pine Plantation, Gnangara, Perth, Western Australia

July 1999

Location: Gnangara Pine Plantation, Gnangara, Perth, Western Australia.

Date: May of 1999, on a Friday night. between 8pm @ 9pm. as far as memory serves.

Approach Direction: West

Departure Direction: Disappeared

Witness Direction: East

Description: Living on the West Edge of the pine forrest, myself, (ex) wife and daughter decided to go for a drive through forrest to the petrol station for ciggarettes and food before I started work. I had a Toyota Hilux, dual cab, highlanding 4wd. We regularly travelled through there at all times of night.

There was no moon and it was pitch black. Travelling approx 60 km/h. to the West when an exceptionally bright, luminous, white light appeared behind my truck. it chased us. 1-2 meters behind and 2 and a half meters high. I increased speed to 80km/h and it stayed at same distance and height behind me. I watched it rear view mirror and wife and Jacquie turned around to watch it. Could not be any motorbike or vehicle I know of. Impossible to follow that close without large limestone rocks and debris pounding it.

Even over mounds and rough terrain it did not change position. Like it was attached to truck and as truck goes over bump, so did this thing at the same time. Also, it was too high to be any land vehicle I know of. I also don't know of any airbourne craft tht can follow a truck so precisely at such a height and do this under a canopy of trees. got to shop and wife and Jacquie wanted to go home by the road because it was so scarey.

I thought ok, but decided I wanted to see what it was, so we went back the same way. 500 meters in and it flashed behind us 3 times from scrub area. The very next second it approx 4 - 5 km's in front of us. Kept going toward it because our turn-off was at half the distance. Turned off and never saw it again. This was an amazingly scarey experience. When the light chased us, it did so for about 30 seconds and we had time to look, stare and look several times more.

Color/Shape: Extremely bright white light.

Height & Speed: 80km/h @ 2nd time round it was stationary


Update report from the witness dated August 1st 2005

My name is Paul and I am currently 34 years old. Some time ago now I sent you a report, recounting an unusual encounter which had occured a few years earlier. I had my, then, wife in the car and my daughter in the back seat while I was driving. My daughter is unable to recall much of what had happened that night, although she does remember something unusual and scary happened that night. Kylie, then wife, remembers the incident and cannot, to this day, come up with an answer or a possible explanation for what had occured. I have absolutely no doubt that when we were being chased, it was not by any vehicle or object known at this time. I have forwarded the report on to you for relevant reference.

After I had sent this, I had recalled part of what had happened, at which time it was too late to include. "It was simply that as we were being chased I had my headlights on highbeam and all my lights had begun to flicker 2 - 3 times before failing. I turned off the highbeams and used my normal headlights which also begun to fail but resumed once we believed we were no longer being chased. I must point out that no other part of the vehicle appeared to lose any power, although I was unable to go any faster than the 80 km/hr, where previously on that track I can push the vehicle to just over 100 km/h." I'm not sure why, when I was typing this up, I didn't recall this part.

Personally, I have had an interest in UFO's and aliens since much younger than I can even recall. I have had figures standing in my doorway, leaning on the doorjam with folded arms like it was watching over us. I was so scared I put my head under my pillow and couldn't take my eyes off it. it didn't go away so I tried to pretend I was asleep. I know it was neither my Mum or Dad or any burglar. I dream of UFO's flying down the streets in an unrealistic, spectacular light show but I have dreamt of being with extra-terrestrial beings in their space craft in a metallic foyer like area as I was saying goodbye to about 5 or 6 entities of different heights but of typical Alien stature and conformity.

Recently a person had come to see me regarding spiritual reading and help and advise. Prior to this meeting the person did not know me or about me or any of my interests but was able to tell me I had 5 spiritual guides that were alien. They don't live on any planet. they live on a craft/ vehicle. They also go by the name of 'Algonon's People'. She also told me that I already knew about some of this and later told her that I've felt aware of this for most of my life, explaining some experiences I have had but also said that I feel mostly confused because I don't understand what has been happening to me or around me or that most of the time I feel like I'm just going nuts.

I have also felt great depression when I feel some major disaster is going to occur and twice recently, what I did dream or feel actually occurred within 24 hrs. I never can tell if it is just a dream or if I'm just feeling major depression OR if I'm getting a forewarning until it happens. It does happen though, without a doubt, I just cant read it for forewarning before it happens. I have had other dreams and sightings to do with Aliens and UFO's but for the most part I would like to know if you can shed even a little light on what I have been experiencing through my life and if there is something I should be doing. Mostly because it has confused me for most of my life but recently I dreamt that I was trying, unsuccessfully, to stop one taking my 4 year old daughter and, amazingly, she woke up about 2 mornings later saying that she had a dream about Aliens. This is not a joke and she has no way of knowing what I know because it wasn't discussed at all.

Furthermore, what can I do to help, when it comes to UFO sightings in Western Australia as not a lot is available over here and I know that WA has a lot of sightings and some would be well worth telling or even investigating. Look forward to your reply.

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