UFO Sighting Reports - Canada

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Please note that the reports in this section have been submitted to UFOINFO and accepted in good faith. No investigation has been carried out by UFOINFO.

With the increasing use of digital cameras we are seeing more photos showing alleged 'UFOs' - many of these could be insects, cloud shapes etc. As many readers have asked to see the photos I will be using some of them and leaving it to the individual to make up their own mind - John @ UFOINFO.

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Date Unknown

Bowen Island, British Columbia
Near Digby, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Between Simcoe And Port Dover, Ontario
West Of Bowen Island, British Columbia

Various Dates & Locations

British Columbia
British Columbia
Corunna, Ontario
Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Jan 19th - Williams Lake, British Columbia
Jan 26th - Moncton, New Brunswick
Jan 31st - New Waterford, Nova Scotia
Feb   8th - Langford, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Feb 10th - Carrot River, Saskatchewan
Feb 14th - Vancouver South, British Columbia
Feb 15th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Feb 16th - Hamilton, Ontario
Feb 18th - Melfort, Saskatchewan
Feb 23rd - Highway 401 between Belleville and Napanee, Ontario
Feb 24th - Sherwood Park, Alberta
Feb 25th - South of Elk Point, Alberta Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Feb 28th - Downsview, Ontario
Feb 28th - Hamilton, Ontario
Mar   3rd - Prelude Lake near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Mar 11th - Brampton, Ontario
Mar 13th-17th - Scarborough, Ontario
Mar 15th - Calgary, Alberta
Mar 16th - East York, Toronto, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Mar 16th - Penhold, Alberta
Mar 17th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mar 18th - Alton, Ontario
Mar 18th - Cambridge, Ontario
Mar 18th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mar 20th - Oakville, Ontario
Mar 21st - Peterborough, Ontario
Mar 22nd - Abbotsford, British Columbia
Mar 27th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mar 28th - Victoria, British Columbia
Apr   2nd - Prelude Lake near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr   4th - Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador
Apr   6th - Brampton, Ontario Video in report
Apr 10th - Gatineau, Quebec
Apr 10th - Laval, Quebec
Apr 11th - North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Apr 16th - North Alton, Nova Scotia
Apr 19th - Calgary, Alberta
Apr 19th - Hamilton Mountain, Ontario
Apr 23rd - Downsview, Toronto
Apr 27th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Apr 27th - Newmarket, Ontario
Apr 28th - Kelowna, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May  4th - Beaverton, Ontario
May  4th - Scarborough, Ontario
May 12th - Between Fox Creek & Valleyview, Alberta
May 12th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 17th - Hamilton, Ontario
May 24th - Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
May 25th - Brantford, Ontario
May 25th - Cambridge, Ontario
May 25th - Hamilton, Ontario
May 25th - Regina, Saskatchewan
May 26th- Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 28th - St. Catharines, Ontario
May 31st - North of Brampton, Ontario
May 31st - Truro, Nova Scotia
Jun   1st  - Barrie, Ontario
Jun  2nd - Barrie, Ontario
Jun   2nd - Moose Factory, Ontario
Jun   3rd - Gloucester, Ottawa, Ontario
Jun   3rd - Goderich, Ontario
Jun   4th - Bradford, Ontario
Jun   6th - Stockholm, Saskatchewan
Jun   7th - Green Lake, Saskatchewan
Jun 12th - Mississauga, Ontario
Jun 16th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 19th - Beaconsfield, Quebec
Jun 19th - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 21st - Burlington, Ontario
Jan 21st - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jun 21st - Port Hope, Ontario
Jun 21st - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 22nd - Oakville, Ontario
Jun 22nd - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 23rd - Campbellton, New Brunswick
Jun 27th - Gatineau, Quebec
Jun 27th - Lake Ontario [Cobourg], Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 28th - Cambridge, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 29th - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 30th - Hamilton, Ontario
Jun 30th - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Jul   4th - Barrie, Ontario
Jul   4th - Richmond Hill, Ontario
Jul   4th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul   5th - Burlington, Ontario
Jul   5th - Palgrave, Ontario
Jul   5th - Pasqua & Echo Lake, Saskatchewan
Jul 14th - Whitby, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 17th - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 10th - Oshawa/Whitby, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 18th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Aug 24th - Whitby/Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in reportNew September 20th 2014


Jun   3rd - Oshawa and Whitby, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Jun 14th - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 17th - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 18th - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 30th - Cobourg, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul   26th - Whitby, Ontario Video in report
Aug    ??  - Napanee, Ontario
Aug   4th - Moore Falls, Ontario
Aug 17th - Point Sapin, New Brunswick
Sep 20th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Sep 28th - Barriere, British Columbia
Sep 29th - Westlock, Alberta
Oct  2nd - Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick
Oct  2nd - Greenwood, Nova Scotia
Oct   5th - Toronto, Ontario Video in report
Oct 10th - Metcalfe, Ontario
Oct 11th - Edmonton, Alberta
Oct 12th - Sundridge, Ontario
Oct 15th - Takla Landing, British Columbia [Fireball/meteor]  Photo(s)/Drawing(s) in report
Oct 18th - Kamloops, British Columbia
Oct 21st - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct 24th - Ajax, Ontario
Oct 27th - Port Alberni, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct 30th - Tracadie, Nova Scotia
Nov   5th - Whitby, Ontario
Nov   8th - Killarney, Manitoba
Nov 15th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Nov 17th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Nov 19th - Ottawa, Ontario
Nov 20th - Sicamous, British Columbia
Nov 21st - Barrie, Ontario
Nov 29th - Stoney Creek, Ontario
Nov 30th - Calgary, Alberta
Dec   1st - Woodstock, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Dec  2nd - Kelowna, British Columbia
Dec   5th - Metcalfe, Ontario
Dec   8th - Kingston, Ontario
Dec 31st - Halifax, Nova Scotia


Summer - Near Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario
May 11th - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul   1st  - Burls Creek, Oro, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Aug   4th - Clearwater, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 29th - Scarborough,Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Sep 11th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Nov 22nd - Renfrew, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report


Feb 18th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr   1st - Calgary, Alberta
Apr 30th - Oakville, Ontario
Apr 30th - Oakville, Ontario
May  4th - Oakville, Ontario
May  5th - Jellicoe, Ontario
May  6th - Ste-Elie, Sherbrooke, Quebec
May  7th - Fort McMurray, Alberta
May  7th - Toronto, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May  8th - Ste. Anne, Manitoba
May  9th - Bruce Mines, Ontario
May  9th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 18th - The Pas, Manitoba
May 19th - Dryden, Ontario
May 20th - Hamilton, Ontario
May 22nd - Burlington, Ontario
May 22nd - Hamilton, Ontario
Aug 28th - Alliston, Ontario
Nov   7th - Sudbury, Ontario


