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Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

May 29th 1999

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

FOLLOWUP Mike Farrell UFOR NSW 1800 Callin Code: 00376 10.11.1999

Date: 10.11.99
Day: Thursday
Time Reported: 11.05am
Location: Coffs Harbour NSW
Reportee: Sheryl R
Report given to nearest rep: Mike Farrell
Tel: 02 6

Mc Auley's Headland overlooking Diggers Beach Coffs Harbour. N.S.W. Saturday 29th. May 1999 between 12.10 - 12.30am.

Mrs Cheryl was closing the bedroom window when she noticed an orange light appear over the headland on the beach front. While she was watching, a second, then a third similar orange light appeared.
This triangle formation slowly moved south towards Coffs Harbour and remained parallel to the coast until out of sight. Constant altitude and slow steady speed while maintaining the same formation had her puzzled, especially since there was no sound.

A couple of minutes later, another triangle formation of three orange lights came over the headland. and headed in the same direction as the first three.

Than just before 12.30am, another four orange lights appeared from the same area over the headland. The fourth light lagged behind the others.

>>From her high viewing position, she says that they were definitely not launched from the beach or headland, they originated out to sea some distance from land.

Next morning, she rang the Police and Radio station who both had not received any other calls about the objects, and did not wish to pursue the event.
Mrs. R then contacted the local Advocate newspaper and convoyed her sighting to the journalist. No media report was forth coming.

Two weeks later, the Campbell town (Sydney) Television News story was aired showing a formation of similar orange objects caught on video by a local resident.

Mrs. R commented, after reading about the recent six fishermen videoing an orange object off Coffs Harbour, that quote; 'It may be fishermen letting them off from trawlers out to sea, and took video of them as a joke'. end quote.

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