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AUFORN Australian UFO Reports Received March 2009

April 8th 2009 : Greta, New South Wales

Received on 10/04/2009 07:13:25

08.04.09 GRETA (NSW) 19:18hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Jim St
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 20 Seconds
Occupation: Builder

Observation: Observing the available night sky as cloud cover was moderate with small to medium windows, a fixed light of some 2X star size was seen traveling from South to North NE at a approx. altitude of greater than 3,000 Meters.

The object was not strobing Navigation lights, it was traveling at about two to three times the speed as a commonly sighted domestic jet across the sky, it disappeared behind cloud cover before I had time to video record. Description: No unusual movement, shape change or sound was observed.

The unusually of the object was the " constant light with no strobing or colour change " normally on all known aircraft.

This was not a satellite or meteoroid ( wrong speed )

Location: At home, address provided. Greta, NSW Australia

Other Witnesses: None, wife has no interest in sky-watching, she just wants to know when they land in the back paddock.

Actual Size: On assumption based on video of other craft I have filmed, possibly 20M.

Altitude: As stated prior, greater than 3,000M altitude.

Object Origin: From South to NNE. From a point first observed at 50 degrees 10 hours ( in Hydra ) traveling through Sextans and lost behind cloud at 40 degrees 8 hrs. ( On the Azimuthal Grid )

Object Destination: Answered above.

Moon Visible: The moon was waxing gibbous at NE 32 degrees 7 hrs (Azimuthal Grid ) But was behind cloud cover at time of sighting.

Moon Size Comparison: 2X star : approx. 1/20th size of moon

Planets Visible: Few stars were visible because of cloud cover and Saturn was also behind cloud.

Weather Sky: Cloudy, Calm

Other Experiences: I don't find these experiences as unusual. But if you want to know if other sightings have been observed? Yes. Numerous UFO sightings in the last month. Unexplained.

April 8th 2009 : Greta, New South Wales

Received on 10/04/2009 09:09:45

08.04.09 GRETA (NSW) 14:55hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Jim St
Number of witnesses present: 1
Occupation: Builder
Duration: 4 sightings from 4:55am - 5:22am

Observation: Briefly, sky-watching from about 4am on April 8th, observed object 70 degree azimuth west traveling north to south, high altitude. ( videod )

2. observed object as fixed light similar size and description travelling south to north at similar sky locals. ( videod )

3. observed object travelling north to south at 50 degree azimuth, possibly slower speed than the other two sightings. ( videod ). Whilst zooming in as this object was passing behind a tree in my line of sight, a second craft was picked up in my viewfinder following the first and videod until also passing behind the tree. This second object / craft was not seen in the sky prior and at no time did I see the two objects moving together. ( following one another )

My assumption is that these were two separate craft as closer inspection of the video shows two different shapes to the objects. ( pics. forwarded )

Maybe the second craft was stationary and mistaken for a star prior to me zooming on the video?

This totals 12 sightings for the past 4 weeks. ( some may have been multiples of the same object ). I also videod two objects passing vertically (so to speak ) in front of the moon on April 7th, as I was behind in editing this footage, more accurate information is unavailable at this time. Further examination of this is to be done when time permits. Video will be posted to YouTube as soon as I can .

As experience is for improved performance, maybe closer video footage is in the future?

Description: As usual, no sound only fixed light, no colour change or strobing.

Location: At my home in Greta

Apparent Size Other: 2X -- 3X star size

Actual Size: Possibly 20-Meters

Altitude: above 3,000M

Object Origin: as above

Object Destination: as above and lost to the South

Moon Visible: Moon had set for the morning sightings of April 8th.

Moon was in the East at 30 degrees for the April 7th video of objects passing in front of moon.

Planets Visible: April 8th morning sightings: pluto was high, Jupiter, Neptune were visible but mars was behind cloud cover.

Note: A similarity of astral positions to my sightings on 30th March is uncanny.???