Mar 22nd - Choiceland, Saskatchewan
Mar 26th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr 23rd - Oakville, Ontario Video in report
May  5th - Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
May  6th - Cornwall, Ontario Video in report
May  9th - Edmonton, Alberta
May  9th - Edmonton, Alberta
May 10th - Bancroft, Ontario
May 12th - Edmonton, Alberta
May 12th/13th - Sagamok Anishnawbek Reserve, Massey, Ontario
May 16th - Hearst, Ontario
May 16th - Ottawa, Ontario
May 18th - Guelph, Ontario
May 22nd - Coaldale, Alberta
May 22nd - Ottawa, Ontario
May 23rd - Sandy Bay, Manitoba
May 24th - Burlington, Ontario
May 24th - Mississauga, Ontario
May 27th - Bayfield, Ontario
Jun   1st - Hamilton, Ontario
Jun   1st - Kenora, Ontario
Jun   1st - St. Catharines, Ontario
Jun   7th - Mississauga, Ontario
Jun 10th - Goulais River, Hwy 552, Ontario
Jun 12th - Bear Mountain, Langford/Victoria, British Columbia
Jun 13th - Windsor, Ontario
Jun 14th - St. Catharines, Ontario
Jun 14th/20th - North West of Orangeville, Ontario
Jun 15th - Lake Nosbonsing, Bonfield, Ontario
Jun 19th - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Jun 19th - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Jun 20th - Cookstown, Ontario
Jun 21st - Hamilton, Ontario
Jun 21st - Matheson, Ontario
Jun 23rd - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jun 24th - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Jun 25th - London, Ontario
Jun 26th - Eastern Manitoba
Jun 26th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jun 28th - Midhurst/Barrie, Ontario
Jun 29th - Sliammon, British Columbia
Jul    1st - Bayfield, Ontario
Jul    1st - Richmond Hill, Ontario
Jul   2nd - Lakeside, Montana
Jul   2nd - Toronto, Ontario
Jul   3rd - Alberta Beach, Alberta
Jul   3rd - Alberta Beach, Alberta
Jul   3rd - Grand Beach, Manitoba
Jul   3rd - Gulf Islands, British Columbia
Jul   3rd - Mactier, Ontario
Jul   3rd - Sarnia, Ontario
Jul   3rd - Shelburne, Ontario
Jul   3rd - Ville LaSalle, Montreal, Quebec
Jul   4th - Richmond, British Columbia
Jul   4th - Sliammon, British Columbia
Jul   5th - Victoria, British Columbia
Jul   6th - Fullarton, Ontario
Jul   6th - Montreal, Quebec
Jul   7th - Gatineau, Quebec
Jul   7th - Nampa, Alberta
Jul   8th - Callander, Ontario
Jul   8th - Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia
Jul   8th - Miramichi, New Brunswick
Jul   9th - Cambridge, Ontario
Jul   9th - Langford, British Columbia
Jul   9th - Miramichi, New Brunswick
Jul 10th - Dorchester, New Brunswick
Jul 10th - Orangeville, Ontario
Jul 10th - Pickering, Ontario
Jul 10th - Sarnia, Ontario
Jul 10th - Swan River, Manitoba
Jul 11th - Montreal, Quebec
Jul 11th - Regina, Saskatchewan
Jul 11th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 11th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 13th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul 14th - London, Ontario
Jul 14th - Ottawa, Ontario
Jul 14th/15th - Mississauga, Ontario
Jul 15th - Chomedey, Laval, Quebec
Jul 15th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Jul 16th - Hamilton, Ontario
Jul 16th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 17th - Surrey, British Columbia
Jul 18th - Alvinston, Ontario
Jul 18th - North York, Toronto, Ontario
Jul 20th - Candiac, Quebec
Jul 21st - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jul 21st - Highway 40, South of Sarnia, near Bickford Line, Lambton County, Ontario
Jul 21st - Kitchener, Ontario
Jul 21st - Regina, Saskatchewan
Jul 23rd - Clementsport, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Jul 23rd - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Jul 24th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jul 25th - Kanata, Ontario
Jul 26th - London, Ontario
Jul 27th - Kamloops, British Columbia
Jul 29th - Smeaton, Saskatchewan
Jul 30th - Vernon, British Columbia
Aug   1st - Regina, Saskatchewan
Aug   1st - Vaughan, Ontario
Aug  2nd - Barrie, Ontario
Aug  2nd - Mainprize Park, Saskatchewan
Aug   4th - Thorold, Ontario
Aug   6th - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Aug 29th - Whitby, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Nov   1st - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report


Various Dates - Parksville/Qualicum, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Jan   1st - North Surrey, British Columbia
Jan   2nd - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jan   3rd - Downtown Toronto, Ontario
Jan   5th - Kimberley, British Columbia
Jan   6th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jan   9th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jan   9th - Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Jan 10th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jan 10th - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jan 12th - Between Engen And Vanderhoof, British Columbia
Jan 13th - Ajax, Ontario
Jan 13th - Downtown, Toronto, Ontario
Jan 13th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jan 16th - Mississauga, Ontario
Jan 16th - St. Catharines, Ontario
Jan 16th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jan 16th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jan 19th - North of Highway 401, west of Highway 400, Toronto
Jan 20th - Ajax, Ontario
Jan 20th - Ajax - Whitby - Pickering, Ontario
Jan 20th - Rexdale, Ontario
Jan 20th - Sault Saint Marie, Ontario
Jan 23rd - Lake Erie, Ontario
Jan 24th - Grimsby, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jan 24th - Toronto, Ontario
Jan 27th - Pointe Du Chene, New Brunswick
Feb   1st - Uxbridge, Ontario
Feb   2nd - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Feb   3rd - Kingston, Ontario
Feb   9th - Chase, British Columbia
Feb 12th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Feb 14th - Alliston, Ontario
Feb 14th - Kincardine, Ontario
Feb 14th - Kingston, Ontario
Feb 14th - Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario
Feb 14th - Whitby, Ontario
Feb 14th - Woodbridge, Ontario
Feb 15th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Feb 15th - Woodstock/Thamesford, Ontario
Feb 20th - Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Mar   2nd - Surrey, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Mar   3rd - St. John's, Newfoundland
Mar   3rd - St. Philip's, Newfoundland
Mar   4th - Stratford, Ontario
Mar   7th - Vernon, British Columbia
Mar 10th - Halifax, Nova Scotia
May 10th - Southeast Manitoba
Mar 12th - Towards Ontario And Rochester, New York
Mar 13th - Ridgeway, Ontario
Mar 14th - Missisauga, Ontario
Mar 15th - Strathroy, Ontario
Mar 22nd - Montreal, Quebec
Mar 22nd - Westmount, Montreal, Quebec
Mar 24th - Kanata, Ontario
Mar 25th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Mar 27th - Rutherford, Edmonton, Alberta
Mar 28th - Chester, Nova Scotia
Mar 28th - Kerrobert, Saskatchewan
Mar 28th - Windsor, Ontario
Apr   3rd - South West of Grande Prairie, Alberta
Apr   9th - Whitecroft, British Columbia
Apr 10th - Fruitvale, British Columbia
Apr 10th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Apr 16th - London, Ontario
Apr 17th - Exeter, Ontario
Apr 19th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Apr 23rd - Huntsville, Ontario
Apr 24th - Between Ajax And Ashburn, Ontario
Apr 29th - Oak Bluff, Manitoba
Apr 30th - Regina, Saskatchewan
May   2nd - SE Of Wetaskiwin Alberta
May   8th - Brampton, Ontario
May   8th - Whistler, British Columbia
May 10th - Mississauga, Ontario
May 11th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 14th - Vernon, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 16th - Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
May 16th - Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
May 17th - Caledon, Ontario
May 17th - Chilliwack Lake Area, British Columbia
May 17th - Surrey, British Columbia
May 18th - Bolton, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 18th - Chilliwack Lake Area, British Columbia
May 21st - Durham, Ontario
May 21st - Kelowna, British Columbia
May 21st - Nanaimo, British Columbia
May 21st - Vernon, British Columbia
May 21st - Windsor, Ontario
May 22nd - Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 22nd - Fourth Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario
May 22nd - Oshawa, Ontario
May 22nd - Renfrew, Ontario
May 22nd - Sagamok Anishnawbek Reserve, Massey, Ontario
May 23rd - Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 23rd - Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 23rd - Grand Forks, British Columbia
May 24th - Kahnawake, Quebec
May 24th - South Shore, near Highway 52, Montreal, Quebec Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 24th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 24th/25th - M'Chigeeng First Nation, Ontario
May 26th - Whitby, Ontario
May 28th - Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 28th - Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 29th - Chilliwack, British Columbia
May 30th/31st - Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Jun   1st - M'Chigeeng First Nation, Ontario
Jun   7th - Stouffville, Ontario
Jun   7th - Stouffville, Ontario
Jun   8th - Toronto, Ontario
Jun   9th - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 11th - Ottawa, Ontario
Jun 13th - Pine Lake, Alberta
Jun 13th - St. Catharines, Ontario
Jun 14th - Surrey, British Columbia
Jun 16th - Duncan, British Columbia
Jun 18th - Victoria, British Columbia
Jun 21st - Coxheath, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Jun 25th - Ottawa, Ontario
Jun 30th - Kingston, Ontario
Jul   1st - City of Niagara Falls, Ontario
Jul   1st - New Westminster, British Columbia
Jul   1st - Toronto, Ontario
Jul   3rd - Dieppe, New Brunswick
Jul   5th - Newmarket, Ontario
Jul   7th - Alma, New Brunswick
Jul   8th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Jul   9th - Oshawa, Ontario
Jul   9th - Oshawa, Ontario
Jul   9th - Oshawa, Ontario
Jul 10th - Kitchener, Ontario
Jul 11th - Birds Hill Park Campground, near Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 12th - Parkland Region, Manitoba
Jul 13th - Kamloops, British Columbia
Jul 14th - Brantford, Ontario
Jul 14th - Toronto, Ontario Video in report
Jul 18th - Hwy 416 towards Ottawa, Ontario
Jul 18th - Strathroy, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 24th - Winkler, Manitoba
Jul 26th - Nobleton, Ontario
Jul 26th - Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Jul 28th - Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario
Jul/Aug - Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Jul/Aug - Surrey, British Columbia
Aug   1st - Oakville, Ontario
Aug  2nd - Brampton, Ontario
Aug   3rd - Caledon, Ontario
Aug   5th - North of Goderich, Ontario
Aug   7th - London, Ontario
Aug   8th - Falls Lake, Nova Scotia
Aug 11th - Peachland, British Columbia
Aug 13th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 15th - Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Aug 21st - Sarnia, Ontario
Aug 24th - Ajax, Ontario
Aug 30th - Victoria, British Columbia
Aug 30th - Woodbridge, Ontario
Sep   3rd - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Sep   5th - Chilliwack, British Columbia Video in report
Sep   8th - Binbrook, Hamilton, Ontario
Sep   9th - Perth, Ontario
Sep   9th - Windsor, Ontario
Sep 10th - Cochrane, Alberta
Sep 10th - Dundas area, Ontario
Sep 10th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 11th - Penetanguishene, Ontario
Sep 12th - Collingwood, Ontario
Sep 13th - Sooke, British Columbia
Sep 15th - Bothwell, Ontario
Sep 17th - Oshawa & Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Sep 22nd - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Sep 25th - City of North Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 25th - Courtice, Ontario
Sep 25th - Elliot Lake, Ontario
Sep 25th - London, Ontario
Sep 25th - London, Ontario
Sep 30th - Hwy 407, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Ontario
Sep/Oct  - Montreal, Quebec
Oct   3rd - Oshawa, Ontario
Oct   5th - Bourget, Ontario
Oct   8th - Oshawa, Ontario Video in report
Oct 11th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Oct 14th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Oct 16th - Lynden, Ontario
Oct 19th - Kingston, Ontario
Oct 19th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct 25th - Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Oct 25th - Head Pond (Madawaska River), Arnprior, Ontario
Oct 25th - Ottawa, Ontario
Oct 26th - Near Dorval, Quebec
Nov   2nd - Coteau du lac, near Valleyfield, Quebec
Nov   2nd - Ottawa, Ontario
Nov   4th - Montreal, Quebec
Nov   7th - Prince George, British Columbia
Nov 10th - Lac La Hache, British Columbia
Nov 16th - Brantford, Ontario
Nov 17th - Elizabeth Metis Settlement, Alberta
Nov 17th - London, Ontario
Nov 20th - Kenora, Ontario
Nov 20th - Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
Nov 29th - Sidney, British Columbia
Nov 29th - Victoria, British Columbia
Nov 30th - Elliot Lake, Ontario
Dec   4th - Knowlton, Quebec
Dec 17th - Hwy 24, Simcoe/Brantford, Ontario
Dec 26th - Milton, Ontario
Dec 27th - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report


