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Received March 2009

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February 26th 2009 : Brisbane, Queensland

Received on 1/03/2009 19:29:33

26.02.09 Brisbane (QLD) 19:00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Jose
Number of witnesses present: 4
Sighting Duration: 10 Seconds
Occupation: Student

Observation: UFO hovered & tilted very slightly, just stayed there on the horizon, no stars - just this peculiar still light, no flashing or weather balloon.

Description: White light, nothing more nor nothing less.

December 2008 : Daintree Rain-forest North, Queensland

Received on 2/03/2009 10:38:15

00.12.08 Daintree Rain-forest North (QLD) 12:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. B
Number of witnesses present: ?
Sighting Duration: 30 Seconds
Occupation: Student

Observation: Basically I was on a holiday down at the Daintree. Was cruising down the river on a boat and then I saw a suspicious moving orange metallic object flying in the sky. it didn't fly like a plane, it would move up down and at right angles etc at about cloud height. I have posted the picture on youtube :

[YouTube video removed by user]

Description: It would move up, down and at right angles etc

Location: Going down a river at the Daintree

Other Witnesses: a few others in my tour, but I wouldn't know who they were, as I was only on a holiday there.

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Actual Size: Its orbs diameter as around the length of a plane's

Altitude: cloud height

Object Origin: I looked in the sky and there it was. it didn't fly into my view

Object Destination: it flew directly up, very fast and it flew away quickly until I couldn't see it.

Moon Visible: day time

Weather Temp: Hot, Sunny, Calm

Weather Comments: I have reported this sighting to another facility as well and they couldn't come up for an explanation for it.

March 7th 2009 : Alding Beach, South Australia

Received from FORM on 7/03/2009 09:51:46

07.03.09 Alding Beach (SA) 00:25hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Ms. X
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 15 minutes
Occupation: Local Government

Observation: It started by looking like an unusually bright star, its for this reason it got my attention. When watching it I realised it was moving. I thought it may be a plane, while continuing to watch it started to flash as it moved horizontally across the sky, it began to flash an incredible neon white, it then suddenly moved across and then back it then went straight up, it continued to do this for some time, it stopped moving and then was no longer the neon white but rather the appearance & size of a normal looking star, as this happened another one appeared a little lower in the sky a short distance from the other, it too did the same thing but was more erratic with its movements traveling up down left and right and then went straight up and the other then came down they both stopped level with each other and they both then looked like normal stars.

They then again became neon white and moving erratically with the first one shooting straight up into the sky and then suddenly stopped with the other doing the same but remaining a little lower. They both stayed in the sky looking like stars for what I witnessed for at least 15 Minutes before going back inside as my kids where freaking out. My friend had called me to tell me about it as did a number of people on her street who all came outside on the street to watch and make sense of what we were all seeing.

I haven't spoken to my friend yet to find-out what happened after when I went to bed, however if someone could call me that would be great and I can tell you what happened after my account...

Description: it did change in shape and movements as noted above

Location: Aldinga beach (street location removed)

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Moon Visible: yes the moon was visible and the objects where to the right of the moon the objects where as bright if not brighter than the moon

Moon Size Comparison: when they where moving they where about half to 1/4 the size of the moon when they where stationary they where the size of a normal looking star

Planets Visible: there where a few stars visible but not many, there was fine cloud.

Weather Comments: there was fine /thin cloud cover only in parts of the sky

Viewing Aids: they were not view through anything & yes they were taped on phone

Effects Psychological: I didn't but my son, 16 years heart was racing to the extent I could hear it and so could he.

March 6th 2009 : Ringwood, Victoria

Received on 10/03/2009 18:30:51

06.03.09 Ringwood (VIC) 00:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. John & Ryan
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 5 seconds
Occupation: Student

Observation: MY friend Ryan and I were sitting out the back of my house having a smoke before we watched a movie, anyway, we were talking and I noticed a strange bright orange crossed with white light with 2 faint dots on either side of it, and saw it moving strangely, so I pointed it out to him, we both witnessed it do the following, it moved up diagonally then dropped down, then vanished, at no time did it make a sound. At this point we both looked at each other in awe of what just happened.

Description: I noticed a strange bright orange crossed with white light with 2 faint dots on either side of it, which completely vanished soon after the sighting.

Location: My backyard, (in the sky)

Other Witnesses: my friend Ryan

Apparent Size: Little smaller than a tennis ball, but a little larger than a star

Actual Size: id say 3 times larger than an average plane

Altitude: it looked as though it was taking off from the ground and heading upwards in a diagonal direction, before it dropped altitude then vanished.

