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Received July 2009

1987 : Edithvale, Victoria

Received on 12/07/2009 18:00:33

Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Yvette
Number of witnesses present: C & K
Sighting Duration: 30 seconds
Occupation: Warehouse

Observation: This was my first sighting of an apparent UFO.. I was sitting outside in a banana lounge under the back light reading a book in the PM enjoying a peach and a coffee in the still of the night.. My older brother came out the back with his friend with my dad's binoculars (or telescope) to check out the 'supernova' that was in the sky at the time..

I heard my brother cry out 'what's that? What's that?' and I immediately got up and had a look to the spot in the sky where my brother was pointing...

I saw an object shaped like you would see a star with my naked eye, in the night sky with the same brightness as a star, the object was zigzagging, disappearing and reappearing several times..We all screamed "UFO" and bolted inside and locked the back door and the laundry door behind us and screamed to our father that we had seen a UFO... He just laughed at us and told us 'it was just the air force playing tricks on us'.. (he worked for the defense department)

I have had several other sightings since (all different) and even seen 'aliens' or whatever the hell you would call them...more recently.

Months and years escape me, but I can do my best to remember..

Description: it disappeared and then reappeared several times and zig zagged a lot. Stars don't make those movements. Not even a shooting star.

Location: At home in, Edithvale. around the back yard under the porch light near the house.

Altitude: upper atmosphere.

Object Origin: I remember the supernova being to the right of the sky and the UFO we saw was to the left.

Object Destination: right to left and back disappearing and reappearing repeatedly.

Planets Visible: it was a clear night sky, Clear, Warm, Calm

Other Experiences: before this first sighting, I have always had, since I was little, chest pressure with the inability to move as I wake up..(I researched this and they reckon it's some chemical that hasn't released yet to wake up my physical body) and tendency to be psychic, since I was primary school..(which I can't control impressions still to this day) Yes : I would be interested in talking.

July 15th 2009 : Canberra, ACT

Received on 16/07/2009 16:51:54

15.07.09 CANBERRA (ACT) 15:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Stuart
Number of witnesses present: 4 to 6
Sighting Duration: 10 minutes
Occupation: Student

Observation: Standing in the quad courtyard at the University of Canberra, noticed a pure white, floating object about 500 meters to 1000 meters high in the sky.. Like seeing a large golf ball at a distance.

It stayed at the same altitude over a duration of 10 minutes, and remained floating slowly in a random fashion at the same altitude. The object soon gathered a small group of onlookers to the courtyard at the uni.

Its exact 'shape' was confused as it seemed to have a centre, but its edges slightly blurred at times, not a solid 'ball' difficult to describe as it slowly shined or gleaned white at times.

Over a few minutes, it began to drift overhead, same small yet noticeable size and speed. After time, my friend suggested a weather balloon and we went to coffee.

Later, the object had still peeked my curiosity, I phoned the the Bureau of Meteorology to ask about weather balloon releases for the day. The Gentleman informed me no weather balloons are released in Canberra, Wagga being the nearest.

Description: The size seemed like large golf ball at a distance.

The object seemed to 'wobble float around', but could travel in a direction. The shape of the object was confused at its edges. It had a centre though. No sound, slow speed.. stayed same height for 10 minutes and drifted overhead.

Location: College St. Canberra University Courtyard.

Other Witnesses: A group of around 4 or 6 people gathered to watch

Actual Size: large golf ball - Altitude; 500 meters to 1000 meters (seemed cloud height or just above whatever that is)

Object Origin: East to west over the university - Object Destination; it was bobbling so slow to the west.. after 10 minutes I went to coffee.

Moon Visible: Crystal clear Pure white object against clear blue (sometimes it gleaned whiter) Moon Size Comparison; star sized / planet sized shine

Weather Visibility: Clear, crystal clear.