Weather Wind: Calm

Weather Comments: only a medium clear sky with some cloud

Viewing Aids: Videoed to focus pixilation - 150X (30X opt)

April 11th 2009 : Craigieburn, Victoria

Received on 12/04/2009 13:23:19

11.04.09 CRAIGIEBURN (VIC) 19:42hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mohit D
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 20-5 Seconds
Occupation: IT manager

Observation: I am a hobby photographer and was at my friend's house warming ceremony on 11 April 2009. I had just bought a new Pro Level Digital SLR camera a week and half ago and was experimenting with photographing in low light conditions and wanted to capture the view of Melbourne's northern suburbs and the city view(looking from north to south) from second floor balcony from my friend's house. I have been doing this kind of work for years and had already taken a few good pictures that evening. During one of the shots ( with 4 second aperture delay) I saw a short speck of greenish light in the sky not too high from the ground (to be an airplane) hover around and then disappear for not more than a 2-3 seconds. I didn't pay a lot of attention as that area is close to the airport and I thought it would be an airplane, however immediately after the picture was captured I tried to zoom in the 3 inch view finder in my camera and saw that lucky the same light was captured. I immediately looked up in the sky to see it was a passing airplane but the sky was absolutely clear. Upon transferring the 15.1 Megapixel image to my PC and cropping the captured image to 100% its is hard to dismiss what I saw.

Description: no sound ... just a green tinge of light ( not blinking like a plane) appear and disappear in a natter of 2-5 seconds. Other Witnesses: I don't know the last name (first name Ravi) as I met the person there at the function and was just an acquaintance.

I had one of my friend's (who owns the house) mates who was there with me when I was taking the pic but he was looking at the camera LCD screen ..when we both looked at the picture captured and saw a spec of light in the sky , we both instantly looked towards the sky to see if the plane was there... but there was nothing there... we shrugged it off thinking it must have been a faster plane.

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Actual Size: not sure.... may be ..4 feet by 5 feet

Altitude: 15-20 story building

Object Origin: just appeared from above and then disappeared...like lights being switched off.

Moon Visible: not in the same direction as I was looking ...the moon was on my left but not in the picture frame

Moon Size Comparison: quite small ...one third size

Planets Visible: no

Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant, Calm

Viewing Aids: Canon EOS50 D SLR with a 17-40 USM lens..at the wide 22 f angle

April 15th 2009 : Moe, Victoria

Received on 15/04/2009 20:49:36

15.04.09 MOE (VIC) 19:42hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. J
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 3 minutes
Occupation: Paramedic

Observation: Standing outside having a smoke with my work partner, and witnessed an extremely bright white light moving in what seemed to be an upwards direction. The light was white in colour, significantly brighter than any star and did not have navigation lights as would be seen on a plane or helicopter. It was silent and moved at a consistent speed. After about 10 seconds from when we first witnessed the object it became fainter and fainter which made us think it was moving in an upward direction. The object became bright again, but not as bright as it had been initially and began to move in an eastward direction across the sky. Whilst watching the white light move it appeared to have single streak of green light behind (twice the length of the object) it or to the side of it- however maybe this could have been an optical illusion? My partner admitted to seeing it as well. The object continued for approximately another minute or two and we noticed a jet plane and compared the two objects to confirm that the two were distinct. The plane changed its flight path and followed the object in an eastward direction gaining (slowly) distance for approximately 1.5 minutes until the object moved in a southward direction and disappeared. The jet kept going in a straight line and did not follow the object south when it appeared to change its course, at this point the object disappeared as if the light was simply switched off. Initially, the plane defiantly appeared to change direction to follow the object.

The object almost appeared like a very bright falling star moving at the speed of a plane which was visible for several minutes, it followed what appeared to be a flight plan though. We did not witness the object either come into appearance but rather noticed its presence in the sky and then watched curiously. We did witness it disappear though.

Description: No sounds, no sharp movement. No hovering. Just a single white light. At one point the object appeared to either have a spot light cast around it or be projecting one itself. Like a faint white circular glow. I've never witnessed anything that bright before in the sky at night. Initially we joked that it resembled a rocket until it became brighter again and began moving towards the east.

Location: Moe. Clear sky, stars visible with some light pollution from street lamps and signage.

Neither my partner nor myself have ever witnessed anything similar to what we saw. It did not appear to be a satellite, plane, helicopter, star or planet. It had no navigation lights, no blinking coloured lights. Just a single bright white glow.