Dec 22nd 2008 - Jan 29th 2009 - Hardy Mountain, Grand Forks, British Columbia


Early 2008 Continuing - Saint Eustache, Quebec Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report

Mid Summer - Windsor, Ontario
Summer - Edmonton, Alberta

Jan   1st - Aylmer, Quebec
Jan   1st - Gatineau Aylmer, Quebec Video in report
Jan   1st - Gatineau, Quebec
Jan   2nd - Bolton, Ontario
Jan   2nd - Scarborough, Ontario
Jan   3rd - Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Quebec
Jan   5th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jan   6th - SW Of Calgary, Alberta
Jan   7th - Hobbema, Alberta
Jan 11th - Kingston, Ontario
Jan 14th - Calgary, Alberta
Jan 18th - Boundary Area, British Columbia
Jan 18th - Downtown Toronto, Ontario
Jan 18th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jan 20th - Boundary Area, British Columbia
Jan 20th - North Vancouver, British Columbia
Jan 21st - Prince George, British Columbia
Jan 21st - Vancouver International Airport (YVR), British Columbia
Jan 22nd - Keswick, Ontario
Jan 22nd - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jan 24th - Lake Ontario/Whitby Township Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Jan 25th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jan 26th - Moncton, New Brunswick
Jan 26th - Popkum, British, Columbia
Jan 27th - Near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Jan 27th - Sackville, Nova Scotia
Feb   1st - Kelowna, British Columbia
Feb   1st - Kelowna, British Columbia
Feb   1st - Kelowna, British Columbia
Feb   1st - Stony Mountain/Anzac, Alberta
Feb   4th - Christina Lake, British Columbia
Feb   7th - 10 Miles South Of Nelson, British Columbia
Feb   7th - Downtown, West-End Vancouver, British Columbia
Feb   8th - Richmond, British Columbia
Feb   8th - South Of Ottawa, Ontario
Feb   9th - Coxheath, Sydney, Nova Scotia
Feb 15th - Fredericton, New Brunswick
Feb 16th - Cape Breton, Englishtown, Nova Scotia
Feb 16th - Colonsay, Saskatchewan Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Feb 16th - Lumsden Beach, Saskatchewan
Feb 18th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Feb 19th - Central Okanagan, British Columbia
Feb 19th - South Of Peachland, British Columbia
Feb 20th - Gordon Head/Saanich, British Columbia
Feb 20th - North Shuswap Lake, British Columbia
Feb 20th - Orleans, Ottawa, Ontario
Feb 20th - Shediac Cape, New Brunswick
Feb 20th - South West Of Ottawa, Ontario
Feb 20th - Peachland, British Columbia
Feb 20th - Terrace (Jackpine Flats), British Columbia
Feb 22nd - Alberta Beach, Alberta
Feb 23rd - Kelowna, British Columbia
Feb 25th - Bellevue, Saskatchewan
Feb 26th - Cambridge, Ontario
Feb 26th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Feb 27th - Whitby, Ontario
Feb 28th - Kleena Kleene, British Columbia
Feb 28th - North York, Ontario
Feb 28th - Toronto, Ontario
Feb 28th - Toronto, Ontario
Feb 28th - West Of Cornwall, Ontario
Feb 28th - Whitby, Ontario
Feb 29th - Nun's Island, Montreal
Feb 29th - Shediac Cape, New Brunswick
Feb/Mar  - Lethbridge, Alberta
Mar   ??  - Vernon, British Columbia
Mar   4th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Mar   4th - Sudbury, Ontario
Mar   5th - Barrie, Ontario
Mar   5th - Hatzic Prairie, Mission, British Columbia Video in report
Mar   5th - London, Ontario
Mar   5th - Mission - Hatzic Prairie, British Columbia
Mar   5th - Niagara Region, Ontario [Fireball] Video in report
Mar   6th - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Mar   6th - Kimberley, British Columbia
Mar   7th - Kootenay Lake, British Columbia
Mar 7th/8th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Mar   8th - Peachland, British Columbia
Mar 8th/9th - Alberta Beach, Alberta
Mar   9th - Leader, Saskatchewan
Mar   9th - Whitby/Ajax, Ontario
Mar 10th - Cookstown, Ontario
Mar 10th - Hamilton, Ontario
Mar 10th - Hwy 7 Close To Highway 12, Ontario
Mar 10th - North of Barrie, Ontario
Mar 10th - Sudbury, Ontario
Mar 11th - Wadena outskirts, Saskatchewan Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Mar 13th - Green Lake, British Columbia
Mar 13th - Kamloops, British Columbia
Mar 13th - Oshawa/Whitby, Ontario
Mar 13th - Prince George, British Columbia
Mar 13th - Toronto, Ontario
Mar 14th - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mar 16th - Oshawa, Ontario
Mar 16th - Sudbury, Ontario
Mar 16th - Sudbury, Ontario
Mar 21st - Peterborough, Ontario
Mar 21st - Vernon, British Columbia
Mar 22nd - Vancouver/North Shore - Grouse Mountain, British Columbia
Mar 23rd - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Mar 24th - Mount Royal, Quebec
Mar 25th - Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia
Mar 25th - Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
Mar 26th - Sudbury, Ontario
Mar 29th - Innisfil, Ontario
Mar 29th - Pointe Du Chene, New Brunswick
Mar 29th - Port Dover, Ontario
Mar 29th - Port Hardy, British Columbia
Mar 30th - Calgary, Alberta
Mar 30th - Powell River, British Columbia
Mar 30th - South Of Pearson Airport, Ontario
Mar 31st - Houston, British Columbia
Apr    ??  - Etobicoke, Ontario
Apr    ??  - Highway 5, Cambridge, Ontario
Apr   1st - Vancouver Island North, British Columbia
Apr   2nd - Calgary, Alberta
Apr   2nd - Lake Ontario
Apr   3rd - Calgary, Alberta
Apr   6th - Bowmanville, Ontario
Apr   6th - Cambridge, Ontario
Apr   6th - Parlee Beach, New Brunswick
Apr   7th - Longueuil, Quebec
Apr   7th - St. John's, Newfoundland
Apr   8th - Parkland Region, Manitoba Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr   8th - Southwest Of Beaverbank, Nova Scotia
Apr   9th - Barrie, Ontario
Apr   9th - Lasalle, Quebec
Apr   9th - Parlee Beach, New Brunswick
Apr 10th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Apr 10th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Apr 11th - Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
Apr 12th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Apr 13th - St. Vital, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Apr 14th - North Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Apr 15th - Bowser, British Columbia
Apr 15th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Apr 16th - Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Apr 17th - Castlegar, British Columbia
Apr 19th - Coteau du Lac, Quebec
Apr 19th - Telkwa/Smithers, British Columbia
Apr 25th - Surrey, British Columbia
Apr 26th - Newmarket, Ontario
Apr 27th - Southwest Halifax Peninsula, Nova Scotia
Apr 29th - North Bay, Ontario
Apr 29th - St Thomas, Ontario
May   2nd - Brighton Bay, Sherwood Park, Alberta
May   2nd - Kelowna, British Columbia
May   5th - Between Wahnapitae And Coniston, Ontario
May   8th - London, Ontario
May 9th/10th - SE of Coaldale, Alberta
May 10th - South Windsor, Ontario
May 10th/11th - Laval, Quebec
May 11th - Between Saskatoon And Dundurn, Saskatchewan
May 12th - Arbutus Cove, Saanich, British Columbia
May 17th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 17th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 18th - Salmon Arm, British Columbia
May 22nd - Brandon, Manitoba Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 23rd - Toronto, Ontario
May 24th - 93 Mile House, British Columbia
May 24th - Burlington-Etobikoke, Ontario
May 24th - Hamilton, Ontario
May 24th - Kitchener, Ontario
May 24th - Oshawa, Ontario
May 24th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 24th/25th - Parksville, British Columbia
May 26th - Aylmer, Quebec
May 26th - Moricetown, British Columbia
May 26th - Scotia Creek, Skeena River, British Columbia
May 27th - Grimsby, Ontario
May 27th - Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
May 27th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 27th-29th - Standoff, Alberta
May 28th - Calgary, Alberta
May 28th - Southwest Oshawa, Ontario
May 28th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 28th - Victoria, British Columbia
May 29th - Calgary, Alberta
May 29th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 29th/30th - Peachland, British Columbia
May 30th - Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May 30th - Montreal, Quebec
May 30th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 30th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 30th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 30th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 31st - Parkland Region, Manitoba
May 31st - Peachland, British Columbia
May 31st - Thunder Bay, Ontario
May 31st - Vernon, British Columbia
Jun   ??  - Telkwa, British Columbia
Jun   ??  - Vernon, British Columbia
Mid June - Moncton, New Brunswick
