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Guilderton, Western Australia

Late December

Guilderton, North of Perth, Western Australia

Hi Brian, I've made a report to you before of three separate UFO experiences I have accumulated over the last twenty years, and as I said then I have seen nocturnal lights a few times, performing in ways which were impossible to ascribe to either natural or man made causes, that I could see. Therefore it is with some reluctance that I am submitting this and I've thought about it for a month since it occurred to me it might be something.

Absent the usual sharp and impossible maneuvering or the proximity to distinguish detail this didn't at first seem worth thinking about much.

The pictures were taken a day or two after Christmas, while I was at Guilderton, just North of Perth, in Western Australia. On the day I was at the mouth of the Moore River, at Guilderton and alone with my family back at the house in which we were staying; although there were people about, (it is a popular holiday spot). I was just taking pictures of the sunset every half minute or so for fun, though I admit being a regular reader of UFO reports I was aware and even hoping I might catch something anomalous in the shots. At the time this seemed particularly worthwhile because I could not see anything at all in the sky. Not a cloud nor plane nor any birds. I took the pictures and stayed watching the sun go down for a couple of hours, even after dark. As I said I noticed nothing except the Sunset and the sky, no clouds or objects while it was daylight, which makes me wonder about the small dark shape which is visible to the right of the setting sun in all of the photos.

I actually had cause to wonder if there might be something because after the sun went down, I became aware of a light in the sky, at roughly the same height as the shape in the photos and which was observed to be receding down the horizon at the same rate as the sun which was still giving some light but was below the horizon when I first noticed the light. What I at first took to be the first star or actually I was thinking planet because the light was really bright, visible in the bright dusk sky and just seemed closer than any star. In fact it seemed to me to be within the outer atmosphere at least. It intrigued me at the time because the thing was very definitely moving down the horizon until it disappeared at the same rate as the sun. At the time my best guess was that it was a low earth orbit satellite. There was something about the space station at the time in the news I think even, I know it seemed like a possibility and I figured the seeming proximity which I would have still called low for a satellite was just an illusion.

I was given pause to think again however when I downloaded the pics from my camera; which is a Kodak C340, and saw clearly that shape above the horizon and to the right of the setting sun. I would easily have called that a bit of debris on the lens for it's out of focus or even a bug and obviously cloud would be the automatic assumption from the auto-debunkers. Firstly it is not a cloud, and for the same reasons not an insect. It is plain to see in each of the five photos that it moves and it actually goes back and forth between shots. No more than a minute, but there is time lapse between shots as can be judged from the setting sun also, and the position of the camera doesn't change. There are NO other clouds in the sky and clouds don't move back and forth within a few minutes in my experience. I still don't think there is much to this sighting and I doubt much can be gleaned from the photos. It is the seeming correlation between the shape caught in the pictures, which you can only take my word on I am quite sure was not visible to the naked eye and the light which I later saw traversing what may have been a similar trajectory.

Of course the linking of the two things might be purely artificial, but they both present some strangeness and both were in the same patch of sky in back to back timing. A note to those who think about such things. I was thinking about UFOs but not in any concerted effort just idle thoughts, and I did have a weird feeling about the light in the sky. I never photographed it because I knew it would not be more than a pinprick on the distant horizon on the resulting photo. The weird feeling could have been just emotional, based on imaginings and nothing more. One cannot cite intuition as evidence.

Anyway Brian, use this or forget it mate, I'm not sure this one does more than just add to the general chatter of possible but improvable anomalies. Unlike when I've seen such things up close when the reality does intrude at least for a moment and let it's unmistakable conclusions known, something like this is as unexplained and I have as few certain ideas about it as any open minded skeptic. Obviously I am not skeptical about ET origin UFOs, I have the luxury of knowing they are an absolute. I am however not prepared to jump in and label every seeming anomaly as of ET origin.

Cheers for Now.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike
HBCC UFO Research

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)
Website: http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com

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