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HBCC UFO Research Note: In this report the names have been changed to respect peoples privacy.

First hand experiences

When I was 5 (1966) I was lying in bed at Moore St (Apollo Bay, VIC, Australia). It was dark and the bedroom door was open and I was in the bed directly behind the door (the foot of the bed was flush with the open door). All of a sudden a ping pong ball, glowing softly luminescent pale green, floated in through the door about four feet off the floor. It then made an exact right angle turn and came down toward the bed. I was frightened and rolled over, pulled the covers over my head, turned my face to the wall and hoped it would go away. I cannot remember anything after that. I must have fallen immediately asleep.

When I was 14 (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) I was lying in bed at Rosanna in the boys bedroom in the bed against the wall when I heard footsteps in the hall outside heading down toward the kitchen. It sounded as if someone had gotten out of bed and had draped a blanket around themselves, as there was the sound of a slight swishing and dragging as well as the footsteps. Presently the kitchen door opened and closed with a repeated noise (as the double hinged swinging doors at Rosanna do) and I thought someone had gone to get a drink of water from the kitchen. I waited a long time for them to come back. I fell asleep waiting. In the morning I asked all who were there that night if anyone had gotten out of bed and gone down to the kitchen. No-one had.

Also at Rosanna (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) I was alone as mother, grandmother and sister had gone out shopping that night to Doncaster Shoppingtown. It was about 10.30pm and I was lying in the middle of the lounge floor listening to a tape of Dark Side of the Moon on Mary's tape player - the one presently at Apollo Bay - when there was a sound from the outside door leading to the billiard room as if it had been opened then closed. Next thing, after a short delay, the billiard room door started swinging open and closed (kachunka- chunk -a- chunk ka-chunka) and I looked up expectantly for the kitchen door to do likewise, as I thought all had arrived home from the shopping trip. Nothing. The billiard room door ceased its motion. No sound anywhere. I listened intently. Nothing. No sound. No movement. I became a little frightened to say the least but simply turned up the volume and closed my eyes. Everyone arrived home about half an hour later.

Afterwards, my mother told us that strange things had been occurring for a number of years but had not wanted to tell us children for fear of frightening us.

After the house was sold, the new owners reported nothing at all untoward occurring.

When I was 15 I was walking between the house and the hut (Busty Rd Apollo Bay, VIC, Australia. A Dark night. No moon. I had just topped the final rise before heading down to (name removed) when I heard this really loud hissing/whooshing noise - heading my way very, very fast from an easterly direction. Something was flying through the air toward me! Extremely quickly! I immediately dropped to the ground and as I did so I realized that by the time I had reacted it had already passed overhead. It sounded as if it had literally missed me by only a few feet - but I had seen nothing. I quickly looked up in the direction it had gone and was presented with a very bright flash of light that lit up behind the whole cloud bank to the south west. Having in mind the 4 second per mile (?) of lightning to thunder I counted the seconds and waited for the bang that certainly must accompany such a HUGE flash of light - the cloud bank was perhaps two miles out - at least behind the furthest ridge. Nothing. No sound at all. It was weird and I was frightened. Yet somehow, even knowing I would be alone in the hut in the dark when I got there and that I considered turning round and heading home - I proceed onward anyway.

1993. Sitting inside the flat at Kellet St (Northcote, Melbourne, VIC, Australia). watching TV. It was a warm evening and Karen was outside talking to Rose the next door neighbour. Next thing I hear is "Bill! Bill" Come out here. Quickly!" I reluctantly - begrudgingly - rose and went out. They were pointing and staring at a large white light sitting very still in the air toward the North. It looked about 100 metres off the ground and about 300 Metres distant. It was just hanging there doing nothing in particular. There was no sound from it at all and it was not moving at all. It was rather large, about the size of the full moon when seen high in the sky - but this was no moon! No details could be seen in or around the light and it was about as bright as a car headlight on full beam although larger and without the blinding glare. We commented quietly but excitedly on its size, its seeming closeness to us, on the lack of sound, ruling out a helicopter, and the lack of movement, ruling out a plane. Suddenly the light winked out, reappeared some short distance horizontally to the right, although seemingly somewhat smaller in dimension and with what seemed a slight colour change, then it winked out to reappear at the same distance horizontally to the left of its original position as it did to the right, then winked out and reappeared exactly where it was before. This all happened literally within the blink of an eye. It was so quick that I was unsure if I had seen correctly. Not wanting to prejudice an answer I quietly asked whether anyone else had seen something occur and if so what had occurred. Both girls stated what happened to the light - and their statements accorded exactly with what I observed. We marveled at this for a bit, then the light suddenly began to retreat directly away from us, gathering speed rapidly as it went, until in a very short time indeed it had disappeared directly and completely in the distance.