Object Origin: upwards in a diagonal direction, as though it came from the ground.

Object Destination: imagine a big bright star (a little smaller than a tennis ball) moving up and down then vanishing.

Moon Visible: I am pretty sure that it was behind us, and fairly visible

Moon Size Comparison: Half the size.

Planets Visible: Orions belt was visible, as was the Southern cross.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold

Viewing Aids: viewed with our eyes.

Effects Physical: We were bother freaked out. none other than that.

Effects Other Witnesses: Freaked out as I was.

Other Experiences: Yes we both saw a UFO when we were staying at Phillip Island over 2008 christmas holidays between the 27th and the 7th (thats how long we were there for), but it must have been a lot higher up in the sky, it took a wired course of direction and sped off into the distance)

February 18th 2009 : Karrinyup, Western Australia

Received on 18/03/2009 12:36:10

18.02.09 Karrinyup (WA) 06:00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Miss Marian
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 1.5 minutes

Observation: I saw a light the size of a bright star or aircraft-light, heading north very slowly (conventional aircraft could not maintain altitude at such a slow speed and they make a noise). I was looking at it from inside my apartment and it took at least a minute to travel the distance from the point where it became visible to me, at the top of my window, to the tree-tops some distance back on the other side of the road.

Description: It changed direction a few times, between blinks, reappearing diagonally left or right and then quickly resuming its northerly heading. It made no sound whatever

Location: I was in my home in Karrinyup, which is a near-coastal suburb of Perth in Western Australia. Other Witnesses: I was alone at the time.

Actual Size: I have no idea how big it was. It did not seem to diminish in size as it headed north, but seemed to stay the same size

Altitude: It appeared to be at the height of a conventional aircraft.

Object Origin: It came in to view from directly overhead

Object Destination: It went north and vanished from view because it was obscured by a dense line of tree-tops.

Moon Visible: No, I did not see the moon that night.

Moon Size Comparison: It was about the size of the light on a night-flying aircraft.

Planets Visible: A few stars were visible

Weather Visibility: Clear, Calm

Weather Comments: The faint glow of dawn showed to the east

Effects Psychological: I felt completely at ease, as if whoever was in the craft wanted me to see it.

Other Experiences: Yes. In the early '80's I was seriously ill in hospital and had an "out of body" experience where I was aboard a huge "mother ship" which was inhabited by humans adapted to breathing water, rather than air. I kept "returning" to that craft several times during my illness.

February 18th 2009 : Tarneit, Victoria

Received on 18/03/2009 18:34:23

18.02.09 Tarneit (Vic) 18:00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Ms. Nat
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 20 seconds

Observation: Object that appeared to be a very bright star at first glance moved from south to north over the distance of several house blocks. Object was high in the sky out of the earths atmosphere and travel straight above several stars. Object moved quickly, but not lightening speed. There were no flashing lights.

Description: The object made no noise, appeared to be solid and moved in a perfect horizontal line

Location: Tarneit (street location removed)

Actual Size: Star sized, but up close it would have had to have been huge!!

Altitude: Object definitely in out of earths atmosphere - it travel above several stars

Object Origin: South

Object Destination: North

Moon Visible: I did not notice a moon

Planets Visible: Yes

Weather Temp: Mild, Cloudy

Effects Psychological: Was-not scared or surprised. Strangely it felt normal, like I see that kind of thing everyday.

Other Experiences: Yes, several UFO sightings. Bright orange ball over you yangs in Lara, red flashing lights on Princess Highway, Red, blue & yellow flashing lights last year early morning in Tarneit around winter time when dark outside.. the list goes on. All sightings experienced scared me. This current sighting is the first time I was not scared.

1971 : Between Hamilton and Horsham, Victoria

Received on 23/03/2009 16:46:16

1971 Hamilton to Horsham highway (VIC) 22:00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Dennis
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 15 minutes

Observation: Hi it happened one night when traveling from Portland Vic to Horsham vic about 30 km south of Horsham about 10 pm at night when I could see flashing lights of to my left for some time, and said to my ex wife that I didn't think horsham had landing lights at its air strip because it was in 1971. And to see a plane that late at night didn't gel and flying so low after traveling about 2 or 3 km there was a slight bend in the road at this point this as I guessed was a plane was just about to cross the road. So I pulled up and got out of the car, it went almost over head and doing about 1km hr. I could see porthole windows down one side with real bright lights in side and the lights went down the other side like in a L shape. So I guessed it was triangle shape as it had lights flashing on each corner.

Description: The sound was a hum and it didn't fade just one humming sound.