Apparent Size: Pea-Sized

Actual Size: Unable to estimate size, did not appear to have any form. Just a bright white light. Between star and pea in shape. Defiantly bigger than a star at its brightest but when it faded it could have been mistaken for a plane or satellite- until it regained maybe 70% brightness again.

Altitude: Again not able to identify the height accurately. In the sky, maybe at a level planes would fly at, given its apparent pursuer.

Object Origin: Whilst in Moe, the Object appeared east of the saucepan. North in the sky and then travelled towards an East direction finally south for a very short period of time (15 seconds) before disappearing.

Object Destination: As above

Moon Visible: Unsure

Moon Size Comparison: As above

Planets Visible: Yes, quite clear night.

Viewing Aids: videoed for 30 secs but footage is shaky and not great.

April 15th 2009 : Pemberton, Western Australia

Received from FORM on 15/04/2009 20:51:21

15.04.09 PEMBERTON (WA) 18:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Miss Michelle
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: ?
Occupation: Home

Observation: A light flying buy in the sky no blinking no flashing just a still white light in the sky a few mates saw it and we did not recognize it please help us to know what it is it did not look like a satellite at all or a plain as they blink when you look at them hard enough this was a stair looking thing in the sky it was not a commit it got us looking anyway the kids also want to know what it was please help and tell me what it was it was around 6.27 pm and 6.33 pm WA time I live in the south of WA Description: no just a very still white light.

Apparent Size Other: a huge bright star moving

Actual Size: hard to tell but big

Altitude: in the sky

Object Origin: north to south

Object Destination: south east

Moon Visible: not very bright

Moon Size Comparison: half size

Planets Visible: yes

Weather Visibility: Clear

Ryde, New South Wales

Received from FORM on 15/04/2009 21:02:48

15.04.09 RYDE (NSW) 16:00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Paul G
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: few minutes
Occupation: Student

Observation: While driving through Sydney's northern suburbs, I noticed two unusual objects reflecting sunlight. They did not appear to be normal aircraft and had an oval/disc shape appearance.

Description: One of the objects appeared to move away quickly.

Apparent Size Other: between pea and tennis ball size

Object Origin: Seemed to be heading north

Object Destination: North Weather

Visibility: Clear, Very clear, good visibility

Other Experiences: Nothing else unusual, but I'd have thought other people would have witnessed these objects and there might have been an item on the news.

April 16th 2009 : Woree Lloyde Bay, Queensland

Received on 26/04/2009 16:02:39

16.04.09 WOREE LLOYDE BAY (QLD) 00:00?hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Ian F
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 2 minutes
Occupation: Ships Master

Observation: I saw 2 craft at high altitude, when I looked in the binoculars, I could see one was a triangular shape with 3 white lights, the other had a flashing red light and looked like it was spinning, the sky was clear and you could make out the stars perfectly, now there there was no sound, because I can hear planes over the sound of the auxiliary engine on the boat I run, and they were very fast, I estimate given the distance traveled and the altitude to be around Mach 6.

Description: looked like they were showing off actually, no sound, and one looked like it was spinning

Apparent Size: Star

Actual Size: the triangular object looked about the size of a fighter jet, the other one I couldn't tell

Altitude: maybe 30000-ft

Object Origin: north to south

Object Destination: they just left going in the same direction until I lost sight of them.

Moon Visible: moon had not come over the horizon

Planets Visible: all of the milky-way was very clear

Weather Visibility: Clear, Warm, Calm

Viewing Aids: gerber 7 x 50 binoculars.

Effects Psychological: I thought the sighting was cool

Other Experiences: lots, I see these objects up here a bit.

