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Hunter Valley, New South Wales

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Pleased to meet you Brian, I found this story interesting because I and my 2 sons have also seen a number of oddities in the sky over a number of years here in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. Back in the 1960's I was only young and I was woken one night by a bright light lighting up my bedroom. I thought next door had turned their back light on so didn't investigate. When we arose the following morning the radio and TV was abuzz with a UFO report from 2 Police Officers from the Charlestown Police Station, about 4-5klms from my home. The two Officers said that the object had shone a bright light towards the ground as it passed over my house! The Charlestown Police Station have the News clippings and photos of these two officers, and have had police displays at Charlestown Square Shopping Centre where they had the clippings on display.

Williamtown RAAF Base is a few klms from Newcastle where we live and I have spoken to people here who have seen 'things' both around the city and suburbs and up the valley and also in close proximity to the RAAF Base. One was a nurse who works at the Stockton Mental Hospital a few klms from the Base. A few years ago they were carrying out exercises for the 'Gulf War' and she was entering the hospital grounds when she noticed something move just above the tree-tops near the entrance,above her. She said it was an enormous triangular aircraft she had never seen before and it was hovering and seemed to be watching the Base.

My sons and I have seen a huge silver ball near Chichester Dam further up the Hunter Valley, this was reported to the local radio, TV stations and the RAAF Base and the Base tried to pass it off as a weather balloon! Just how big are these weather balloons? This thing was huge! This was about 1983-84. In about 1989 my younger son and I arrived home from late-night shopping. As I parked the car in our drive-way, my son drew my attention to a 'machine' above us. I told him to take notice of its shape and see if he could see any gaps between the circle of lights and a body as it could be an advertising aircraft, but there appeared to be no gap and it was mechanical underneath and made no sound that we could hear. It was maybe 100 feet up above us and was heading towards the RAAF Base which is 34.97klms from my home at Jewells.

My son and I watched the 'craft' until it flew behind houses and trees and I ran inside and rang the RAAF Base. They kept transferring me from department to department until I found myself back where I started at reception. The receptionist then asked if I would like them to investigate and report back to me. I said "No don't bother its probably gone past you by now" and I hung up. I was told that was what they wanted me to do! Oh Brian, there are other sightings that I could tell you about but I don't want to bother you or have you thinking I am whacko. Is it normal for 1 person or a family to have so many sightings? Regards,

PS. 'Orange Floaters' and white lights also sighted by us and friends also.

Thank you to the witness for sharing these fascinating reports with me and everyone else. The witness is going to be writing up the events and will pass them along to me.

Brian Vike
HBCC UFO Research

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)
Website: http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]

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