Mid June - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jun   1st - Grand Barachois, New Brunswick
Jun   1st - Maidstone, Saskatchewan Video in report
Jun   2nd - McCreary, Manitoba
Jun   2nd - Niagara Falls, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun   5th - St. Catharines, Ontario
Jun   8th - Cleveland, Ohio
Jun   8th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Jun   8th - Mississauga, Ontario
Jun   9th - Mont-Laurier, Quebec
Jun   9th - Mont Laurier,Québec Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 10th - Calgary, Alberta
Jun 10th - UBC - Marine Drive Vancouver, British Columbia
Jun 11th - Northwest London, Ontario
Jun 11th/12th - Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Jun 12th - Pincourt, Quebec
Jun 13th - Maple Ridge, Pitt meadows, British Columbia
Jun 14th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jun 14th - Mid Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Jun 14th - Moncton, New Brunswick
Jun 14th - Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
Jun 14th - Richmond, British Columbia
Jun 14th - Roche Lake, Coquihalla Area, British Columbia
Jun 14th - Sooke, British Columbia
Jun 14th - Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Jun 14th - Vernon, British Columbia
Jun 15th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jun 16th - Ottawa, Ontario
Jun 17th - Astorvillie, Ontario
Jun 18th - Corbeil/Astorville, Ontario
Jun 20th - Strathroy, Ontario
Jun 22nd - Vancouver, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 22nd - Vernon, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 24th - Vernon, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 25th - Moncton, New Brunswick
Jun 26th - Corner Brook, Newfoundland Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Jun 28th - Abbotsford, British Columbia
Jun 28th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jun 28th - Fraser River, Matsqui Or Mission, British Columbia
Jun 28th - South Fraser Way, Surrey, British Columbia Audio Report
Jun 28th - Surrey, British Columbia
Jun 29th - Hope, British Columbia
Jun 29th - Parkland Region, Manitoba
Jun 29th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jun 30th - Belmore, Ontario
Jun 30th - Innisfil, Ontario
Jun 30th - Maidstone, Saskatchewan
Jun 30th - Minden, Ontario
Jun 30th - North Surrey, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Mid July - Crystal Beach, Ontario
Mid July - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul   1st - Bolton, Ontario
Jul   1st - Kitsalano, Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul   1st - Strathroy, Ontario
Jul   1st - Tribune Bay, British Columbia
Jul   3rd - New Market, Ontario
Jul   3rd - Scarborough, Ontario
Jul   4th - Near Woodroffe/Baseline, Ontario
Jul   5th - Eagle Harbour, West Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul 5th/6th - Gabriola Island, British Columbia
Jul   6th - Barrie, Ontario
Jul   6th - Millville, Nova Scotia
Jul   6th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul   6th - Windsor, Ontario
Jul   8th - North Of Creston, British Columbia
Jul   8th - Surrey, British Columbia
Jul   8th - Surrey, British Columbia
Jul   8th - Toronto, Ontario
Jul   9th - Smithers, British Columbia
Jul 11th - Penticton, British Columbia
Jul 12th - Caledon, Ontario
Jul 12th - Medicine Lake, Alberta
Jul 12th - Saanich, British Columbia
Jul 12th - Sasamat Lake, Loco, British Columbia
Jul 13th - Calgary, Alberta
Jul 14th - Chilliwack, British Columbia
Jul 14th - Highway 417, Ottawa, Towards Montreal, Quebec
Jul 14th - New Westminster, British Columbia
Jul 14th - Woodstock, New Brunswick
Jul 15th - Caledon, Ontario
Jul 15th - Surrey, British Columbia
Jul 15th - Vernon, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 16th - Between Woodstock & Fredericton, New Brunswick
Jul 16th - London, Ontario
Jul 16th - Stave Lake, Mission, British Columbia
Jul 18th - Scarborough, Ontario
Jul 19th - Calgary, Alberta
Jul 19th - Madawaska, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario Video in report
Jul 19th - Southward Towards Etobicoke, Ontario
Jul 20th - Conestogo Lake, North Of Guelph, Ontario
Jul 20th - Cormorant Lake, Manitoba
Jul 20th - Corner Brook, Newfoundland Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 20th - North Vancouver Dudley Park, British Columbia
Jul 20th - Sarnia, Ontario
Jul 20th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 22nd - Scarborough, Ontario
Jul 23rd - Quesnel, British Columbia
Jul 24th - Vernon, British Columbia
Jul 24th - Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation, Manitoba
Jul 25th - Vernon, British Columbia
Jul 25th - Vernon, British Columbia Video in report
Jul 25th/26th - Parkland Region, Manitoba
Jul 25th/26th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 26th - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Jul 26th - Pillar Lake, Falkland, British Columbia
Jul 26th - Waterborough, New Brunswick
Jul 27th - Surrey, British Columbia
Jul 28th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul 28th - North of Barrie, Ontario
Jul 28th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jul 28th - Vernon, British Columbia
Jul 29th - Donnacona, Quebec
Jul 29th - Kootenay Lake, British Columbia
Jul 29th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jul 29th - Verona, Ontario
Jul 30th - Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Jul 30th - Surrey, British Columbia
Jul 30th - Kaslo, British Columbia
Jul 31st - Calgary, Alberta
Jul 31st - Falmouth, Nova Scotia

Jul 5th/Aug 4th - Calgary And Edmonton, Alberta

End of July - Lac La Hache, British Columbia

Late Jul/Early Aug - Vernon, British Columbia

Aug    ??  - Penticton, British Columbia
Aug    ??  - Prince George To Quesnel, British Columbia
Aug   1st - Hanover, Ontario
Aug   1st - Kelowna, British Columbia
Aug   1st - Sydney, Nova Scotia
Aug   2nd - Boswell (Kootenay Lake), British Columbia
Aug   2nd - Hastings And Lakewood East Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug   2nd - Sandstone Lake, Ontario
Aug   2nd - Shellbrook, Saskatchewan
Aug   2nd - Windsor, Ontario
Aug 2nd & 4th - Nepean, Ontario
Aug   3rd - Hanover, Ontario
Aug   3rd - Houston, British Columbia Audio Report
Aug   3rd - Killarney Mountain Lodge, Ontario
Aug   3rd - Severn Region, Ontario
Aug   4th - Courtice, Ontario
Aug   5th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aug   5th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aug   6th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Aug   6th - St. Martins, New Brunswick
Aug   7th - Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Aug   8th - Chisim, Outside Of North Bay, Ontario
Aug   8th - London, Ontario
Aug   8th - Uncha Lake, South Of Burns Lake, British Columbia
Aug   9th - Calgary, Alberta Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug   9th - Stratford, Ontario
Aug   9th - Windsor, Ontario
Aug 10th - Lake Mindemoya, Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Aug 10th - Southern Alberta Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 10th - Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Aug 11th - Highway 642, SE Of Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Aug 12th - Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
Aug 12th - Prescott, Ontario
Aug 12th - Vernon, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 13th - Edmonton, Alberta
Aug 13th - Parlee Beach, New Brunswick
Aug 15th - Cote-St-Luc, Montreal, Quebec
Aug 15th - Grimsby, Ontario
Aug 15th - Lethbridge, Alberta
Aug 16th - Ottawa, Ontario
Aug 17th - Goderich, Ontario
Aug 17th - Mississauga, Ontario
Aug 17th - Northeast Of Brandon, Manitoba
Aug 18th - North Sydney, Nova Scotia
Jul 19th - Regina, Saskatchewan
Aug 20th - Burlington, Ontario
Aug 20th - Hamilton, Ontario
Aug 20th - Mississauga, Ontario
Aug 20th - Oshawa, Ontario
Aug 20th - Vernon, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 21st - Killbear Provincial Park, Parry Sound, Ontario
Aug 21st - Nixon, Ontario
Aug 21st - Vernon, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 22nd - Red Deer, Alberta
Aug 22nd - West Of Stratford, Ontario
Aug 23rd - Ridgeville/Fonthill, Ontario
Aug 23rd - South East Of Stratford, Ontario
Aug 23rd - Stratford, Ontario
Aug 25th - Newmarket, Ontario
Aug 25th - West Of Guelph, Ontario
Aug 26th - Georgian Bay, Ontario
Aug 27th - Crystal Beach, Ontario
Aug 27th - Quinte West area, Ontario
Aug 28th - Ottawa, Ontario
Aug 30th - Ottawa, Ontario
Aug 31st - North Welland, Ontario
Aug 31st - Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 31st - West Of Kamloops, British Columbia
Late Aug/Early Sep - Toronto, Ontario

