UFO Sighting Report - Brazil

Flag of Brazil

Curitiba, Bacacheri, Parana

April/May 1979

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: City of Curitiba/Bacacheri/Parana/Brasil

Date: Between April/May l979 moreless

Approach Direction: About some 1,5 km or less

Departure Direction: North to southeast (clear day)

Witness Direction: Northeast to south

Description: Three cylinders shaped, flying paralleled, rust coloured, silently, through a clear sky, strangely slower than any airplane, no wings, simply going straight. Then two aparted to opposite sides leting just one in center, and disappeared.

Color/Shape: Rusty browned coloured, cylinder shaped

Height & Speed: About one and half km high some 45 degrees of horizon line. As I told, strangely slow for a flying machine

TV/Radio/Press: No, I think so. I could not know after that. I guess other people may had seen, but I did not know.

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