July 20th 2009 : Logan, Queensland

Received on 20/07/2009 19: 09: 04

20.07.09 LOGAN (QLD) 22:30 & 23:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Wayne
Number of witnesses present: 5
Sighting Duration: 3 to 4 minutes
Occupation: N/A

Observation: on Saturday round 10:30pm, I went out for a smoke, and I was looking up at the stars and I swore 4 orange lights in the sky over the Logan Crestmead airier my flat mate was outside at the time and I said to him to have a look at this and he got his girlfriend and dad to have a look as well and my x partner, I got my camera out and I took pitchers as the orange lights were flying over we herd no sound at all and they were flying in Formation.

Then at 11:30pm they came back the same 4 orange lights, and I started taking pitchers again when I put the pitcher on my PC they did not look like what we swore.

Description: they formed orisons belt in the first sitting and in the 2nd sighting, they formed a triangle and flying in the same line.

Apparent Size Other: an orange light

Actual Size: the size of a small plane

Altitude: 2000 or 3000 feet

Object Origin: they came from the south east

Object Destination: west

Planets Visible: yes, Clear

Viewing Aids: photographed.

July 20th 2009 : Benleigh, Victoria

Received on 20/07/2009 22:17:26

20.07.09 BENLEIGH (VIC) 21:40hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Charlie
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: unknown
Occupation: Student

Observation: I saw what appeared to be a bright light at first glance, my first statements were "hey doesn't that look somewhat strange to you?" My partner suggested "UFO" as a joke at first, strangely as the car moved closer in the direction of this "star" it started to move at very high speed, I would say...Faster than a standard passenger plane, that wasn't the strange part, the strange part was the fact it stopped, started, stopped starting, (no sound present), moved up, down in all directions. There was also a smaller (blinking light) that was almost playing "tag you're it" with the larger multi colored UFO making circles around it almost to obtain its attention. Although I am no aircraft except by any means necessary, I do know my Ufology and I have been an enthusiast for quite some time, I have no reason to lie or to over exaggerate in the slightest as I do believe strongly in the existence of these craft and beings with or without solid proof, although in my lifetime, I have never, and I must stress this, seen two craft of unidentified nature perform intelligently with each other as if they were bio-mechanical creatures in the sky.

Description: speed changes, colour changes, altitude changes etc.

Location: My partner and her mother were present at the time

Other Witnesses: aprox.... the size of a caravan (small bus) the smaller second object was basketball sized strangely... (unsure if it was attached or not to the main UFO)

Apparent Size Other: mobile phone (blinking lights)

Actual Size: as I stated, a small bus and basketball in size

Altitude: city building height, higher than a helicopter, lower than a commercial plane

Object Origin: unsure (don't know north coordinates), I will find out if necessary.

Object Destination: unsure, we stopped the car, had a look, listened for noise (no noise evident), mother was freaked out so we left. I assume it was there for some time, moving left to right at different speeds.

Moon Visible: again, unsure but the sky was very clear.

Moon Size Comparison: unsure, but I said from first perspective same sized.

Planets Visible: unsure of location of planets etc

Weather: Clear Cold, Windy

July 26th 2009 : Seaford Beach, South Australia

Received on 26/07/2009 23:50:44

26.07.09 SEAFORD BEACH (SA) 21:05hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Alan
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: I minute approx
Occupation: N/A

Observation: large orange fireball traveling south appeared to be very high and very fast pieces broke off and appeared to fall to the ground on 3 separate intervals.

Description: no sound object flew level until it disappeared from view
Apparent Size: Tennis Ball
Altitude: at a guess 5000ft
Object Origin: north
Object Destination: south
Moon Size Comparison: 1/4 size of moon
Planets Visible: yes a very clear night, Cold, Calm.

July 23rd - 26th 2009 : Tindal, Northern Territory

Received on 26/07/2009 09:41:45

22. 23. 24. 25. 26.07.09 TINDAL (NT) 00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: X name removed
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: seconds
Occupation: IT

Sorry guys this may not be a UFO, it's only flashing light in the horizon, huge flash covers most of the sky, happened in Tindal on the RAAF Base. My husband works night shift xxxxxxxx with his co workers, few of them have seen it. Every night .. Started around 5 am, few nights around 1 am, then 3.30 then 5.30 this morning again.

The strange thing is: All the base loses power immediately after this happens. Power comes on again when the sunlight starts to come up. Around 6.45 sometimes a little earlier.