Sep/Nov   - Don Mills, Ontario

Sep    ??  - Fort Erie, Ontario
Sep    ??  - Scarborough, Ontario
Sep   1st - Burlington, Ontario
Sep   1st - Toronto, Ontario
Sep   1st - Waterloo, Ontario
Sep   2nd - Woodstock, Ontario
Sep   3rd - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Sep   5th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Sep   6th - Parkland Region, Manitoba
Sep   6th - Surrey/Delta Border, British Columbia
Sep   6th - Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Sep   9th - Downtown Toronto, Ontario
Sep 11th - Elliot Lake, Ontario
Sep 11th - Kalispell, Montana
Sep 11th - Toronto, Ontario
Sep 11th - Vernon, British Columbia
Sep 12th - Vernon, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Sep 12th - Vernon, British Columbia
Sep 13th - Kilbride, Newfoundland
Sep 13th - Vernon, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Sep 14th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Sep 14th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Sep 16th - Moncton, New Brunswick
Sep 16th - Montreal, seen from St-Hubert, Quebec Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Sep 16th - Surrey, British Columbia
Sep 17th - Caledon, Ontario
Sep 17th - Elliot Lake, Ontario
Sep 18th - Cobourg, Lake Ontario
Sep 18th - Neguac, New Brunswick
Sep 18th - Ottawa, Ontario
Sep 20th - Beausejour, Manitoba
Sep 20th - Brampton, Ontario
Sep 20th - London, Ontario
Sep 20th - Oshawa, Ontario
Sep 21st - North Bay, Ontario
Sep 21st - Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario
Sep 22nd - Barrie, Ontario
Sep 22nd - Enderby, British Columbia
Sep 23rd - Caledonia, Nova Scotia
Sep 23rd - DeWinton, Alberta
Sep 23rd - Edmonton, Alberta
Sep 23rd - Moncton, New Brunswick
Sep 23rd - Welland To Niagara Falls, Ontario
Sep 23rd/24th/25th - London, Ontario
Sep 24th - Louis Head Beach, Nova Scotia
Sep 24th - St. Thomas, Ontario
Sep 24th - Warm Bay, Atlin, British Columbia
Sep 26th - Vernon, British Columbia
Sep 27th - Gibbons, Alberta
Sep 27th - Killarney, Ontario
Sep 27th - St. Walburg, Saskatchewan
Sep 28th - Brooks, Alberta
Sep 28th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Sep 28th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan [ISS sighting]
Sep 29th - Canoe, British Columbia
Sep 29th - Fort MacLeod, Alberta
Sep 29th - Vernon, British Columbia
Sep 29th - Vernon, British Columbia
Sep 30th - Edmonton, Alberta
Sep 30th - Smithers, British Columbia
Oct   1st - Fort Erie, Ontario
Oct   1st - Welland, Ontario
Oct   2nd - Sagkeeng, Manitoba
Oct   2nd - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Oct   3rd - Edmonton, Alberta
Oct   3rd - Rapid View, Saskatchewan
Oct   4th - Brampton, Ontario
Oct   4th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Oct   4th - North East Of The St. Clair River Sarnia, Ontario
Oct   4th - Thorold - St Catharines, Ontario
Oct   5th - Montreal, Quebec
Oct   5th - Town of Mount Royal, Montreal, Quebec
Oct   5th - Ottawa, Ontario [Fireball] Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct   6th - Haines Junction, Yukon Territory
Oct 10th - Edmonton, Alberta
Oct 10th - Mississauga, Ontario
Oct 11th - Mississauga, Ontario
Oct 12th - Edmonton, Alberta
Oct 12th - Whitby, Ontario
Oct 13th - London, Ontario
Oct 14th - Brampton, Ontario
Oct 14th - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Oct 14th - Scarborough, Ontario
Oct 15th - Ajax or Pickering, Ontario
Oct 15th - Réserve Faunique Des Laurentides, Gaspesie, Quebec
Oct 15th - Stratford, Ontario
Oct 18th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct 22nd - Oshawa, Ontario
Oct 26th - Brampton, Ontario
Oct 26th - Lazo, British Columbia, Vancouver Island
Oct 27th - Edmonton, Alberta
Oct 29th - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Oct 30th - Between Temiscaming, Quebec And North Bay, Ontario
Oct 30th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Oct 30th - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Oct 30th - St. John's, Newfoundland
Oct 31st - Bauline, Newfoundland
Oct 31st - Lake Ontario, Ontario
November - St. Catharines, Ontario
Nov   1st - West Caledon, near Orangeville, Ontario
Nov   2nd - Between Fort Erie And Niagara Falls, Ontario
Nov   2nd - Between Fort Erie And Niagara Falls, Ontario
Nov   2nd - Vernon, British Columbia Video in report
Nov   2nd - Ontario
Nov   3rd - East Of Scarborough, Ontario
Nov   3rd - Jackpine Flats Terrace, British Columbia
Nov   3rd - Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Nov   4th - Cote Saint Luc, Quebec
Nov   5th - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Nov   5th - Prince George, British Columbia
Nov   5th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Nov   6th - Fort Erie, Ontario
Nov   6th - Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Nov   6th - Toronto, Ontario
Nov   7th - Whitehorse, Yukon
Nov   8th - Marsh Lake, Yukon Video in report
Nov   9th - Olds, Alberta
Nov 10th - Fort Erie, Ontario
Nov 10th - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Nov 11th - Middleton Mountain Vernon/Coldstream, British Columbia
Nov 15th - North Bay, Ontario
Nov 15th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Nov 16th - Between London And Woodstock, Ontario
Nov 17th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Nov 20th - Bittern Lake, Alberta
Nov 20th - Dalmeny, Saskatchewan
Nov 20th - Edmonton, Alberta
Nov 20th - Edmonton, Alberta
Nov 20th - Gull Lake, Alberta
Nov 20th - Hafford And Whitkow, Saskatchewan
Nov 20th - Moncton, New Brunswick
Nov 20th - Near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Nov 20th - North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Nov 20th - Rush Lake, Saskatchewan
Nov 20th - South East of Whitecourt, Alberta
Nov 20th - Whitecourt, Alberta
Nov 20th/21st - Hamilton, Ontario
Nov 21st - Fort Erie, Idylewylde, Ontario
Nov 21st - Idylwylde, Ontario
Nov 21st - Southwestern Oshawa, Ontario
Nov 23rd - St-Jacques de Montcalm, Quebec
Nov 23rd - Surrey/Delta Border, British Columbia
Nov 23rd - Westphal/Preston, Nova Scotia
Nov 24th - Shediac, New Brunswick
Nov 25th - Surrey, British Columbia
Nov 25th - Surrey, British Columbia
Nov 25th - Vernon, British Columbia
Nov 29th - 401W, west of Kingston, Ontario
Nov 29th - Near Oshawa Airport, Ontario
Nov 30th - Stoney Trail, Calgary, Alberta
Dec   2nd - Pasadena, Newfoundland
Dec   5th - Thorold toward The Welland, Ontario
Dec 13th - North Bay, Ontario
Dec 15th - Great Central Lake, near Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Dec 15th - South East Of Anola, Manitoba
Dec 15th - West Lethbridge, Alberta Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Dec 20th - Ste Anne, Northumberland Strait, New Brunswick
Dec 24th - Cochrane, Alberta Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Dec 27th - Harrison Mills, British Columbia
Dec 28th - Vernon To Winfield, British Columbia
Dec 29th - Chatham, Ontario
Dec 30th - Niagara Parkway, Ontario