April 24th 2009 : Rochedale South, Queensland

Received on 24/04/2009 05:38:05

24.04.09 ROCHEDALE SOUTH (QLD) 16:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mrs. Belinda D
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 5 minutes
Occupation: Travel Consultant

Observation: At about 4.30am, looking south, I saw a bright light in the sky - much, much brighter than any star. It was very still - I watched it for about 5 minutes and it didn't move (nor had it moved each time I checked over the next 30 mins). However what I thought was a star to the right of it did do a small circle 'on the the spot' whilst I was watching - thinking this was my glasses I tilted the angle to see if anything changed but concluded it was definitely moving. When I looked out the window again a few minutes later I noticed a plane (two lights, with flashing light so I assumed a plane, though I couldn't hear it). The plane was flying east to west direction on my side of the lights I had been watching. Off to the right another light caught my attention. Again this light looked like a simple star however I remained fixed on it and it was definitely moving back and forth in small movements, but up and down by quite a distance - I was measuring it against another light in the sky which I am convinced was only a star! The 'moving' lights that I saw had a slight red tinge to them.

Although I always believed that there was something out there, I never really believed the stories about UFO's and their lights - Suddenly I now find myself a believer! Description: As per above... Rapid, then slow movements repeated a few times. I could not determine any shapes - just light. The big bright light I first mentioned was white like a street light. The other 2 that noticed moving were slightly red in colour, though very small.

No sounds, but I did find it unusual that in the still of night I still not hear what I thought was a plan crossing the sky! (Again, I couldn't see the shape of the plane - just assumed two bright lights plus flashing light moving at the speed it was was a commercial plane).

Location: My house looking out the windows to the south.

Other Witnesses: My husband saw the bright light, but without his glasses he couldn't see the small lights moving - he decided to get back to sleep while I investigated! Apparent Size Other: Size etc as per above descriptions

Actual Size: No idea, though I don't think the moving red lights were 'out of space' - definitely still within the atmosphere range. The bright light was a little confusing - it was bright, and bigger than a star - almost pea-sized.

Altitude: 50,000 or 60,000 feet maybe. The 2nd of the red moving lights would have been moving between 20,000 - 40,000 feet.

Object Origin: As per above descriptions

Object Destination: The 2nd moving light disappeared south behind the tree's - it was some distance away though.

Moon Visible: No - don't recall seeing the moon. Didn't consider the sky to be bright in general, however it was a clear sky.

Planets Visible: Planets? Not sure how to identify these - I've heard that Mars is red which is what I thought the 1st red light might have been until it moved in a circle! There were a handful of what I am sure were simply stars.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Mild, Calm

Viewing Aids: Using camera I recorded the bright still light, however you can only see the street light and above that a small light (which is the strange bright light)

Effects Physical: No

Effects Psychological: No, other than feeling a little 'wow!'

(answering this question here as it won't allow me to type in the box - the numbers 8107 appear in a black box about where the curser should be!) I am sure it was just coincidence but the I noticed the possums living under our house were very, very active during this time - the noise is actually what woke me up.

Other Experiences: No. Many times I thought I have seen something strange but wasn't totally convinced. I am definitely convinced this time.

April 25th 2009 : Katoomba North, New South Wales

Received on 25/04/2009 23:51:38

25.04.09 KATOOMBA NORTH (NSW) 23:36hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Nick
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 5 minutes
Occupation: ?

Observation: I first saw some thing in the sky about 60 minutes before my reported time it was and glowing orange much brighter that that others and it seemed as though it was orbiting around other stars I watch this strange object every time I went outside for a smoke ever time it move in the sky it was in a different spot every time it moving patterns seem like no other my family couldn't figure it out ether it was moving in a zig-zag kind of way yet extremely quick it was like nothing iv seen before

Description: orange glow with a few other lights on it.

Apparent Size: Dinner Plate

Actual Size: there was 1 and slightly bigger than a star

Altitude: just in our atmosphere

Object Origin: the middle and very quick and a straight extremely fast line and zig zags

Object Destination: for about ten second that appeared again really bright it put a flash in the cloud

Moon Visible: there where tree's near the moon but yes

Moon Size Comparison: maybe just under half

Planets Visible: pretty much all of them

Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Windy

Weather Comments: the wind got really strong sometimes

Viewing Aids: we could see it with our eye's but my camera isn't good enough to take a photo of stars.