Location: On the Hamilton to Horsham highway about 30km from Horsham Vic.

Apparent Size Other: About as big as a large house

Actual Size: It was about 60ft long but shaped like a triangle with flashing lights on each corner.

Altitude: It was just above the trees just moving east.

Object Origin: It came from the north west and traveled to the south east.

Object Destination: The east to wards the Grampians Halls Gap.

Moon Visible: NO moon.

Moon Size Comparison: Much bigger.

Planets Visible: Yes

Weather Visibility: Clear, Mild, Calm

Effects Physical: NO but car would not start for some time after it had gone.

1995 : Reservoir, Melbourne, Victoria

Received on 23/03/2009 22:01:09

1995 Reservoir (Vic) 18:00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Jamie
Number of witnesses present: 5
Sighting Duration: 10 minutes

Observation: Myself and 4 others witnessed a moving object fly across the sky so quickly and then come to a complete and very abrupt stop. It waited in that position and then flew straight up extremely fast and then came to another instant stop. We watched it move like this for around 10 minutes. We got out binoculars etc to watch. It moved quicker than anything I have ever seen and moved in ways that our aircraft cannot. To this day, we still have nothing made by humans that can move like this. I don't really care who believes me, because I have come to realise humans need to view things themselves for proof. I guess I was very lucky to see something that we cannot explain.

Description: Unusual movements. It moved possibly 10-15 times faster than our aircraft. It moved vertically and horizontally so fast and in between would come to a complete stop, but almost in an instant, instead of gradually slowing.

Location: Reservoir. Melbourne Victoria. Very close to Plenty Road.

Other Witnesses: I had another 4 people with me who were as equally stunned.

Apparent Size: Pea-Sized

Actual Size: It was quite high in the sky, but probably similar to our aircraft.

Altitude: Probably around 15,000 ft.

Object Origin: Not sure, we just caught it in the corner of our eyes because of its erratic movement.

Object Destination: Straight up.

Moon Visible: We saw it just before dusk.

Moon Size Comparison: a lot smaller than the moon.

Planets Visible: it was quite clear, but a little too early for this.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant, Calm

Viewing Aids: eventually binoculars

March 20th 2009 : Colunboola, Queensland

Received on 27/03/2009 20:48:43

20.03.09 Colunboola (QLD) 22:10hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. John
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: - Found in Photograph
Occupation: Professional Photographer

Observation: I was doing some commercial photography at one of the gas fields in the Chinchilla region of Qld. On the Sunday 22/3 I was sorting through all the images I had from the shoot on my computer and noticed what I thought were dust spot on the image. I magnified the image to remove the spots when I noticed they were not dust spots at all. One object can clearly be defined even at high magnification and the other object appears less distinct but still appears to be metallic or solid. At the time the photo was taken I was not aware of the two objects and they are not present in the previous frames of that particular shot I was doing. The shot was of a gas field employee on inspecting some vegetation and the photo shows a large expanse of sky.

Location: The nearest road to the property I was on was Brownlies road in the district of Colunboola near Chinchilla, Qld

Actual: Size: I would guess they are aircraft size and green in colour.

Altitude: Several thousand feet

Objects Origin: I can't be sure as I have only one image with the objects and the proceeding images don't show them

Planets: Visible: No

Weather: Visibility: Clear

Weather: Comments: some very sparse cloud

Viewing: Aids: Photographed.

March 28th 2009 : Berwick, Victoria

Received on 29/03/2009 12:35:51

28.03.09 Berwick (VIC) 20:40hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mrs. Janene
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 20 seconds

Observation: 2 UFO's one following the other. I said to my partner look at that two stars moving and the 3rd one isn't of course I knew that we were looking at. We were watching them for about 20 seconds then they disappeared. The distance between them was about 3 inches from where we were sitting. But if you scaled it correctly they would have been miles apart.

Description: no sounds

Location: at home in our back yard

Actual Size: They would have been massive because of distance that they where traveling at

Altitude: as high as the stars

Object Origin: East to West then straight up

Object Destination: They went straight up and disappeared. We where watching them for about 20 seconds

Moon Visible: Sorry I didn't notice

Moon Size Comparison: They where the size of a star

Planets Visible: Yes many

Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant, Calm

Other Experiences: with my husband and friend about 10 years ago watching an orange light descending very fast for about 20 minutes then went sideways and disappeared within sec's It was not a man made.

