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August 2009

July 12th 2009 : Winton, Queensland

Received on 11/08/2009 14:35:42

12.07.2009 WINTON (QLD) 17:50hrs
Source AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mark
Number of witnesses present: 1 S
ighting Duration: 5 minutes.
Occupations: Security officer

Observation: On sunset 50 klms from Winton heading to Mt Isa I noticed quite a large metallic object in the sky cigar shaped almost like a jumbo jet turned upside down but much larger, so I took, I pictures with my mobile phone due to the screen being so small I couldn't really tell if it had captured the object as it was a considerable distance away maybe 3 or 4 klms estimate so I watched the object for a bit and seen other small objects as triangular in shape in the vicinity by fly away from the larger object anyway when I got home put the pictures to my computer, I could see the object with the larger screen. - Description: no sounds it moved across sky - Location: 50klms north of Winton Qld.

Other Witnesses: whoever It was on the road, there were a few cars stopped at the side of the road watching it also.

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball
Actual Size: massive.
Altitude: a fair way up maybe plane height.
Object Origin: middle.
Object Destination: left.
Moon Visible: was dusk.
Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant, Sunny, Calm.
Viewing Aids: photograph Image online:

July 31st 2009 : Werrington, New South Wales

Received on 3/08/2009 13:35:23

31. 07.2009 WERRINGON (NSW) 23:00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Luke
Number of witnesses present: 5 sons friends
Sighting Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Occupations: Gas Fitter

Observation: Observed white/orange light west of my house in Werrington moving quickly in all directions, unlike any craft I have ever seen move before.
Description: Yes quickly changed direction
Location: Werrington
Apparent Size: Pea-Sized.
Actual Size: 20 meters diameter.
Altitude: 1 - 2 kms.
Object Origin: Western sky all directions.
Object Destination: west.
Moon Visible: no.
Moon Size Comparison: no comparison to the moon.
Planets Visible: yes.
Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Calm.
Viewing Aids: videoed on a digital camera.

August 1st 2009 : University of Western Sydney Kingswood campus, New South Wales

Received on 1/08/2009 14:46:34

01.08.2009 The University of Western Sydney Kingswood campus (NSW) 01:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Lee-A
Number of witnesses present: C & K
Sighting Duration: 30-minute
Occupations: Government/international relations/Student

Observation: I'd just finished watching a movie and emailing my shift preferences for work and decided to go outside for a cigarette and before bed. I went to the back of my unit and sat on the patio which faces roughly 190 degrees south. I saw a bright set of three lights very close together, which were gradually growing larger (though not by much at all) and at approximately 165 degrees SE. At first it looked like a single VERY bright light the same color as halogen car lights, but at one stage it gently pulsated for a few minutes and when it did this, I could tell it also had red/blue sections - thus three lights, in a kind of triangular shape.

Holding my fingers up from my face it appeared to be 1cm above the horizon, just at the level of the lowest leaves of the tree in my back yard (to give you an idea, the leaves/branches of the tree are about 1.6m off the ground).

It began fairly low on the horizon like I said, kind of below my tree. However, it was slowly moving, slightly SE, while also moving further above the horizon, and growing definitely brighter and slightly larger.

At this stage, it moved slightly faster and again holding my fingers in front of my eyes was approx. 2cm above the horizon. If you want better measurements I can probably provide them going by the tree, but at the time of sending you this, I'm not sure how specific you'd need my info to be. This faster movement took perhaps 7-10 minutes, I was silly enough to not be timing. This is when it was at its largest point.

It stopped moving SE and the lights dimmed slightly. At this stage, although it wasn't moving SE it was still moving, although slower, further above the horizon. It stopped and stayed in this position for some time. Again, I'm not sure as to how long, but would estimate maybe ten minutes as I had time to phone my poor mother and wake her up freaking out. I placed my call to her at 1:43am. At this stage, it's rough direction was 153 SE and doing the finger-in-front-of-my-eye thing again, about 3.5cm above the horizon.

After this it continued moving lightly further above the horizon and again SE. It was at perhaps 4cm above the horizon and at 148 SE and shrinking/fading greatly. At this stage, I went inside on the phone to my mother for approx. ten minutes.

I went back outside after this and it had faded greatly, now was not so bright, and far enough away from me that it appeared to be just one light, simlilar to a bright star, but not *the* brightest star - so it had faded and shrunk a great deal. This is the final time I looked at it. At this stage, it was roughly 134ish degrees SE and 4.5cm using my fingers above the horizon.

I've used an electric compass that goes by GPS so the directions might not be 100% accurate. Description: No sounds, there was a helicopter flying near my house earlier that night, but I could see it, hear it and recognise it was a helicopter.

