UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Near Mount Gambier, South Australia

July 15th 1999 & September 9th 2001

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

Unidentified objects in the South East of SA


Just want to report a couple of sightings I had a few years ago, I thought about reporting them to the authorities but decided against it. I am a former Army Reserve Soldier and former Manager in a Government Commission, in both cases I was trained to observe and report details meticulously.

July 15th 1999

My first sighting was at 2.15 a.m. on July 15th 1999 on the Highway between Mount Gambier and Naracoorte. I was travelling in the direction of Mt. Gambier, approximately 10 Km north of the Nangwarry township. It was a relatively clear night with some scattered low clouds and some ground mist. I was travelling at about 120 Km/hr listening to the radio when it cut out. As I looked over to the radio my eyes caught sight of some lights in the sky, three of them in a triangle formation.

As I looked harder I noticed the area inside the triangle was black (ie no stars while the surrounding sky had stars in it.) I looked at the vehicle clock instinctively to record the time and noted it was 2.15 a.m. At this point I temporarily ran off the road (fortunately not hitting anything).
After slowing down and regaining control I noted that the triangle was now a little ahead of me, as it flew over some pine forest about a Kilometer away I could see its lights striking the top of the pines so it was at that time flying low. I stopped my vehicle, to ensure that it was really moving and not my imagination and it continued to move, still basically parallel to the road. I restarted and accelerated up to 140 Km/hr but it continued ahead of me and started to gain height. It then flew into a normal looking white cloud which was only marginally bigger than it was and it never re-appeared . As it disappeared the radio came back on. I checked the time and it was 2.19 a.m. so it only lasted 4 minutes.

The rest of the vehicles electrical system was not disrupted in any way. I would estimate that the size of the triangle based upon when it flew low over the pines would place it at around 150-200 feet long and about 3/4 as wide (although it was veiwed from an angle so it may have been wider).

September 9th 2001

My second sighting was on September 9th 2001. I had taken a friend from the US for a drive in the local forests South East of Mount Gambier to show her some of our wildlife at night. As we were returning to Mount Gambier along a track bordering a Pine Forest and open farmland, the lights of Mount Gambier were clearly visible about 10 Km to the North west. As it was a clear night we stopped and got out to have a look, we were in a slightly elevated position. As we looked towards the city we saw a bright light moving across the city in a south easterly direction.

The time was 9.15 p.m. As we continued to observe it it grew brighter as it was heading in our direction. We initially thought it was the landing lights of a plane circling the city before landing at the airport, but as it continued towards us it changed in color from a bright light to a subdued orange glow. I noted that there were no red and green lights which planes normally have.

As it passed overhead at approximately 300 meter's I could clearly see that it was a cylindrical object, it gave off no sound whatsoever, I would estimate it was travelling at around 600 km/hr as it passed over very quickly (much quicker than the normal aircraft flying in and out of Mount Gambier). We watched it until it basically faded into the southwest sky. The time when we lost sight of it was 9.18 p.m. When we returned home, my son and his friends also said they had seen a fast moving silent light when they were coming back from Millicent to the west North west of Mt. Gambier. They had no idea of what time they saw it, but it was probably not long before I saw it.

There were no news reports in the local papers of either of my sightings which is why I have been reluctant to say anything until now.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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