UFO Sighting Report - Brazil

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Lavrinhas and Cachoeira Paulista, São Paulo

July 13th 1999

On July 13rd, Luís Messano, a teacher and owner of a farm in the city of Lavrinhas, said that around 08:00 Pm, a flight of UFOs hovered the cities of Lavrinhas and Cachoeira Paulista, in São Paulo.

Two of these objects were bigger, the size of the full moon, and from them other smaller objects left, around 10 of them. The event took 3 hours and some others people saw it as well.

On July 22nd, Mr. Messano, told that the same event happened again, and that 5 jet-fighters went to intercept them.

We are still looking for more informations.

Diretor Do Departamento de Publicação e Tradução Especializadas ( DEPTE - EBE-ET / Brasilia-Brasil)
Director of the Publication Department and Specialized Translation

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