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Received June 2009

June 7th 2009 : Browns Plain, Queensland

Received on 7/06/2009 19:47:22

07.06.09 BROWNS Plains (QLD) 18:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Jonathan
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 3 seconds
Occupation: Graphic Designer

Observation: My partner and I were driving home from visiting family. We had just come off the M1 onto the Logan motorway. The direction of our travel was heading towards Browns Plains (west) and the location sighted was at the billboard (sometimes has Griffith Uni posted on the billboard) as you come around the bend before the tolls. The moon was full but not in sight, the object was about half the size of the moon (maybe a little smaller) but was 10 times bigger than any star or shooting star. The object was white in colour and traveled very fast at a 45 degree angle towards the ground. It was not a perfect circle but had a round shape to it. I was driving and saw it briefly, but it was my partner that saw it better and asked if I had seen it as well. It was a very large object so it couldn't have been mistaken for a plane or headlights. There was minimal to no clouds at the time and was checked using www.BOM.gov.au

Description: No sound as we were driving. Shape didn't change. Location: We had just come off the M1 onto the Logan motorway. The direction of our travel was heading towards Browns Plains (west) and the location sighted was at the billboard (sometimes has Griffith Uni posted on the billboard) as you come around the bend before the tolls.

Apparent Size Other: Half size of the moon

Actual Size: It was close I would imagine, maybe 10-20 meters

Altitude: 300 Meters up maybe more.

Object Origin: west over Griffith Uni at Logan Central heading towards the ground at a 45 degree angle.

Object Destination: South

Moon Visible: full moon, was not visible in my direction of travel. Possibly in the east

Moon Size Comparison: half size maybe smaller

Planets Visible: yes. they were a lot smaller. Could probably fit 20 stars inside the object.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Calm

June 10th 2009 : Border Ranges, New South Wales

Received on 10/06/2009 23: 06: 47

10.06.09 BORDER RANGES (NSW) 18: 30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Dhanishta
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 45 minutes
Occupation: N/A

Observation: I was sitting at the table next to the window with a friend when I saw a stationary pulsating light outside hovering above the border ranges just NW of the Pinnacle. I pointed it out and we both watched it for about 45 minutes. During that time I was able to take lots of photos.

It remained stationary in the same place and did not behave like a plane or helicopter nor was it a star or a planet. There was no sound and it alternated between blue and red as it pulsated. I would estimate it was at least 3-4 times brighter than the star Sirius. During the sighting I phoned 2 neighbours who also confirmed seeing the same thing that what we saw. When it disappeared in the same spot, it first faded for about 5-10 seconds then blinked out like a light being switched off.

Description: The shape appears circular in some photos and slightly elongated in others. It didn't move and stayed in the same spot for around 45 minutes. There was no observable sound though cattle and cockatoos in the area made noise. The bird sounds caught my attention because it was after dark and the cockatoos should have been asleep.

Location: I was inside my house. It is an isolated spot with a sweeping view of the border ranges.

Other Witnesses: The other witness with me does not wish to be known.

Apparent Size Other: somewhere between pea size to tennis ball size but probably closer to pea size on the scale

Actual Size: It is hard to estimate. It was dark, before the moonrise and a fair distance away, perhaps 5km or more.

Altitude: It was just above the border ranges at the edge of the Tweed Caldera. So it must have been at least 3-4 thousand feet high. It appeared to be just above the height of the mountains somewhere between Tyalgum and Limpinwood.

Object Origin: It was stationary for the whole duration of the sighting. The direction from my location was W-NW.

Object Destination: It disappeared in the same spot by first fading out then switching off like a light.

Moon Visible: The moon phase was just after the full moon but the moon hadn't yet risen in the east nor was the sky lit up by the moons glow prior to its rising.

Moon Size Comparison: It was much smaller than the moon. But it was at least 3-4 times bigger than the star Sirius or Jupiter.

Planets Visible: The sky was crystal clear and the usual constellations of stars were visible. I did not see any planets.

Weather: Clear, Cold, Windy

Viewing Aids: Photographed.

Effects Physical: Adrenalin and curiosity. I knew I was looking at something out of the ordinary.

Effects Psychological: At the time I had a fear that I would be noticed by the object as I was taking lots of photos of it. I didn't want to attract the pulsating object's attention and wondered if it would come back later that night when I was in bed asleep. I live alone in an isolated spot you see so afterwards I felt cautious and alert and stayed up late.

Effects Other: During the sighting we saw what appeared like a green meteor fall in the direction of the pulsating light.

Effects Other Witnesses: yes. There was some apprehension there and my friend left to go home after it disappeared.

Other Experiences: yes I have had multiple sightings of what may be considered ufos since my teenage years.

June 29th 2009 : Romsey, Victoria

Received 30/06/2009 16:18:03

29.06.09 ROMSEY (VIC)12:05hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: John & Chris
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 20 seconds
Occupation: Student

Observation: I was leaving my shed with my cousin at appox 12:05am to head into the house. We had only walked about 10 meters and he pointed it out to me in the sky.

It looked very large, low and quite close in the sky. It is hard to tell at night but I think it would have been within 5km of my property.

It had 3 main lights spaced out evenly kind of like this * * * It had smaller lights flickering in between the large lights. It looked as thought it was hovering in the sky for about 15 seconds. We just stared at it and then within 5 seconds it shrunk and disappeared as though it was elevating and heading in a north direction.

There are commercial air planes which fly overhead on rout to the Tallamarine air port everyday and this looked nothing like one of those. It was too low in the sky for starters. It held position in the sky for as I said about 15 seconds and then very rapidly disappeared. I watched an airplane in the sky about 5 min later and it was a totally different light arrangement, was constantly moving and the big white lights (headlights) were of course on the front. The lights on the object in the sky must have been on the back of it as they were facing us and it flew away from us.

All we could see was the lights on it, we couldn't make out a shape or anything like that but to reiterate it hovered for quite some time, looked nothing like the airplanes you see flying overhead and disappeared very rapidly.

I personally do not believe in aliens or anything like that but I cannot explain what I saw, thus why I am reporting it.

Description: As I already stated it had an evenly spaced light configuration like this * * * It had little lights flashing between. It hovered in the sky for about 15 seconds then disappeared very rapidly heading in a north direction and elevating.

While hovering it did not move at all then in suddenly took off. It move a lot faster through he sky than your average airplane.

Apparent Size Other: About the size of a one dollar coin held at arms length

Altitude: It was quite low in the sky, but looked about 5 km away. So possibly the height of a 15-20 story building.

Object Origin: It was in a north bound direction when we spotted in and it disappeared into this direction too.

Object Destination: North

Moon Visible: I did not pay any attention to the moon, if it was out it was not on this side on the sky.

Planets Visible: In some areas you could see stars but it was generally overcast.

Weather: Clear, Mild, Cloudy, Windy.

Effects Psychological: No, just a bit gob-smacked, I have never seen anything like it before.

Effects Other Witnesses: No he was the same as me, just shocked at what we saw.

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