The changes in shape seemed only to be due to the change in light colours and the gentle and slow pulsation of the lights. It remained the same shape.

The movements have been listed in the above text box. I thought it unusual that an aircraft would seem to rise about the horizon but not seem to grow any closer or further away to me and not be moving in any apparent direction.

At the last stages, I found it unusual that as it was moving above the horizon, in a south easterly direction, it was also fading/shrinking (moving further from me).

Location: The University of Western Sydney Kingswood campus, in the student residences. The nearest road to me is Manning Street, although the university is actually located on Second Avenue. You can see this via. Google maps. If you look up my coordinates, I'm Lat -33.769642799653354, - Long 150.72743564844131 exactly according to good old Google Earth.

Apparent Size Other: larger than a star, smaller than a pea
Actual Size: It looked roughly the side of a plane.
Altitude: the same level as a high cloud appears to be.
Object Origin: approximately, 165 degrees SE and 1cm using my fingers in front of my eyes above the horizon.
Object Destination: 134ish degrees SE and 4.5cm using my fingers above the horizon.
Moon Visible: I wasn't looking for it, and was also under the roof of my patio with my house behind me. It was a clear night though.
Moon Size Comparison: If I compare to the moon by memory, it would be maybe 1/5 of the size of the moon.
Planets Visible: all.
Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Calm

Viewing Aids: I tried to catch a photo with my camera, but unfortunately I think I only captured streetlights

Effects Other: my Iphone/computer was running really slowly. My iphone kept freezing and I repeatedly switched it off and on, but this is the only other thing that occurred.

Other Experiences: Very similar experience with my mother, perhaps in 2001, but that time I was too scared and refused to look. It was around the same time of year, but in Cootamundra NSW. That time, the object moved faster and disappeared in a strange direction. She can give you more info as she watched it the whole time. The object was the same apparent shape as this time except with my mum, I can't remember if it was one color or more.

1990 : Kuranda, Queensland

Received on 4/08/2009 07:01:11

1990 KURANDA (QLD) 19 00hrs
Source AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Rowan
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 5- 10 seconds
Occupations: Night manager

Observation: Sanding in front of my girl friend's house, just after the sun went down, having a chat when what seemed to be a shooting star approached from the north, it had a large tail just like a shooting star though as it got to the point above us, it did a right angle turn and sped away at an incredible speed on a slow arc to the north east.

Location: Myola Road about 2km in a strait line to Kuranda.
Apparent Size: Star.
Altitude: very high perhaps a few kms.
Object Origin: the North from Cape York.
Object Destination: North East towards Cape York.
Moon Visible: as far as I can remember there was no moon and a very stary sky just after sunset, I think the sunset glow was still visible.
Planets Visible: yes lots of stars'
Weather Visibility: Clear, Mild, Clam.

1986 : Holloways Beach, Queensland

Received on 4/08/2009 07:22:24

1986 HOLLOWAYS BEACH (QLD) 02:30hrs
Source AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Rowan
Number of witnesses present: 6 of my sister and friends
Sighting Duration: 3 hours +
Occupations: Student

Observation: Laying on the beach with friends all facing the sky and talking when we noticed very small lights the size of the smallest stars congregating and creating shapes or patterns in the sky they would blast off in all directions only to slowly come back to the same position some time later coming back in formations or lines or singly sometimes blinking on and off this went on for hrs until they slowly disappeared to the east as far as I can remember.

Description: yes very fast sometimes erratic movements blinking on and off.

Altitude: very high on the edge of the atmosphere.
Object Origin: all directions.
Object Destination: I think an easterly direction.
Moon Visible: no I don't think the moon was out.
Planets Visible: yes lots of stars.
Weather Visibility: Clear, Calm

Other Experiences: In 1979 while walking with friends on Kamerunga road not far from the Barron river. I saw a very bright light above the town ship of Stratford it had come from the direction of the airport, and at first I thought it was a plane coming around for another go at the airport but had never seen a plane so low or so bright the time was only saying 5pm it wasn't dark the light continued only perhaps 200 ft from the ground far below the ridge of the Whitfield range until it got to above fresh water then came directly towards us across the top of the sugar cane. We became very scared and ran to the neigbours house just 50 meters away and banged on the door until Mrs. Cumorford answered the door, and we got her to follow us out onto the road to watch the light cross over about where lower freshwater creek bridge is and then seem to drop from sight as if going into the river just behind the large casurina trees that line the river banks.

