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March 2nd 2007 : Telopea, New South Wales

UFO Sighting Telopea, NSW
HOTLINE CALLIN CODE: 6013, 6014, 6043,6056
Date Reported: 03/03/07
Date of sighting: 02/03/07
Time of sighting: approx 11pm
Location: Telopea
State: NSW
Caller: Frank
# of witnesses: 1
# of objects: 2


On this particular evening, Frank was sitting on his veranda. He noticed what he called a bright light travelling from the East. The colour of the light was a “deep Gold yellow”. As he was observing the light, he reported seeing a triangle come out of the bright light. He described the triangle as being a whiter, gold colour. He heard no noise against what was a quiet night in which noise carries easily.

The main light was heading west and the triangle headed back to the east. When the triangle was approximately overhead, it changed direction around to the northwest. He eventually lost sight of both objects, the whole event taking only a couple of minutes.

Frank described a clear night and estimated the objects were low, maybe as low as 1000 feet. He described the main object as “maybe circular, like the front of a torch.” He eliminated the explanation of aircraft, as there were no aviation or flashing lights of any kind on either object.

He exclaimed feeling very calm during the sighting, but afterwards, he got very excited and had to ring someone and tell them.

Frank called in many times until we made contact with him, he was so bothered by the sighting.

Larraine Cilia AUFORN NSW

March 24th 2007 : Roselands, New South Wales

UFO Sighting Roselands, NSW
Date Reported: 24/03/07
Date of sighting: 24/03/07
Time of sighting: approx just after 2pm
Location: Roselands
State: NSW
Caller: Bill
# of witnesses: 4
# of objects: up to 11

On this particular Saturday afternoon, Bill went out into his back yard to have a smoke. He was idly looking at a clear blue sky when he noticed three objects moving fast towards him. His daughter was with him and also observed them. In an instant, one object made a ‘right hand turn’ and hovered over them. As they were watching it, the object suddenly took off straight upwards until it disappeared.

Three or four minutes later, they noticed four more objects hovering in the sky directly above, three of them forming a triangle and a fourth one inside the shape but on one side. He called his son and wife outside and they all witnessed the objects. As they were watching the spectacle, another five objects came into view and joined the original four. Then, another two joined the nine, making eleven in all. The witnesses were amazed to see them hang stationary in the sky before moving away in single file until they disappeared from view.

The objects were moving from the northeast to the southwest.

Bill also reported that sometime in the previous week, also during the afternoon, a silver ball came over his house and then ascended until it disappeared. That same night, he saw a blue light going around in circles, pulsating directly overhead. On this occasion, there was also no noise. Bill raced inside to get his video camera and tried to video the light. After about 1 to 2 minutes, the light shot off over the house and up into the atmosphere, so quickly, it looked like a light being switched off.

When Bill tried to view the video footage, the video was scrambled and malfunctioning. All that was recorded was interference patterns. Bill said he felt as if “he was being scanned”.

Larraine Cilia AUFORN NSW

March 25th/27th : Kingcumba, New South Wales

UFO Sighting Kingcumba, NSW
Hotline callin Code: 6045
Date reported: 28/03/07
Date of sighting: 25-27/03/07
Time of sighting: 7pm
Caller: Mrs. Cox
Location: Kingcumba
State: NSW
No Objects: 1
No witnesses: 2

Mrs. Cox rang to say that both she and a friend had watched a bright star-like object for a period of one hour on consecutive nights over the Westerly horizon. She described a ‘diamante’ effect but no movement of any kind. From the way that the object appeared bright enough to see through clouds, it seems clear that they were looking at Venus as the planet went into the ‘evening star’ mode.


UFO Sighting, NSW
Hotline callin Code:6046
Date reported:28/03/07
Date of sighting:
Time of sighting:
Caller: Carla
State: NSW
No Objects: ?
No witnesses: ?

This number is disconnected

May 13th 2007 : Newcastle, New South Wales

UFO Sighting Newcastle, NSW
1800 Hotline callin code 6108
Date of sighting 13:05:07
Time of sighting: 1:30 - 2:00am
Date reported: 13:05:07
Place: Newcastle, North of Sydney
State: NSW
Caller : Ben

Ben often goes outside his home in Belmont North, Newcastle, for a cigarette. At around 1:30 - 2:00 am on 13th May 2007, he looked up to see two orange lights overhead, which seemed to be moving slowly from NW to SE but were changing directions relative to one another. He said he could tell they were different to anything else he has seen in all the times he has watched a starry sky. The whole sighting lasted approximately 3 minutes. Ben was sure that there were tow objects in formation one keeping a true course and the other occasioning to and fro from alongside. They made no sound and the night was clear. “My girlfriend and another man watched them along with me and none of us were convinced by any explanation of what they could have been. The way they moved - wasn’t normal.”

Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW


UFO Sighting Eugine, NSW
Hotline callin Code: 6127
Date reported: 24/05/07
Date of sighting:
Time of sighting:
Caller: Eugine
State: NSW
No Objects:
No witnesses:


After repeated attempts, this number does not answer.

Hotline callin Code: 6134
Date reported: 28/05/07
Date of sighting:
Time of sighting:
Caller: Mike
State: NSW
No Objects:
No witnesses:

Left numerous messages, but still no contact made with this caller.

Hotline callin Code: 6136
Date reported: 28/05/07
Date of sighting:
Time of sighting:
Caller: Elizabeth
State: NSW (border)
No Objects:
No witnesses:

Incorrect or disconnected numbers

Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

June 3rd 2007 : Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

UFO Sighting Wagga Wagga, NSW
Hotline callin Code: 6150
Date reported:03/06/07
Date of sighting:03/06/07
Time of sighting: 8:10 pm
Caller: Mark
Location: Wagga Wagga
State: NSW
No Objects: 1
No witnesses: 3

Mark was heading back into the suburb of Kooringal, Wagga at around 8:00 pm on Sunday 3rd of May 2007. As he was driving, a small bright object caught his attention. Although the night was cloudy, he was able to see this object skim below the cloudbank. He described it as definitely brighter than the largest magnitude star in the sky, but well aware that it was a moving object and not a star at all. He said the object was a very deep orange in colour. After stopping his car and turning off both the motor and the radio in order to have a quiet background, he could hear no noise at all as this object moved to a point almost directly overhead - and then stopped.

Knowing that a friend’s house was only a kilometer away, Mark quickly drove there and all three men stood outside watching. Mark noticed that the object was now not so overhead as before. After almost 5 minutes of noiseless hovering, the object suddenly took off NE at great speed. When asked what did great speed mean, Mark replied that it was “jet speed, but instantaneous and still no noise!”

Mark said it was such movement and aerobatics that convinced him that this was no ordinary flying object.

Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

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