UFO Sighting Report - Belgium

Flag of Belgium


Spring 1972

Name: Gunter Segers

Location: Belgium, Flanders countryside

Date: Spring 1972, early morning 7 o clock

Approach Direction: Coming from the horizon, flying straight overhead

Departure Direction: North to south

Witness Direction: North

Description: In an early 1972 morning farmer J. Poppe, then in his sixties, was working on his field, when out of the blue a silvery, saucer shaped disc (with a dome in the middle), came hovering straight to him. As the field that he was working on was very flat, the object could be very clearly be seen heading towards him. The disc flew straight over him, at the height of treetops. The witness could not recollect to have seen any markings on the underside of the craft, nor did he see any wires.

Bewildered the witness ran back home to inform his wife and children, who confirm they never before saw J. Poppe in this state of shock. The witness is very reliable, and is known as a no-nonsense person. Although this is a 'single-person ufo encounter' this case can be regarded as a true sighting.

Color/Shape: Color was silvery, shape was disc/saucer shaped with a dome, no sound was heard, only a light buzzing or zooming, the height and length could have been something as the seize of a very big car / small autobus.

Height & Speed: Estimated height of the hovering object: 20 - 25 metres, speed: very fast, although not as fast as a passing F-16 for example. It was the slow steady approach that made the biggest impression on the witness.

TV/Radio/Press: This case was not reported to the press. It was by interviewing people and fieldwork that I found the witness.

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