As you may understand, boys being boys, they will not talk about it as they may sound strange if they do.

I am just very curious to think that something that can affect large scale of houses and power loss is not discussed.

Please let me know if you have an answer or similar sighting .

Location: Tindal is 20K approx from Katherine in the northern territory where the RAAF base is .. Very quite clear sky every night in the dry season between April and October. Still no wind and you can see the sky as clear as anything.

Other Witnesses: well, I can tell you names of my husbands co workers that have seen it, but I'm not sure they would like that.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant, Calm, sunny.

July 27th 2009 : Fairfield Heights : New South Wales

Received on 27/07/2009 19:57:00

27.07.09 FAIRFIELD HEIGHTS (NSW) 17:20hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Neil
Number of witnesses present:
Sighting Duration: 7 to 10 seconds
Occupation: Sheet metal worker

Observation: I was a passenger in my wife's car,we were following another car to look at a property. As we were about to turn onto Van diemans crescent just past van couver place I noticed an object hovering in the air, it was directly over van diemans cr. I kept the object in my sights the whole time as we turned into van diemans cr, we drove right underneath it. First I thought it was a kid's helium balloon, but it remained absolutely still.

Description: The object was small, perfectly spherical and silver metallic. As I was underneath it and straining to see it with my head on the dash, I'm sure it had a blackish smudge in the centre of the bottom.

Location: corner of Van Diemens and Tasman Parade, Fairfield heights.

Other Witnesses: My wife never saw the object as she was driving, the lady we were following may have seen it, but I never mentioned it, she speaks little english.

Apparent Size: Dinner Plate

Actual Size: I tried to work out what size it was with trig.b x h blah blah..I would say about 700-1100mm diameter.

Altitude: 25-35meters about 10-12 meters above the power poles. It was below the skyline when I spotted it. Because there is a hill, in the distance, not far.

Object Origin: dead still

Object Destination: I didn't see it go, turned around after we drove underneath but could not see it because of the angle and car roof.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Mild, Cloudy, Breezy

Weather Comments: it was wet, with patchy cloud, but still good light.

Effects Psychological: I was scared at the time felt like it was watching me. Soon after I was excited. Now I'm sure UFOs exist.

Other Experiences: not really, seen some good shooting stars. This was unlike anything, it was in the day an unexpected.I was very lucky (or unlucky) to have noticed it.

October 30th Year Unknown : Chinderah, New South Wales

Received on 30/07/2009 18:30:36

October 30th yr? CHINDERAH (NSW) 23:00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Kel
Number of witnesses present: C & K
Sighting Duration: 5 seconds
Occupation: Student

Observation: A transparent sphere, 1 humanoid figure standing next to a central beam (lit up with what looked like hieroglyphics) other lights from panels (?) evident and obscured within sphere. Estimated size of 3 meters high at 500 meters altitude, north to south direction and with a wedge of yellow/green light trailing, the thickness of the sphere. Too much environmental noise to detect any sound. Upon reflection, very similar to the report in 1976 canary island craft. I think I have given the correct date, it was Halloween, a Friday I'm sure.

Apparent Size Other: size of a full moon

Actual Size: the figure inside didn't look small, I've estimated 2 meters with another metre headroom (the figure was standing).

Altitude: 500 meters or less I think. I live under a flight path from Coolangatta Airport, and it was quite a bit lower than planes fly.

Object Origin: It came from a northerly direction.

Object Destination: It headed towards the southern cross, at an evidently fantastical speed (20km in 5 seconds?)

Moon Visible: The moon was in the north west from memory.

Moon Size Comparison: About the same size.

Planets Visible: All of them, it was a clear night. Chinderah is a little out of town, so conditions are good for stargazing.

Weather Visibility: Clear

Effects Psychological: Shock. I would have expected metallic discs etc,.

Other Experiences: Witnessed greenish fireball enter ocean Christmas Eve 2006. East of Banora Point. One other witness I know of. With 2 others noticed steaming egg shape with alternating blue, red and yellow lights near Lockheed martin facility Uralla NSW, around the time of Sydney Olympics. Object was on the ground.


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