August 8th 2009 : Bell Bay : South Australia

Received on 8/08/2009 02:26:52

08.08.2009 BELL BAY (SA) 23:30hrs
Source AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Rowan
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 20 Seconds
Occupations: Process operator

Observation: 4 oval shapes flying in formation from North-east to South-west.
Apparent Size Other: football.
Actual Size: car size.
Object Origin: from n-east.
Object Destination: to South-west.
Planets Visible: some stars.
Weather Visibility: Clear, Mild, Calm

August 9th 2009 : Malvern, Victoria

Received on 11/08/2009 19:29:33

09. 08.2009 MALVERN (VIC) 17:50hrs & 18:15hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Luke
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: Seconds

Observation: Just after dusk at night between 5:30 pm and 6:15 p.m I saw what I thought was a satellite, but it was traveling much faster across the sky from west to east towards the Dandenongs...It suddenly quickly dropped downwards with a comet tail and turned into what looked like the last part of a flare but didn't start as that... With four distinct sparks and disappeared into nothing. I am interested in knowing what it was...I am of the thought that it was space junk entering then burning up in our atmosphere???

Apparent Size: Star.
Altitude: Higher than the plane flight path.
Object Origin: West to East.
Object Destination: It looked like it exploded over the Eastern Suburbs - perhaps the Dandenong ranges.
Weather Temp: Cold, Calm.
Viewing Aids: Naked eye.

August 11th 2009 : Hoppers Crossing, Victoria

Received on 12/08/2009 11:48:09

11. 08.2009 HOPPERS CROSSING (VIC) 18:20hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Elizabeth
Number of witnesses present: Michael
Sighting Duration: 3 minutes.
Occupations: Mother

Observation: Was standing out the front of my house with my boyfriend having a cigarette and a large bright light in the sky caught my attention by moving in a semi-circle direction i said "What the hell is that!" and alerted my boyfriend to it. it moved very fast across the sky had no blinking lights and no similarity to a plane. We called out 2 others from inside who witnessed with us the light gradually go across up into the sky then it turned into a red light until it disappeared into the night sky.

Description: Large very bright star, much bigger than a shooting star or plane, and ten times brighter than any star in the sky.
Location: Near Tarneit rd Hoppers Crossing.
Apparent Size: Pea-Sized.
Actual Size: bigger than a plane or at least much brighter.
Altitude: plane altitude or higher.
Object Origin: went from one side of the sky to the other but going up as it did.
Moon Visible: I was unaware of the moon.
Planets Visible: there were stars visible and venus was visible.
Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Sunny, Breezy.
Effects Psychological: Afterwards I was a bit dumbfounded and wished I could have photographed it.

1984 : Catherine Hill Bay, New South Wales

Received on 12/08/2009 16:09:17

1984 KATHRINE HILL BAY (NSW) 20:30hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Greg
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 5 Hours
Occupations: House painter

I thought it to be the fire brigade mopping up after fire. But didn't take long to find out it was a ufo and orbs the orbs were cherry red and nice blue in colour they were going back and fourth through the bush zig zag and moving in the most unreal unreal way. As if searching for something they would go back to main ufo then back to doing more searching the main ufo would just hover and let out hundreds of white lights then would go back into one central white light at times I was in telepathic contact with them as I asked it to come closer and the cherry red orb stated coming down the track towards my camp then I said no go back and it backed off.

Description: there was no sound the objects were not more than 400 meters from my camp the main ship was much bigger than the orbs as the night went on I was amazed to see 5 beings which looked like they were in red overalls stepping out from which I can only say from behind 5 tall trees.

Location: I was near Kathryn hill bay central coast NSW down of the main road going into Kathryn by a cemetery come open bush land come camp ground right near the beach.

Other Witnesses: my girlfriend was there but she was a sleep when I try to wake her she would be very drowsy and go back to sleep there was 5 guys my age at the time up from my camp ground. I walked up to them and said I don't want to spoil your weekend but come and look at this. We looked for 10 minutes then 4 of the guys walked back to their camp as one stayed with me, he had a touch and was really into what I had been seeing for some time now I told him to blink the touch at the main ship, and as he did the main ship went off with a great display of white lights, then I said blink one and a half times he had a thing on the touch which could do that no sooner did he do that when this object blinked back the same I felt we were in contact with it by this time and said to this guy we should stop as it was getting real weird the guy looked at me and said he was feeling sleepy, so he suddenly left and I went back to look at it on my own.

Apparent Size Other: orbs pea sized and main ship dinner plate.
Actual Size: the orbs I would say where 10 feet and the main ship at 50 feet.
Altitude: orbs on the ground main ship about 3 feet of the ground.
Object Origin: as I was looking up into the heavens, I saw the object come in as big as a star later I meet some guy, who was fishing down on the rocks near the beach. He said he saw it come in with not a sound this guy was a bloke I had never met before, and I kept running into him everywhere I went, for some reason, he was very open to what had happened, which was great because anyone else would look at me, as if I was making it up and that was the same as my girlfriend, she just could not believe it even when I tried to wake her up she just didn't what to now about it very strange.