2007/2008 - Sunshine Coast, British Columbia Video in report


2006 - approx. May 2008 - Lake Ontario, Ontario - Wilson, New York


     ??  - Glenmore, Kelowna, British Columbia
     ??  - Toronto, Ontario

Various Dates - Ottawa, Ontario

Summer - Caledon, Ontario
Summer - Louis Head Beach, Nova Scotia

2007? - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jan   5th - McLeod Tr., Calgary, Alberta
Jan 10th - 5 miles northwest of Seaforth, Ontario
Jan 11th - Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Jan 16th - Calgary, Alberta
Jan 21st - Burlington, Ontario
Jan 24th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jan 25th - Milburn Mountain, Quesnel, British Columbia
Jan 26th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Jan 27th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jan 28th - Brockville, Ontario And Massena, New York Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Early Feb - Stratford, Ontario
Feb   7th - Churchill, Manitoba
Feb   7th - Vernon, British Columbia
Feb   9th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Feb 12th - Terrace To Kitimat, British
Feb 16th - Whitby, Ontario
Feb 19th - Southern Manitoba
Feb 20th - Kootneys, British Columbia
Feb 21st - North West Of Toronto, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Feb 23rd/24th - St. Catharines, Ontario
Mar   ??  - Ontario
Mid Mar - Victoria, British Columbia
Late Mar - Hammonds Plains, Bedford, Fall River, Nova Scotia
Mar   1st - Oshawa, Ontario
Mar 1st/4th - Montclair Pomona, Ontario
Mar   6th - Brampton, Ontario
Mar   6th - Ottawa, Ontario
Mar   8th - Whitby, Ontario
Mar   9th - Uxbridge, Ontario
Mar 10th - Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
Mar 11th - Amherst, New York
Mar 11th - Bowmanville, Ontario
Mar 11th - Brampton, Ontario
Mar 11th - Brampton, Ontario
Mar 11th - Burlington, Ontario
Mar 11th - Enterprise, Ontario
Mar 11th - Flesherton, Ontario
Mar 11th - Forest, Ontario
Mar 11th - Mississauga, Ontario
Mar 11th - Mississauga, Ontario
Mar 11th - Sarnia, Ontario
Mar 11th - Sarnia, Ontario
Mar 11th - Smiths Falls To Kingston, Ontario
Mar 11th - Between Stoney Creek And Hamilton, Ontario
Mar 11th - Stoney Creek Mountain, Ontario
Mar 11th - Thornton, Ontario
Mar 11th - Toronto, Ontario
Mar 11th - Toronto, Ontario
Mar 11th - Wellesley, Ontario
Mar 13th - Campbell River, British Columbia
Mar 13th - Whitby, Ontario
Mar 13th - Ancaster, Ontario
Mar 15th - Orangeville, Ontario
Mar 17th - Ancaster, Ontario
Mar 17th - Embrun, Ottawa, Ontario
Mar 18th - Jordan, Ontario
Mar 18th - Sudbury, Ontario
Mar 20th - Calgary, Alberta
Mar 20th - Whitby - Ajax, Ontario
Mar 20th-23rd - Whitby/Oshawa, Ontario
Mar 23rd - Ajax, Whitby, Ontario
Mar 23rd - Bonfield, Ontario
Mar 23rd - Calgary, Alberta
Mar 23rd - Newmarket, Ontario
Mar 23rd - Between Oshawa and Ajax, Ontario
Mar 24th - Bedford, Nova Scotia
Mar 24th - Clarksville, Nova Scotia
Mar 26th - Canmore, Alberta
Mar 26th - East Of Cochrane, Alberta
Mar 26th - Edgemont, Alberta
Mar 28th - Mississauga, Ontario
Mar 29th - Golden, British Columbia
Mar 29th/30th - Grimsby, Ontario
Mar 29th/31st - New York And Canadian Border
Mar 30th - Calgary, Alberta
Mar 30th - South West Mississauga, Ontario
Mid April - Vernon, British Columbia
Apr   2nd - Whitby, Ontario
Apr   3rd - Ontario
Apr   3rd - Rossland, British Columbia
Apr   7th - Near Little Saskatchewan River, Manitoba
Apr   8th - Calgary, Alberta
Apr   9th - North Bay, Ontario
Apr 10th - Duncan, British Columbia
Apr 11th - Calgary, Alberta Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr 12th - Surrey, British Columbia
Apr 13th - Richmond Hill, Ontario
Apr 15th - London, Ontario
Apr 16th - New Westminster, British Columbia
Apr 18th - Gatineau, Québec
Apr 18th - Rice Lake, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr 18th - New Sudbury, Ontario
Apr 20th - Barrhaven, Nepean, Ontario
Apr 20th - Eastside Of Windsor, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr 20th - Kitchener, Ontario
Apr 20th - Ottawa, Ontario
Apr 20th - Windsor, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Apr 21st - Kitchener, Ontario
Apr 21st - North Bay, Ontario
Apr 21st - Orangeville, Ontario
Apr 21st/22nd - Sudbury, Ontario
Apr 22nd - Toronto, Ontario
Apr 23rd - Salmo To Fruitvale, British Columbia
Apr 25th - North Bay, Ontario
Apr 26th - Edmonton, Alberta
Apr 26th - Oshawa, Ontario
Apr 29th - North Bay, Ontario
Apr 29th - Windsor, Ontario
Apr 30th - West Of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Apr 31st - Belleville, Ontario
Mid May - Vernon, British Columbia
May   3rd - Port Colborne, Ontario
May   4th - Between Britt And Sudbury, Ontario
May   4th - Oromocto, New Brunswick
May   4th - Chilliwack (Sardis), British Columbia
May   5th - Cape Spear, Newfoundland
May   6th - Near to the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
May   6th - Oshawa, Ontario
May   6th - Port Alberni, British Columbia
May   7th - Toronto, Ontario
May   8th - Oshawa, Ontario
May   8th - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
May   9th - Kitchener, Ontario
May 10th - Cowichan Station, near Duncan, British Columbia
May 11th - Edmonton, Alberta
May 12th - West Of Ste-Angele-De-Monnoir, Quebec
May 13th - Grand Bend, Ontario
May 13th - Whitby, Ontario
May 14th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
May 18th - North Of Kelowna on Okanagan Lake, British Columbia
May 18th - Over Okanagan Lake Kelowna, British Columbia
May 20th - Terrace, British Columbia
May 23rd - Crescent Beach, British Columbia
May 25th - Canmore To Calgary, Alberta
May 25th - Toronto, Ontario
May 27th - Kimberley, British Columbia
May 27th - London, Ontario
May 27th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
May 28th - Surrey/Cloverdale, British Columbia
May 28th - UCFV Campus, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Jun    ??  - Fort McMurray, Alberta [Meteor]
Jun    ??  - Outside Of Canmore, Alberta
Late June - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Jun-Aug - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jun-Aug - Vancouver, British Columbia
June   1st - Chilliwack, British Columbia
Jun   5th - Above Pearson International Airport, Ontario
Jun   8th - Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia
Jun 8th-10th - Over Lake Ontario from Trenton to Colborne
Jun   9th - Levack, Ontario
Jun   9th - Port Colborne, Ontario
Jun   9th - Renfrew, Ontario
Jun   9th - Bala, Ontario
Jun 10th - Calgary-Bankview, Alberta
Jun 10th - North York, Toronto, Ontario
Jun 10th - Over Pickering, Near Lake Ontario
Jun 11th - North Bay, Ontario
Jun 11th - Richmond, British Columbia
Jun 12th - Vernon, British Columbia
Jun 13th - Whitby, Ontario
Jun 14th - Brandon, Manitoba
Jun 14th - Pickering Power Plant, Over Lake Ontario
Jun 15th - North York, Toronto, Ontario
Jun 15th - Northern New York and Southern Ontario
Jun 17th - Canmore, Alberta
Jun 17th - Westbank, British Columbia
Jun 18th - Kamloops, British Columbia
Jun 18th - Stoney Creek, Ontario
Jun 19th - English, Ontario
Jun 19th - Massey, Ontario
Jun 19th - Near Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Jun 19th - North Of Toronto, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 19th - Pickering, Over Lake Ontario
Jun 19th(?) - Southern Ontario
Jun 19th - Tiverton, Ontario
Jun 19th - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 19th - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 20th - Calgary, Alberta Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun 20th - Near Cedar Point, Ontario
Jun 20th - Hamilton, Ontario
Jun 20th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Jun 20th - Pickering, Ontario
Jun 21st - Langford, Victoria, British Columbia
Jun 22nd - Mississauga, Ontario
Jun 23rd/24th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Jun 24th - Trail, British Columbia
Jun 25th - Northeast Of Calgary, Alberta
Jun 25th - Northeast Of Calgary, Alberta
Jun 25th - Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, Ontario
Jun 26th - Wakefield, Quebec
Jun 28th - Regina, Saskatchewan
Jun 29th - Kingston, Ontario
Jun 29th - Above Lake Ontario, Kingston, Ontario
Jun 29th - Tiverton, Ontario
Jun 30th - Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Jun 30th - Vaudreuil, Quebec
Jun 30th/Jul 1st - Etobicoke, Ontario
Jul    ?? - Montreal, Quebec
Jul    ?? - St. Albert, Alberta
Jul   1st - Canmore, Alberta
Jul   1st - Sidney, British Columbia
Jul   1st - Between Summerland And Peachland, British Columbia
Jul   2nd - Northeast Of Calgary, Alberta
Jul   2nd - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul   2nd - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul   2nd - Maple Ridge, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul   2nd - Mission, Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul   2nd - Okanagan Lake, Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul   2nd - Westbank, British Columbia
Jul   4th - Whitby, Ontario
Jul   5th - Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
Jul   7th - Black Mountain, Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul   7th - Keswick, Near Lake Simcoe, Ontario
Jul   7th - Okanagan Lake, British Columbia
Jul   8th - Ottawa, Ontario
Jul   8th - Richard Park, Verdun, Quebec
Jul   9th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Jul   9th - Rutland South, Kelowna, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul   9th - Victoria, British Columbia
Jul 10th - Kootenay Lake (Gray Creek), British Columbia
Jul 10th/11th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Jul 11th - Chilliwack, British Columbia
Jul 11th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul 11th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Jul 12th - Bay Of Fundy, Nova Scotia
Jul 12th - Richmond, British Columbia
Jul 12th - Rossland, West Kootenays, British Columbia
