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May 14th 2008 : Cairns, Queensland

14.05.08 CAIRNS (QLD) 2200hrs

received 10th August 2008

Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mrs. Neil x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 6 or 7 seconds.
Number of Objects: 2
Size: 5 cent
Shape: small oval
Colour: light-grey
Object origin: South east.
Speed: faster than the other clouds.

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

It was 10.00 p.m I was sitting on the balcony of the unit we were staying in McCloud Street Cairns north QLD I was looking south westerly direction when I saw what appeared to be a small cloud heading across the sky. It was a dark night a stormy night but not storming at the time. The cloud was heading in a south westerly direction totally no where near the way way the clouds were traveling, it was very very small and traveling a lot more quickly, so it wasn't really a cloud. I lost sight of it because of a building it disappeared behind this building way of in the distance.

Then one minute later while I sitting there wondering what this thing could have been another one appeared precisely in the same place traveling in he same direction and I watched it for for 6 or 7 seconds then it disappeared out a view behind this other building and that was it.

I was telling my son who live sin Cairns the next day when he rang me from work to tell me the guys at his work were talking about a sighting at Gordonvale which he thought might be in the same direction I was looking.


Early January 2008 : Toomulla Beach, Queensland

Early Jan. 08 TOOMULLA BEACH (QLD) 01/0200hrs

received 10th August 2008

Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mrs. Sue x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 5 minutes.
Number of Objects: 1
Size: large
Shape: triangle shape
Colour: dark
Object origin: from the south heading north northwest
Speed: slow, hovered.

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

It was 1.00 or 2.00 am When I got up and decided to go out side for a smoke. I had the front door was open it was summer so it was hot and I leave the front door open and I saw this thing in the sky it was shaped like a triangle and it had lights inside it.

I live near the beach and this thing was above the trees I could see a definite triangle shape with lights inside it I couldn't see the back-end of it because it was stationary just above the trees. I could see the point of it which was facing north but the strangest thing when I finished my smoke I put it out and went to bed?? I don't know how this thing went away something just told me to go back to bed.


1973/1974 : Green Meadows, Mansfield, Queensland


received 10th August 2008

Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mrs. May x
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: a couple of minutes.
Number of Objects: 1
Size: 50 cent
Colour: Silver with Blue/yellow or Blue/green lights on top.
Object origin: from south coast.
Speed: Very slow then stopped.

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

My son was up the road with his mate paying the next thing I heard was them yelling out mum quick get a look at this its a flying saucer. I ran out the front and honestly it was so aery this thing was coming across the sky it was just like a flying saucer with flashing lights I can't remember the colour of the light on the bottom. It was going from he south to the north and it stopped hovered then went back again towards the south it stopped hovered then went straight up in the air. My eyes didn't leave it until it disappeared. This thing had windows all around it just looked like a hat with windows all around it.

We never reported it at the time because my husband said not to worry other people would have seen it and if they had they would call the courier mail newspaper and tell them.

The next day we bought the paper and yes there was a few reports but the explanation was it was a warning light above City Hall to warn airplanes away for it. But we saw the object in the opposite direction to the spot light, we were facing east and the Town Hall was behind us in the west the Town Hall clock was west of us.


Summer 1974 : Dysart, Queensland

Summer 1974 DYSART (QLD) 0130hrs

received 10th August 2008

Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mrs. Ross x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 30 seconds.
Number of Objects: 1
Size: Star size.
Colour: orange to whitish
Object origin: South east.
Speed: Very fast.

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

I was sitting out the front of the house early hours of the morning, it was a very clear night plenty of stars and there was light in the sky very similar to a high flying jet. Any way I just watched it, it was in the South west running from South west to North east. It was 1.30 p.m in the morning. I watched it for a couple of minutes then all of sudden it stopped. It was very very high up, it just stopped dead then after about 15 seconds or so it just brighter and brighter like it was a magnesium flare burning then it just shoot straight up and disappeared. It was quick, it went up like a rocket and vanished.


August 1974 : Gold Coast, Queensland

August 1974 GOLD COAST(QLD) 0130hrs

Source: AUFORN HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88
Witness: Mrs. Bob x
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: around 1 minute.
Number of Objects: 9
Size: Star size.
Colour: whitish
Object origin: North to South
Speed: Fast.

Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

It was 1974 we saw 9 UFOs in formation over the Pacific Ocean just off the Gold Coast, they would have been 4 to 5 thousand feet high. It was a very clear night these things were in formation one of them had a trail behind it its after burner I don't know but it was but it wasn't looking to good it was puffing away with flames coming out the back of it, then all of a sudden it got its self going and then zoom it joined up with the rest back in position.

We were looking up at it, it must have moved at very high speed because it caught up. I had a friend with me he's now a retired policeman he saw them also. So I rang up the Nerang Police station to report what I saw. The policeman on the other end was quite for a moment, then he told me he had received another call about the same objects being seen up here. So I then rang R.A.A.F Amberley and asked if they had any aircraft flying over the Gold Coast in formation, they told me no.

The Newspaper's explanation was Space Junk ?




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