Object Destination: I did not see the object disappear as I got very scared in the end as it felt like I was about to have contact with the beings from this ship, so I just laid down on the bed with my girlfriend and put the blanket over my head and the last thing I remember was a pressure or something pushing on my head. I knew this was it the next thing it was morning. I got up and this car was leaving the camp grounds with some guys not shore if it was the guys I was with but one of them looked weird he just looked at me as the car went by me, it just didn't fit in, for some reason, his eyes seemed different to most human eyes and the way he looked at me, as if he knew my thoughts.

Moon Visible: I don't think the moon was visible.
Planets Visible: yes when I looked up at the stars that's when all of this stared as if that was like a call sign to get ready for about to happen the first thing I have seen in the bush looked like a motor bike going up a hill with its back brake lights going off and for some reason, looking at a NSW number plate shining of the object as if it didn't want to be seen as it was at that moment but as the night went on it showed its self as a round Orb which done some amazing moves.
Weather Temp: Pleasant.

Effects Physical: yes as the next morning we packed up and drove up to the other beach, I kept looking back to the spot where this happened and saying to my girlfriend it was so unreal, and she just said no nothing happened, I said yes this was a real event but she, for some reason, up until this day has not believed me not until Xmas 2008 when a group of people and now my wife saw a UFO right in front of us to me. It wasn't such a big event but for them, they haven't stopped taking about it.

I had a very close encounter with beings back in 1975 where my car stopped and my ex girlfriend at the time and myself were taking from the car, they just put their hand out and put us to sleep when we woke the car was going, and we were back on the road.

Effects Psychological: yes a feeling of lonely ness as I did not find anyone around me that believed this happened but for a few

Effects Other Witnesses: the guy with the touch was so amazed at this event but for some reason his friends just did not seem to care Other Experiences: since I was just a boy I have had lots of unreal things happen around me.

August 17th 2009 : Alice River Townsville, Queensland

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17. 08.2009 ALICE RIVER TOWNSVILLE (QLD) 19:21hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Paul
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 1 second
Occupations: Cabinetmaker

Observation: I took 1 photo of the fence with nothing to show. I then took another 1 second later of exactly the same thing. The second photo clearly shows a saucer shaped bright light suspended in night sky picture taken on 10.1 mega pixel digital camera. No possible source of reflection. Bright light becomes very defined in shape when zoomed in on.

August 28th 2009 : Mooroobool, Cairns, Queensland

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24.08.2009 MOOROOBOOL CAIRNS (QLD) 19:15hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: David
Number of witnesses present: 4 Davie, Cassie, Clifford.
Sighting Duration: 20 - minute
Occupations: Groundskeeper

Observation: a group of 7 "stars" dancing and moving into different formations moving quickly from north to south than moving away into the night sky. All the time making different formations, glistening like they were mirrors being flashed!!!

Description: no sounds, constantly changing formation, moving very quick pausing occasionally.
Apparent Size Other: bright large stars.
Actual Size: unknown.
Altitude: changing 13000ft???? To
Object Origin: north to south.
Object Destination: they disappeared (could see them getting smaller and smaller) if you drew a line from the top star of the southern cross to the bottom star of the "pointer starts" then the distance between the "pointer starts" again.
Moon Visible: yes, 1/3rd bright in the west.
Moon Size Comparison: 1 20th?.
Planets Visible: yes...Very clear night.
Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant, Calm
Viewing Aids: low quality video.

August 29th 2009 : Nambour, Queensland

Results received from FORM on 29/08/2009 21:51:08

29.08.2009 NAMBOUR (Qld) 20:35hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form & Phone
Witness: Mark
Number of witnesses present: wife 2
Sighting Duration: 20 seconds
Occupations: Physiotherapist

Observation: My wife and I were in our outdoor spa and saw an odd pale object moving across the n/e sky. It was traveling very fast and did an odd looping maneuver. I realized instantly that this was no ordinary flying object or animal. I got out of the spa and moved to watch its path to the south. It did not deviate from its course then but faded out as it headed south. It had no navigation lights and made no sound. The sky was totally clear at the time.

It had no obvious colour, but was pale whitish and possibly ovoid (like a flat oval on its side) It's size was about one tenth of the moon at most or a bit smaller.

Altitude: 40 degrees in the north eastern sky.
Object Origin: N/E to South.
Object Destination: South
Moon Visible: We had a 1/2 moon about 80 deg. in the W/S/W sky.
Weather Visibility: Clear.
Weather Temp: Mild, Breezy

Other Experiences: Saw objects in the sky around and off the coast of Victoria (Torquay) in summer about 1967 or 68 There were many sightings at that time, and they were well documented and reported on in the press. Also once saw an object "land " on the moon for want of a better description.

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