April 26th 2009 : Perth, Western Australia

Received on 27/04/2009 02:49:02

26.04.09 PERTH (WA) 00:20hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Miss. Ebony F
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 2 minutes
Occupation: Console operator

Observation: At around 12:20am I and my two housemates arrived at our home in Perth. When we where outside the house we noticed a small circular reddish light in the sky. I initially thought it might be a plane but it was way off the flight path, planes don't fly over Perth, also it wasn't flashing like planes do. As I watched the first I saw another approach, then 3 more followed. They all seemed quite high up and sort of red. They all followed a similar path but didn't seem to be flying perfectly straight, more zigzagging a bit. And they seemed to be flying too fast for how high up they were. After seeing the fifth one I went inside and checked the time.

Description: Five spherical objects very high in the sky. Seemed to glow red. Moved fast in a generally straight line with some fast zigzags.

Location: Moir Street, Perth 6000

Apparent Size: Pea-Sized

Actual Size: Couldn't really tell. Not very large. Diameter of about 6 meters at the most.

Altitude: Hard to tell. 1000 meters maybe.

Object Origin: Appeared from the east/southeast

Object Destination: Disappeared in the west/northwest

Moon Visible: Could not see moon in the sky. There were, however, spotlights being pointed into the sky near where I saw them.

Moon Size Comparison:If the moon at been there it would have been very small compared to it. It was slightly bigger than a bright star

Planets Visible: No, sky slightly overcast with a reddish sky. There is a lot of light pollution.

Weather Visibility: Foggy, Mild, Cloudy, Calm

Weather Comments: Very sparse blanketed clouds. Light pollution.

1970 : Whyalla, South Australia

Received on 23/04/2009 00:45:20

1970 WHYALLA (SA) 19:00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mrs. C H
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 15 - 20 minutes
Occupation: Medical Secretary

Observation: MY BACKGROUND
Whyalla is a town west of Adelaide. It’s where my family lived for 5½ years in the late 60’s early 70’s. We emigrated from England to Australia in 1967. My father was a foreman electrician for BHP Steel there. We now live in WA.

On a warm summers evening after dark (from memory, I believe it was 1970), I was outside our family home in Dennis Street, Whyalla. I was with 2 friends from houses next to and adjacent to ours. I noticed a group of lights in the sky over our street/suburb. They were multi coloured and rotating around in an oval shape, about the size of the palm of my hand. It was not moving at that time. As we watched it over the first minute or two an odd thing happened. It suddenly disappeared from where it was and appeared a meter away in the same instant. It then repeated the oval shaped rotation of coloured lights again. I called to my parents through the open front fly door, to come and see it. They came out with my Aunt & Uncle and we all watched this continue to unfold like a fantastic light show – circling lights then going out here and re-appearing elsewhere in a zig zagging pattern across a clear and very visible sky over and over for what seemed quite a long time(15 mins at least). We began to notice more and more people also watching it standing on their front lawns and in the street. Eventually it shot off straight up into the sky at phenomenal speed and disappeared.

A good many people saw what we saw that night. I do not recall hearing of any official explanation for it at the time. I have discussed this from time to time with my immediate family & my closest friends. I confess that as the years pass I become more and more curious about what we saw that night in Whyalla, as no body appears to know what it was. I wonder if you know where I might possibly learn more about what actually did happen that night. I recall my father telling us that the Woomera (not sure of spelling) testing station was quite nearby. He said he wondered if it may have been something they were testing, but that sounds very odd too me, considering what we saw and how long ago we saw it. I’m not even sure anything could do those amazing things today. In this first instance I’m a little nervous of the ‘giggle factor’ when approaching anyone about this. However, I can assure you that this recollection is true. I’m now married with a family and live in WA. I would appreciate any sensible help or advise you might have that may help me to better understand what we saw that night.

Other Witnesses: Mr J (father - lives in Perth) Mrs J (mother - now deceased) Mrs D (now Mrs N & living in UK) Mr D (uncle living in UK)

Apparent Size Other: palm of hand

Altitude: very high - but don't know exactly

Planets Visible: Yes it was a clear & warm summer night

Weather Visibility: Clear, Warm, Calm.

Effects Other Witnesses: After watching it for a few minutes, my Uncle became very afraid and he and my heavily pregnant aunt got into their car and they drove off away from it. I recall my mother asked where they were going, he replied 'the opposite way to that'.