Greenhills Road Bundoora (1996). (Melbourne, VIC, Australia). Sitting on the outside steps looking East. I was often there at all times of day or night to have my ciggies. Observed many planes heading for Tullamarine (the main airport approach route being about 2km to the north - flying east to west). Also observed a few interesting lights that I could not readily identify as planes. But nothing specific. Nothing startling. Then one morning about dawn I observed toward the eastern horizon a very large (huge), perfectly white, thin, almost pointed ellipse heading toward the east, finally to disappear below the horizon. It was, I suspected at first, a cloud of some sort, yet it did not have the pinkish orange dawn glow of all the other clouds in the sky at that time - and it did not change shape in the least as it moved. It also seemed to moving quickly while the other (normal) clouds were not moving at all. I have subsequently come across the term "lenticular cloud formation", but I remain unconvinced that this term describes exactly what I observed that morning.

1996 Driving along with Karen, heading North on the Street East of High Street Near Bell Street (Melbourne, VIC, Australia). when directly in front of me in a space between the buildings where the sky was visible, but low to the ground, a grey cigar shaped object flitted, moving extremely fast east to west. My immediate thought was a military jet of some sort, which for some reason had been painted completely dull grey with no insignias - then I remembered in my mind's eye that I had seen no wings or tailfin. However it happened so quickly I suppose it could have been. Karen did not see it.

2004. Lalor (Melbourne, VIC, Australia). 2am. Standing in the back door having a ciggie looking south. A star-bright object, but shining very steadily, arced very high up across the sky - South to North - extremely rapidly. It took about 4 seconds to cover 45 degrees of arc. It went behind the corner of the roof of the house but when I stepped out to remove this obstruction from my view, so I could continue watching, the light was no longer there.

Strange dream

Lying asleep on the sofa (Lalor, Melbourne,VIC, Australia) in the lounge room when a loud bang from the kitchen awoke me. Strange, I thought, there is no-one here but me. Or maybe Chewy (our dog) has knocked something over. I better get up to investigate - something fallen down? I got up from the sofa and walked into the kitchen. I looked around but saw nothing unusual or out of place. But then I thought there was something unusual. Something did not feel quite right. There was a strange aura about things. Wait . this is not right . oh . what is this? Uh oh, it suddenly occurred to me, I might be still asleep! So I turned to walk back to the lounge and immediately found myself back on the sofa lying down. Once there I immediately sat up and thought - Wow, that was a very strange dream indeed, it all seemed so incredibly real! Unbelievable, I have never experienced anything like that before! What a trip! Oh well . but now I am thirsty. I will go to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Still slightly bemused I got off the sofa and walked to the kitchen to get a drink of water. In the kitchen I looked around and thought . Hang on, something is still not right . What on earth? . It can't be . surely not . but yes, I am still asleep! So, back to the sofa I went! Literally walked back to the sofa and half way there suddenly found myself lying down on the sofa again. So I sat up confused (again??). OK.Am I asleep now? How can I tell? I have just had two experiences where I have ostensibly woken up, got off the sofa, and walked to the kitchen. Both times seemed so real, yet both times I must have been dreaming it! What about now? Pinch yourself . does it hurt? Yes . I am awake. will I go to the kitchen? No! I must do something else, the kitchen is obviously a dream world! I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. I think I am awake.

Second Hand Reports

A close friend. Bob, Sitting in his back yard in Northcote (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) lazily watching the westerly sun going down when an object rose vertically into the air in front of him. He took it to be a helicopter in the near distance. until it split in two, each part heading off at incredible speed in different directions to disappear in the sky overhead.

A neighbour (Lalor, Melbourne, VIC, Australia). Found a nicely framed mirror in good condition in a park. Disbelieving their luck to find such a nice object intact and in such good condition where they did, they took it home and hung it in their daughter's bedroom. Unaccounted for banging noises began occurring. Then one night they heard noises of a disturbance from their daughter's room. They rushed to open the door only to observe their daughter floating above the bed, near to the ceiling, in a wild state of panic. They managed, apparently with some resistance, to pull her down and to comfort each other. They told me they then threw the mirror away in the garbage and after that all was quiet and peaceful again.

Kelsey and Tami (Uncle & Auunt, Eltham, Melbourne, VIC, Australia). Observed what they took initially to be a motorbike headlight heading (as unlikely as this could be) across the lawn toward the glass door at the rear of their house in Eltham (Melbourne, VIC, Australia).. However the light turned out to be a ball of light, slightly smaller than a basketball, that simply passed through the glass door and proceeded up the hall - three feet off the ground. No noise. I forget whether they said if it passed on up the hall and out the front door .. Or just disappeared inside the house.

When I was 16 (1977) there were reports of a UFO being seen at the entrance to the Wild Dog Valley (Apollo Bay, VIC, Australia). Apparently it was just a big glowing ball of light that had frightened the witnesses who saw it. These witnesses were ridiculed by local townspeople and after that the witnesses said no more about it.

Thank you to the person for these excellent reports.

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