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September 19th 2006 : Wingfield, South Australia

Date of sighting: Tuesday September 19, 2006.
Date reported: Thursday September 21, 2006.
Location: Wingfield.
State: South Australia.
Name: Michael Cox.
Investigator: Jeff Fausch.
Time: 0130hrs.
Duration: unknown.
Witnesses: two males
Weather Conditions: Mild night with scattered clouds. (Temperature at 0130hrs: 22 degrees Celsius)
Moon phase:
Classification: NL.
(Could be the Space shuttle or Russian spacecraft.)

Ray a fire fighter who was apart of a fire crew putting out a fire at the Wingfield rubbish dump on the 19th September 2006. At 0130hrs Michael was having a break from the fire with a number of his colleges. He looked up at the sky and saw a bright white light moving a cross the night sky followed by a smaller white object. The two objects came from the east and headed west. He pointed out the objects to his colleges that were standing nearby. Michael stated that the two objects stayed a set distance from each other. The two objects travelled at a speed simular to a satellite moving across the sky. He believes the bright object most properly was the space shuttle or the Russian spacecraft heading to the International space station.

What caught his attention was the second smaller white light following the large white light. Michael would like to know what it was? Was it an optical illusion or another craft following it? By Jeff Fausch…AUFORN S.A

August 21st 2006 : Between Stawell, Victoria & Bordertown, South Australia

Date of sighting: Sunday August 21, 2005.
Date reported: Sunday October 2, 2006.
Location: between Stawell & Bordertown.
State: Victoria & South Australia.
Name: Merrin Thompson.
Investigator: Jeff Fausch.
Number of witnesses: 1 female + 1 male.
Number of objects: One.
Time: 1830hrs.
Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours.
Weather conditions: clear cold night.
Moon phase:
Classification: CE1

Merryn and her partner were driving to Bordertown to spend the night with friends before heading to Adelaide the next morning. They had just driven through Stawell at approximately 1830hrs when Merryn the passenger in the car looked into the evening sky and saw a large object coming from the north. She described it as a huge oval shaped object approximately 200ft in circumference. It was white in colour and appeared to glow but at the same time was slightly blurred or misty. The under-carriage was not flat but concaved. She also noticed a black and white square pattern on the under-carriage.

The object came very close to the vehicle. Merryn stated that it was approximately 200ft above the vehicle. The object hovered at one point but then started to follow the vehicle. Merryn said the object swirved from left to the right across the road and then up and down occasionally disappearing into the clouds, while following them. Merryn stated that the object manoeuvred like a helicopter but flew like a F-18 fighter jet but made no noise.

Both Merryn and her partner were getting very concerned about the object following their vehicle, so much so that Merryn partner missed the turn of to Bordertown as they drove through Horsham. They managed to find the road to Bordertown but the object was still following them. Merryn stated that the huge objected followed them to Bordertown. When they got to their friends house the object was still visible. She said that it followed them for more than two hours, from Stawell to Bordertown. They both went into the house, about five minutes later Mervyn’s partner came out of the house and noticed that the object had gone.

Mervyn’s partner believes he had a missing time episode during the time the object was following the vehicle. After he missed the turn of to Bordertown he believes he lost at least half an hour. He can’t remember anything after that, and he cant recall how he got back on the correct road to Bordertown. Merryn does not think she had a missing time episode and was very surprised when her partner said he had.

Since the UFO encounter on the 21st August 2005 she has seen UFO’s on two separate occations but did not go into detail about them.

Merryn and her partner is now a true believer of the UFO phenomena because of the close encounter with something that she believes could not have come from this planet. By Jeff Fausch … AUFORN S.A

Merryn told me that she had been drinking and considered herself drunk when she witnessed the UFO. I don’t know if her partner had been drinking, she did not say. They truly believe a large UFO followed them to Bordertown, but their encounter has to be viewed with caution because alcohol was involved. I believe they saw something but I don’t know how much the alcohol had affected them and their interpretation of what they saw.


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