UFOINFO Update January 31st 2014:

Date: 1969

Exactly as described by another resident of Dennis street, ******* ******.

We lived at 51 Dennis St, I was 10 years old and I watched this with my parents, brother and sister and several neighbours.

The other report on your website indicated 1970, but this is slightly inaccurate as we returned to England late 1969.

September 26th 2008 : West Preston, Victoria

Received on 14/04/2009 17:18:18

26.09.2008 WEST PRESTON (VIC) 13:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Ian B
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 10 minutes
Occupation: Television director, writer, magician

Observation: I saw three UFOs. I am still bewildered. I ran out into the back yard to see the new Airbus 380 fly overhead after its tour of duty over the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the football Grand Final opening ceremony and watched the sparkling new jet glide majestically ... and very low, across the clearest blue sky. Then I saw what I thought were three fighter jets following it right across in front of my house. It hit me that these unidentified craft were moving in a triangular formation in a very slow and odd way. I'm thinking instantly that three disc or ball-shaped things might be escaped balloons. They always release helium balloons at these finals, but balloons bob and flirt and these objects were intelligently operated. Then I thought they might be helicopters, but they were far too high. There was a black one leading two white [or silver] objects. For almost ten minutes I watched them. They stopped and let the Airbus continue on to the north towards Sydney. They sat in the sky in the same triangular pattern. I ran inside quickly to tell my aged father, and this took no more than 15 seconds. When I returned to the yard, one black one and a white one had simply vanished. There was not a cloud in the sky and they would still have been visible somewhere in normal circumstances. There was not a trace of them.

I watched the remaining stock still white one begin moving downwards. Dare I say it ... it was almost like it was studying me. I am thinking that few would be seeing this because most people were inside watching the most important football game of the season. I was straining my ears to hear someone in the neighborhood yelling, "Look at that!".

The last white object began zooming slowly around and then moved very slowly across the sky to the south from where it had appeared at the start. It vanished behind the roof of the house and I felt it would not emerge on the other side, but it did. Then it stopped again for quite a while and, to my amazement, it went straight up, up, up at an incredible speed. I focused my eyes hard on it until it was clear it had vanished into the stratosphere. During this event I did not run inside and grab my video or still cameras because I was too entranced and I knew if I ran inside I could miss seeing this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. And anyway I would have been shooting snaps of blobs in the sky. Zooming in would have meant nasty wobbly pictures too. I can't get what happened out of my mind. They were UFOs. Believe me I was staring at these things in a crystal clear sky. There is no doubt in my mind that these things were studying the Airbus. How I would love to speak to the pilot of the jet, you can bet he saw them in his rear-view mirror [joke]. No reports from anywhere else, and I did a comb of the web that night ... but nothing. I did not even pinch myself during those long minutes, but I kept drawing myself back into reality. The way these things moved was unlike any aircraft I have observed and I like looking at flying things.

Location: West Preston, Melbourne. Looking east towards High Street from a couple of kilometers away. The house is on a mountain.

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Actual Size: In comparison to the Airbus A389 they appeared small, but they were much higher. That's why I first understood them to be balloons caught in the jet stream. But they were far too steady for that and held the triangular formation moving at about the speed of the jet until they stopped.

Altitude: Much higher than the jet flying at low level. So it is hard to estimate.

Object Origin: From the south heading north following the jet obviously traveling to Sydney. The single object returned to the south after the other two vanished. Then that one went straight up at massive speed.

Object Destination: The final object did not move in any particular direction, but went straight up after sitting still for a short time.

Moon Visible: One of the clearest skies imaginable with no clouds.

Planets Visible: None visible.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant

Weather Sky: Sunny Calm

Effects Physical: Just amazement.

Other Experiences:Strange happenings here and there over many years, but they were all taken in my stride. This is the first time I have reported any of them. Most of the other strange events did not appear to have any link to what we might consider to be extra-terrestrial. For example, a haunting in England many years ago. And plenty of precognition which has been very useful in my professional life. That one has become almost indispensable.

Thank you to everyone who posted these sightings in.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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