Jul 12th - Toronto, Ontario
Jul 13th - Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
Jul 14th - Lake Cowichan, British Columbia
Jul 15th - London, Ontario [Fireball]
Jul 16th - Parkland Region, Manitoba
Jul 16th - RailTown Park, Edmonton, Alberta
Jul 16th - Richard Park, Verdun, Quebec
Jul 16th - Rutland, South Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul 17th - Ottawa, Ontario
Jul 17th - Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Jul 20th - Lake Simcoe, Ontario
Jul 20th/21st - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 21st - Mississauga, Ontario
Jul 21st - Toronto, Ontario
Jul 21st - Whitby, Ontario
Jul 22nd - Beaver Dam, New Brunswick
Jul 22nd - Beamsville, Ontario
Jul 23rd - Gatineau River, Low, Quebec
Jul 23rd - Rouville in St-Jean Baptiste, Quebec Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 26th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul 26th - Red Deer, Alberta Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul 29th - Toronto, Ontario
Jul 30th - Beaver Dam, New Brunswick
Jul 30th - Fort Garry, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 31st - Bolton, Ontario
Jul 31st - Deschaillons sur St-Laurent, Québec
Jul 31st - Kitchener, Ontario
Jul 31st - Sandbanks Provincial Park, Prince Edward County, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Aug   ??   - Hamilton, Ontario
Aug   ??   - Leamington - Windsor Area, Ontario
Aug   ??  - Georgetown, Ontario
Au   ??   - Peterborough, Ontario
Aug 1st - 15th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Aug 2nd/3rd - Embrun, Ontario
Aug   2nd - Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Aug   2nd - Oakville, Ontario
Aug   3rd - Bay Ridges Area, Pickering, Ontario
Aug   3rd - Bells Lake, Grey County, near Markdale, Ontario
Aug   3rd - Brome Lake Area, West Bolton, Quebec
Aug   3rd - Edson, Alberta
Aug   3rd - Fundy Park Alma, New Brunswick
Aug   3rd - Orangeville, Ontario
Aug   3rd - South to Southwest of Edson, Alberta
Aug   3rd - Vernon, British Columbia
Aug 3rd/4th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Week of Aug 5th - Kootenay Boundary, British Columbia
Aug   6th - Hanover, Ontario
Aug   6th - Prescott, Ontario
Aug   7th - High Prairie, Alberta
Aug   7th - Okanagan Lake, Kelowna, British Columbia
Aug   7th - Ste-Marie De Kent, New Brunswick
Aug   9th - Praa Sands, Cornwall, England
Aug 10th - Canoe, British Columbia
Aug 10th/11th - Cadotte, Alberta
Aug 11th - Cadotte, Alberta
Aug 11th - Collingwood, Ontario
Aug 11th - Delta Beach, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Aug 11th - Prescott, Ontario
Aug 11th - West Of The City Of Lethbridge, Alberta
Aug 12th - Clarenville, Newfoundland
Aug 12th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Aug 12th - Qu'Appelle Valley, Round Lake, Saskatchewan
Aug 12th - Sussex, New Brunswick
Aug 12th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 12th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aug 13th - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Aug 13th - Sherwood Park, Alberta
Aug 13th - St. Lawrence, Ontario
Aug 14th - Between Clinton and 70 Mile House, British Columbia [ISS]
Aug 14th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Aug 14th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Aug 16th - Brighton - Trenton, Ontario
Aug 17th - Coe Hill, Ontario
Aug 17th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Aug 19th - Munster, Ontario
Aug 19th - Novar, Ontario
Aug 19th - Sydney, Nova Scotia
Aug 19th - Toronto, Ontario
Aug 20th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Aug 21st - North Bay, Ontario
Aug 21st - Whitehorse, Yukon
Aug 22nd - Burnaby, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 23rd - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Aug 28th - Calgary, Alberta
Aug 28th - Surrey, British Columbia
Aug 29th - Cape Split, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 30th - Regina, Saskatchewan
Aug 30th/31st - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 31st - Coquihalla Hwy, British Columbia
Sep/Oct -   Niagara, Ontario
Sep/Oct -  Smiths Falls, Ontario
Sep   1st - Lift Locks, Peterborough, Ontario
Sep   1st - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Sep   1st - Montreal, Quebec
Sep   1st - Stanley, New Brunswick
Sep   1st - Toronto Island Airport, Ontario
Sep   3rd - Campbell River British Columbia
Sep   8th - Etobicoke, Ontario
Sep   8th - Fredericton, New Brunswick
Sep   8th - Hamilton, Ontario
Sep   8th - White Rock, British Columbia
Sep   9th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Sep   9th - Kamloops, British Columbia
Sep   9th - Sidney, British Columbia
Sep   9th - Sidney, British Columbia
Sep   9th - Sidney, British Columbia
Sep   9th - Sidney, British Columbia
Sep 9th-12th - Comox, British Columbia
Sep 9th-13th - Comox, British Columbia
Sep 10th - Headingley, Manitoba
Sep 10th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Sep 11th - Comox, British Columbia
Sep 11th - Creston Valley, British Columbia
Sep 12th - Birds Hill Park, Manitoba
Sep 12th - London, Ontario
Sep 12th - Whitby, Ontario
Sep 13th - Bow River, Near Calgary, Alberta Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Sep 13th - Clarenville, Newfoundland
Sep 13th - Toronto, Ontario
Sep 14th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Sep 14th - Ottawa, Ontario
Sep 15th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sep 16th - Outside Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sep 17th - Armstrong, Manitoba
Sep 17th - Midland, Ontario
Sep 19th - Beausejour, Manitoba
Sep 19th - Linden Woods, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sep 19th - Niagara River, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Sep 19th - Peterborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Sep 19th - Peterborough, Ontario
Sep 22nd - Burlington, Ontario
Sep 22nd - Oshawa, Ontario
Sep 22nd/23rd - Qualicum, British Columbia
Sep 24th - Edmonton, Alberta
Sep 24th - St. John, Newfoundland
Sep 25th - Warfield, British Columbia
Sep 25th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sep 29th - Kanata, Ontario
Sep 29th - Mississauga, Ontario
Sep 29th/30th - Minden, Ontario
Sep 30th - Peterborough, Ontario
Oct   ??  - Sudbury, Ontario
Oct (various) - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Oct   5th - Whitby, Ontario
Oct   8th - Wainright, Alberta
Oct   8th - Willow Point, Campbell River, British Columbia
Oct   9th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Oct 10th - Milton, Ontario
Oct 10th - Oyster River Black Creek, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Oct 10th - St. Catherines, Ontario
Oct 12th - North East of Selkirk, Manitoba
Oct 12th - Woodlawn, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Oct 13th - Delta Marsh, North of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Oct 13th - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
Oct 13th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Oct 14th - Hwy 410, Pearson Airport Flightpaths, Mississauga, Ontario
Oct 15th - Garson, Ontario
Oct 15th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Oct 16th - Grand Forks, British Columbia
Oct 17th - Mactaquac Dam, Fredericton, New Brunswick
Oct 17th - Pointe du Chene, New Brunswick
Oct 17th - St-Hubert, Quebec
Oct 18th - Newcastle Island, Nanaimo Harbor, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct 18th - North Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Oct 19th - Calgary, Alberta
Oct 19th - Strathroy, Ontario
Oct 21st - Black Creek, British Columbia
Oct 22nd - Trans Canada, Over Quebec City
Oct 23rd? - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct 24th - North and East of Rockglen, Saskatchewan
Oct 25th - Barrie, Ontario
Oct 25th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Oct 25th - Sudbury, Ontario
Oct 27th - Barrys Bay, Ontario
Oct 28th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Oct 29th - St. Thomas, Ontario
Oct 30th - Hamilton, Ontario
Nov    ??  - Victoria, British Columbia
Early Nov - Airdrie, Alberta
Nov   1st - Pickering - Ajax, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Nov   1st - Victoria, British Columbia
Nov   2nd - Deline, Northwest Territories Video in report [External link]
Nov   3rd - Prescott, Ontario
Nov   3rd - Saint John, New Brunswick
Nov   3rd - Vernon, British Columbia
Nov   4th - Regina, Saskatchewan
Nov   5th - Oak Bay, New Brunswick
Nov   5th - Windsor, Ontario/Detroit, Michigan
Nov   8th - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nov   9th - Kazabazua, Quebec
Nov 10th - Between Cookstown And Barrie, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Nov 10th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Nov 12th - Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Nov 14th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Nov 17th - Burnaby Mountain, British Columbia
Nov 17th - Calgary, Alberta
Nov 17th - North York, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Nov 17th - North York, Ontario
Nov 17th - Sunbury & Elgin, Ontario
Nov 19th - Calgary, Alberta
Nov 20th - Etobicoke, Ontario
Nov 23rd - Richmond Hill, Ontario
Nov 27th - Victoria, British Columbia Or South Vancouver Island
Nov 29th - Boundary, British Columbia
Dec   ??  - Ladysmith, British Columbia
Dec   5th - Watrous, Saskatchewan Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Dec   6th - Sarnia, Ontario
Dec   9th - Bedford, Nova Scotia
Dec 10th - Beddington, Calgary, Alberta
Dec 10th - West Lethbridge, Alberta
Dec 15th - Simcoe, Ontario
Dec 17th - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dec 20th - Richmond, British Columbia
Dec 20th - Sudbury, Ontario
Dec 21st - Prince George, British Columbia
Dec 24th - Queen Elizabeth Driveway Ottawa, Ontario
Dec 27th - Taber, Alberta
Dec 29th - South Vancouver, British Columbia


