UFO Sighting Report - Belgium

Flag of Belgium

Houtem, Vilvoorde, Flemish Brabant

March 12th 2004

Location: Houtem-Vilvoorde Vlaams Brabant Belgium

Date: 12 March 2004 dry weather

Approach Direction: West-East

Departure Direction: Same

Witness Direction: South

Description: I went walking with the dogs that night around 12, when I saw a strange deep green-blueish blob of light, with real contours however, like crashing out of the sky at 45 degree, the thing was big so not far away. I think, size like half of a full moon, there was no noise and no other explanations possible but the roofs of houses blocked my sight so I saw the object just for 6 seconds.

   Shape: Rounded square blob of light
   Color: Deep green-blue radiation like raisonably big, half of full moon

Height & Speed: 200 height - high speed 400km/h

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