March 28th 2009 : Dalby, Queensland

Received from FORM on 29/03/2009 23:28:32

28.03.09 Dalby (QLD) 20:15hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. X
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 25 minutes
Occupation: Electrician and Community worker

Observation: At Dalby Queensland Saturday 28th March approximately 7.20pm I glanced up out of loungeroom window and saw a bright orange light in the night sky. It was close enough to see that there were three orange lights that formed a triangular shape. The orange light was an unusual orange tone and nothing like the lights of a plane. The object wandered across the night sky north east ascending quite quickly until it disappeared very high in the sky. My partner and I went outside to observe it, and she went back in to get the camera but it was too high and small by the time a photo could be taken. There was no sound that we could here.

Description: No sounds were heard, but we were indoor when it was at it's lowest. The object was not moving in a direct route or line but more a wandering movement. The lights were from a group of three. After some minutes it was so high as to be the size of a small star. Colour was an unusual orange, quite bright.

Location: Dalby - close to the Moonie Highway, in our flat.

Apparent Size Other: a very very large star

Actual Size: hard to say, it was large enough to look like a street light but high in the sky.

Altitude: it was night and too hard to gauge.

Object Origin: Over Dalby township.

Object Destination: Going toward the Bunya Mountains or a North East direction - ascending quickly until it became too small to see.

Planets Visible: It was a clear night with the milky way very clear and bright.

Weather Visibility: Clear.

March 28th 2009 : Gretna, New South Wales

Received on 30/03/2009 13:44:31

28.03.09 Greta (NSW) 17:47hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Jim
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 2 minutes
Occupation: retired Builder

Observation: Sky watching from about 4am on my property, was medium cloudy with some clearings. Was video recording stars in between scanning the available night sky, Jupiter was the brightest light in the sky at the East. The cloud cover abated to west and most all the night sky was visible, at 5:36am a light the size of a small star was visible moving through the sky with the milky way as a backdrop it was at high altitude ( higher than passenger jets ), it made no sound. I attempted to video it but it was near impossible to get a fix with my camera as it travelled from near straight above me to the North. I could see it visible for about a minute then I lost sight to the NNE sky. After some cursing I lay on my driveway searching the sky again.

At 5:47am I picked up on another moving light, slightly to the North and 10 degrees to the West, this was a larger light ( 2 - 3 X star )this time moving to the South. The video picked up on this one this time (focus on infinity, super night light) the footage and stills are HD although not too clear as altitude was above 1km, maybe 2km+ . Sighting was for the duration of the video which reads just under 2 minutes. Visual was with naked eye at all time of sighting even though super night vision was used on the video.

The UFO was travelling at speed greater and higher than observed jets and had no strobe lighting, only a solid bright glow with no visible colour changes.
1. It was not a known aircraft, and it travelled too fast and silent. No strobe navigation light.
2. It was not a meteoroid, although at least 3 were seen on this sky watch. (very fast and higher )
3. It was not a satellite as they do not orbit this low and travel that fast.
4. I do not know what it was. %. Don't think it was swamp gas, but in some of the comp imagery close-ups their does seem to be a disturbance to the aft and sides of the craft?

Wonder if the RAAF have silent stealth craft, although it wasn't heading to or from Williamtown.
A} silent
B} no navigation lights, strobe.
C} faster than domestic aircraft.
D} Not a flight path of known air traffic.

Note: Other sightings the day before both in the early am and 8pm were also observed. No worthwhile footage obtained though.
Standard aircraft are a lot easier to video.

Thanks, this report is my first report of a UFO to any organisation, I watch the sky as I have time, I will send pics if you like.

Description: No sound, Possible shape changes on close ups.

Apparent Size Other: star X 3

Actual Size: Possibly up to 30 meters, hard to determine.

Altitude: Most likely higher than 2km as I can video domestic aircraft more easily and see them larger.

Object Origin: Main sighting was from North to South, first seen in the - NNW sky nearly directly above.

Object Destination: Lost sight after about 2 minutes to the South. Not visible anymore, could not re-locate with the telescopic lens.

Moon Visible: Moon had not risen. Jupiter was the brightest light in the moderately lit sky. Earlier cloud cover had waned and the main arena was clear to very good.

Moon Size Comparison: 3 times average star size, not as bright as Jupiter which was in the Eastern sky. Can be seen travelling past stars in video.

Planets Visible: The main arena was visible with the lower rim toward Earth being hazed and some light pollution. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto were in the night sky with Pluto being the nearest to the sighting. The object travelled from Ophiucus, below Antares to near Apus before being lost from sight.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Cloudy, Calm

Weather Comments: Earlier clouds had moved to the West

Viewing Aids: Videoed

Effects Physical: Yes frustration that I didn't get better video. But next time........


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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