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2006 : Near Lake Buloke, Victoria

2006 nr. Lake Buloke (west of Charlton & west of Avoca River), VIC 0700hrs (Black Panther Sighting)

AUFORN VIC 2006-001 (Reported 02.09.06)

I was hunting up near the Grampians as a do every year with my father and brother when we heard a low growling and a rustling in the bushes quite close to us. Seeing that we had our weapons with us we decided to check it out, when we entered a large clearing where the rustling and growling had come from we spotted a large black cat about 4 foot tall and 8 foot long from head to tail staring right at us growling and hissing menacingly we then also noticed why it hadn't bolted off, it was protecting its cubs there were 5 of them about the size of a baby labrador but black in colouration, they were wrestling in the background as you would expect cubs to do. We then thought it best not to desterb them so we left and reported it to the local authorities who of course didn't beleive a word of it. Sighting Duration; 30 seconds. Weather: windy, snowing and cold.

September 3rd 2006 : Dandedong, Victoria

03.09.06 Dandenong, VIC 1230hrs (DO)

AUFORN VIC 2006-002 (Reported 07.09.06)

My mother and I saw a white dot in the sky which at first we thought was a balloon, south of the Ambulance and Hospital in Dandenong. It looked like a star but in broad daylight? It was stationary and it gradually got smaller as if it was rising up and eventually it got too small for us to see it. The reason why my mother and I were outside staring up into the sky in the first place was because we heard that entire morning planes, the small propellar type ones, flying around and around, and at about midday we heard what I definately knew was a airforce jet. Me being a fan of those types of aircraft ran outside with my mum to try and get a glimpse of the jet. We could hear it by couldnt figure out which way it was coming from. Thats when we saw the white star-like dot in the sky, almost directly above us towards the east. Incidently we did get a glimpse of the jet and it was flying rather lower than I thought was a allowed for a residential area and I have only ever heard a jet fly-by once during the Avalon Air Show, several years ago. Description: Nothing really unusual. It was white. About the same size as a star would be in the night sky. And as I mentioned above, it was rising up, it seemed. May have been a balloon? Sighting Duration; about 5 minutes.

August 2006 : Liverpool, New South Wales

AUGUST 2006 Sydney (Liverpool), NSW 1000hrs (DO + PHOTO)

AUFORN NSW 2006-001 (Reported 07.09.06)

"At approx 1000 hrs, one weekend in August, whilst at work, I noticed unusual clouds with a plane and jet trail in the morning glow, near the Hume highway and Liverpool hospital. A had my digital camera handy and took two shots with slightly different positions in the sky. I did not notice anything unusual in the sky at the time. On studying the photo's at a later date, I noticed two small white orbs together in the sky not far from the jet and trail. Upon inspecting the photo further I then noticed a third white orb in the picture away from the others. The second photo revealed the white orbs at different slightly different locations.

I have had several sightings of unidentifed flying objects in recent years but dont report them often.

1994/1996 : Sydney, New South Wales

1994-1996 Sydney (nr. Sydney International Airport), NSW 0200-0400hrs (NL)

AUFORN NSW 2006-002 (Reported 07.09.06)

Glowing light, travelling wrong way in flight path (northly direction) near Sydney airport, sighting was from grounds of RPA hospital, whilst working. I had an unusual experience of delayed time while watching it between buildings, the light seemed to be a very brilliant white colour.

1994/1996 : Liverpool, Sydney, New South Wales

1994-1996 Sydney (Liverpool), NSW 1000hrs (CE1)

AUFORN NSW 2006-003 (Reported 07.09.06)

Sighting of large black rectangular craft near liverpool, flying through moon shine at night. Craft was a dark brown to black colour with no lights travelling slowly. Then changed to a round shape travelling quickly through white cloud after being observed.

2005 : Liverpool, Sydney, New South Wales

2005 Sydney (Liverpool), NSW 0005-0200hrs (NL)

AUFORN NSW 2006-004 (Reported 07.09.06)

I saw three large orange lights travelling in a triangular formation heading in a NE direction from the SW, over Liverpool heading to Bankstown airport. First saw two of the lights, from street level, flying silently at same speed (moderate). Then saw a third, which was glowing brighter, following at the same speed. All lights were flying at a resonably low level.

The lights then dissapated. Initially I thought they were candles suspended from bags, but were too bright and moving at same distance apart and there seemed to be no wind. A work collegue of mine told me he also saw the lights, whilst he was driving home after his shift on the M5 motorway.

August 2nd 2006 : Lilydale, Victoria

02.08.06 Lilydale, VIC 1045hrs (PHOTO)

AUFORN VIC 2006-003 (Reported 08.09.06)

Tried to take a picture of my brother and his wife on a borrowed Kodak V550 digital camera at the entrance of the Redgum Art Gallery & Cafe in Lilydale. I couldn't get the flash to work, which is why I took the second shot. As you can see, the flash didn't work then either. I wanted to get the view of Mt. Dandenong in the background. I was in Melbourne for 4 days visiting relatives. I didn't notice anything at any time. When I got home I downloaded photos from the camera into my pc and emailed to my relatives. I was drawn attention to the UFO by my brother. It was a clear, mild day with some cloud and good visibility.

September 8th 2006 : Balwyn, Melbourne, Victoria

08.09.06 Melbourne (Balwyn), VIC 2130hrs (CE1)

AUFORN VIC 2006-004 (Reported 09.09.06)

As I drove down Lower Heidelberg Road towards the direction of the eastern freeway, I saw the UFO in the sky hovering near the Balwyn, Bulleen region near the eastern freeway. The object was so distinct one could not miss it. I couldn't keep my eyes off it. It was five times the size of an aeroplane, predominantly red laser lights were flashing simultaneously with green, yellow and blue lights. The shape was a disc, saucer silver, it was distant to me yet it was large and I could see the intricate design on it. It hovered not like an aeroplane or a helicopter. It was fairly close to houses, about 100-150 metres. Again, hovering was the predominant movement, no sound and flashing of lights. It stayed in the air for 5 minutes. I had parked my car to get a closer look at this object and when I return to the spot, the object had disappeared. The main attraction was its array of spectacular lights, the red flashing lights. The fact that it was hovering and it was large. This stood out in a dark sky. I will never forget this night. I was skeptical as to this phenomena is, but know its different. The evening was cold and breezy but clear.

September 8th 2006 : Glen Huntly, Melbourne, Victoria

08.09.06 Melbourne (Glen Huntly), VIC 2105hrs (CE1)

AUFORN VIC 2006-005 (Reported 09.09.06)

I saw above the trees top from a distance (central business district direction) a spaceship that look like an upside plate shape. It had lights blue and red changing alternately. The UFO was there for more than five minute, stationary, while only moving slowly from side to side. When I left the sight it was still there. When I returned after 2 hours, it was gone. It was a foggy and cold evening with a slight breeze.


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