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February 18th 2007 : Prospect, South Australia and 1983 : En route to Tumby Bay, South Australia

Date of sighting: Sunday Febuary 18, 2007.
Date of report: Sunday Febuary 18, 2007.
Location: Prospect.
State: South Australia.
Name: Toni (female)
Investigator: Jeff Fausch.
Number of witnesses: One female.
Number of objects: One.
Time: 2040hrs.
Duration: 3 minutes.
Weather conditions: Fine clear night.
Moon phase:
Classification: NL.


Toni walked out into the backyard of her house at approximately 2040hrs, she looked up in the evening sky and saw a strange object in the western sky at about 25-degrees to the horizon. Toni described the object as a large circular shape about the size of a full moon, dark grey or black in colour. There appeared to be a round silver disk in the centre of the object with a red light circulating underneath the object.

She watched the object move slowly south before disappearing behind a large tree. The sighting lasted approximately 3 minutes. The object made no noise as it moved across sky.

Toni did photograph the object before it disappeared behind the trees.

Toni said that this was not the first unidentified flying object she has seen. Two years ago she saw a strange amber light over the airport, moving in a westerly direction.

In 1983 Toni saw a white light 50 to 70 feet above her vehicle when she was driving to Tumby Bay S.A. The object stayed with her for approximately 20 minutes.

Jeff Fausch ... AUFORN S.A

February 18th 2007 and Early 1990s : Evandale, South Australia. 1965/1966 : Parafield, South Australia

Date reported: Sunday Febuary 18, 2007.
Name: Julie.
Location: Evandale.
State: South Australia.
Investigator: Jeff Fausch.
Number of witnesses: One female.
Time: Late evening.
Duration: few minutes.
Weather conditions: Warm clear evening.
Classification: NL.

(Object seen was the “Holden Airship” that was brought over for the Clipsal 500 Touring Car Race)


In the late evening of Febuary 18th 2007 Julie saw a large dark shape that she thought was very strange, she rang the UFO Hotline to report it. Shortly afterwards released it was the Holden Airship (blimp) that was brought over to Adelaide for the Clipsal 500 Touring Car Race.

Julie did want to tell the story of a strange encounter she had with her husband in the early 1990s. They were travelling on Main North Road at approximately 10.00pm on a clear night when their vehicle became enveloped in a thick white cotton-like cloud. Julie noticed on the passenger side of the car were she was sitting a row of red lights that appeared to be flashing quite brightly moving along with the vehicle. She described the thick cotton like mist being so thick that it was as if a white pillow was put on front windscreen of the vehicle. As they drove through the thick cloud, Julie stated that she suddenly got a very a painful headache and got a sensation of being suffocated. She started to get very scared, as she did not know what was going on or what was going to happen. She also had a very strange sensation of reality and time not feeling right. Julie thinks they were enveloped in the mysterious cloud for approximately five minutes. Julie said even her husband was very concerned about what they had experienced but had no explanation for this very strange experience. Julie believes they could have encountered a UFO of some kind and feels that the encounter affected her health for a number of years after the encounter.

Julie stated that the strange feelings in her head, she encountered on that night lasted approximately two years and the painful headaches only started going away about two years ago.

Julie stated that the first UFO she had seen was in 1965 or 1966 from there home in Parafield. She saw a large dark cigar shaped object that appeared to fly in an erratic manner. She said it was so long ago that she can’t remember many of the details anymore other than to say it was very strange and scared her.

Jeff Fausch ... AUFORN S.A

January 31st/February 1st 2007 and February 13th 2007 : Hyde Park, South Australia

1800 UFO CALLIN CODE: 5989
Date of sighting: First sighting 31st Jan or 1st Feb 2007 / Second sighting: Tuesday Febuary 13, 2007
Date of report: Monday Febuary 19, 2007.
Location: Hyde Park.
State: South Australia.
Name: Courtney Roberts.
Investigator: Jeff Fausch.
Number of witnesses: One female.
Time: 0030hrs / 0330hrs
Duration: 4 hours / 60 minutes
Weather conditions: Mild clear night.
Moon phase: 1st sighting. 2nd sighting.
Classification: NL.


Courtney woke up at 0030hrs and was unable to get back to sleep. She got up and looked out her bedroom window to watch a particular star that she finds interesting and observed a strange light in the southeastern sky approximately 25 degrees above the Adelaide Hills. The object was slightly larger than the planet Venus, spherical in shape. It was yellowish / white with a flickering a reddish-blue light and had a solid red light underneath the object.

The object appeared to be moving up and down within the same area (jerky motion). She watched the object for a nearly 4 hours; she then went to the bathroom, when she returned the strange object had vanished.

On the 13th Febuary Courtney woke up again at 0330hrs and was unable to get back to sleep, she looked out her bedroom window and saw what appeared to be the same object over the Adelaide Hills that she had observed two weeks earlier. Again the object was spherical in shape, a yellowish- white colour with a flickering reddish-blue light and a solid red light underneath the object. The object also had the same jerky motion. This time she grabbed her mobile videophone and videoed the object for 3 minutes. She observed the object for approximately 60 minutes.

Courtney’s video footage will be investigated further at a later date.

Jeff Fausch ... AUFORN S.A.


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