2006/2007 - Prince Rupert, British Columbia


     ??  - Boucherville, Quebec - Media Footage
     ??  - Campbell River, British Columbia
     ??  - Glebe, Ottawa

Summer - Grundy Lake, Ontario
Summer - North East Of Brandon, Manitoba
Late Summer 2006 - Gatineau, Quebec

Jan    1st - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jan    3rd - Cambridge, Ontario
Jan    6th - Milton, Ontario
Jan  15th - Country Harbour, Nova Scotia
Jan  15th - Country Harbour, Nova Scotia
Jan  15th - Lake Ontario, Oshawa, Ontario
Jan  16th - Deslaurier Street, Ville St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec
Jan  17th - Calgary, Alberta
Jan  17th - Ottawa, Ontario
Jan  18th - Mayland Heights, Calgary, Alberta
Jan  27th - Oshawa, Ontario
Jan  28th - Oxford Station, Ontario
Jan  30th - Vernon, British Columbia
Feb    1st - Fort St. John, British Columbia
Feb  2nd - Chateauguay, Quebec
Feb   6th - Bruderheim - Lamont, Alberta
Feb   9th - Scarborough, Ontario
Feb 10th - North Surrey British Columbia
Feb 11th - Quesnel, British Columbia
Feb 11th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Feb 12th - Houston, British Columbia
Feb 13th - Quesnel, British Columbia
Feb 13th - Near Woodstock, Ontario
Feb 14th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Feb 16th - South Of Burke Mountain, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Feb 16th - Pitt Lake, British Columbia
Feb 16th - Quesnel, British Columbia
Feb 16th - Surrey, British Columbia
Feb 16th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Feb 23rd - Prince George British Columbia
Feb 23rd - South Towards Lake Ontario
Feb 24th - Cornwall, Ontario
Feb 24th - Hamilton, Ontario
Feb 24th - Hamilton, Ontario
Feb 25th - Black Point, Nova Scotia
Feb 26th - Surrey, British Columbia
Late March - Surrey, British
Mar   1st - Scarborough, Ontario
Mar   4th - Greenspond, Newfoundland
Mar   6th - Chandler, Gaspesie, Quebec
Mar 11th - Hamilton, Ontario
Mar 13th - Trail, British Columbia
Mar 17th - Hamilton Ontario
Mar 17th - Mississauga, Ontario
Mar 18th - Piererfonds, Quebec
Mar 25th - East Vancouver, British Columbia
Mar 25th - East Vancouver, British Columbia
Mar 26th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Mar 27th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Mar 27th - Whitby, Ontario
Mar 29th - Mississauga, Ontario
Apr   ??  - East Vancouver, British Columbia
Apr  2nd - Vernon, British Columbia
Apr   3rd - Hamilton, Ontario
Apr   4th - Waterhen Lake, Saskatchewan
Apr   5th - Vernon, British Columbia
Apr   6th - Oshawa, Ontario
Apr   8th - Gatineau, Quebec
Apr 11th - Fort St. John, British Columbia
Apr 12th - Montreal, Quebec
Apr 14th - Lethbridge, Alberta
Apr 14th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Apr 14th/16th - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 16th - Abbotsford, British Columbia
Apr 18th - Christina Lake, British Columbia
Apr 22nd - Sharbot Lake, Central Frontenac, Ontario
Apr 22nd - Vernon, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Kamloops, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Moricetown, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Topley, British Columbia
Apr 25th - Grand Forks, British Columbia
Apr 25th - Vernon, British Columbia
Apr 26th - Vernon, British Columbia
Apr 26th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Apr 27th - Foxboro, Ontario
Apr 27th - Ottawa West, Ontario
Apr 28th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Apr 28th - Cloverdale, British Columbia
Apr 28th - Edmonton, Alberta
Apr 28th - Grande Prairie, Alberta
Apr 29th - Hazelton, British Columbia
May  2nd - Montreal, Quebec
May 4th/5th - Brandon, Manitoba
May   6th - Ottawa, Ontario
May   7th - Ajax, Ontario
May   7th - Parkland Area, Manitoba
May   8th - Burnaby, British Columbia
May   9th - Abbotsford, British Columbia
May 10th - Langley, British Columbia
May 10th - Toronto, Ontario
May 13th - Warden/Denison Intersection, Markham, Ontario
May 18th - Brantford, Ontario
May 18th - Carlyle, Saskatchewan
May 19th - Towards Hamilton, Ontario
May 20th - Hamilton North Towards Kitchener, Ontario
May 20th/22nd - Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan
May 22nd - Hamilton, Ontario
May 26th - Lockport, Manitoba
May 27th - Aylmer, Gatineau, Quebec
May 27th - Gatineau Secteur Aylmer, Quebec
May 27th - Gatineau (Aylmer Sector), Quebec
May 31st - Fort St. Johns, British Columbia
May 31st - Fort St. Johns, British Columbia
Jun   ??  - Aylmer (Gatineau), Quebec
Jun   ??  - Aylmer (Gatineau), Quebec
Jun   ??  - Westbank, British Columbia
Jun  2nd - Aylmer, Quebec
Jun  2nd - Bienfait, Saskatchewan
Jun  2nd - Northwest Angle 33, First Nation, Manitoba
Jun  2nd - Oakbank, Manitoba
Jun  2nd - Between Steinbach And Grunthal, Manitoba
Jun  2nd - Transcona, Manitoba
Jun  2nd - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jun  2nd - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jun  2nd - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jun  2nd - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jun  2nd - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jun   3rd - Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun   3rd - Vancouver, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun   4th - Houston, British Columbia
Jun   5th - Fort Qu'Appelle Echo Lake, Saskatchewan
Jun   8th - Elora, Ontario
Jun 11th - Prince George, British Columbia
Jun 12th - Terrace, British Columbia
Jun 12th/22nd - Burnaby, British Columbia
Jun 13th - Aylmer Sector, Gatineau, Quebec
Jun 13th - North End Of Brandon, Manitoba
Jun 14th - Between Erickson & Kitchener, British Columbia
Jun 18th - North Vancouver, British Columbia
Jun 21st-Early July - Hanmer, Ontario
Jun 22nd - New Waterford, Nova Scotia
Jun 22nd - Southeast Of Fort St. John, British Columbia
Jun 22nd - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 24th - Etobicoke, Ontario
Jun 24th - Old Montreal, Quebec
Jun 25th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Jun 26th - Prince George, British Columbia
Jun 28th - Houston, British Columbia
Jun 28th - Vernon, British Columbia
Jun 29th - Fort St. John, British Columbia
Jun 30th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Jul    1st - Brooklin, Ontario
Jul    1st - Houston, British Columbia
Jul    1st - North Delta, British Columbia
Jul 1st/4th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jul   2nd - Burke Mountain Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jul   2nd - North Surrey, British Columbia
Jul    3rd - White Rock, British Columbia
Jul    4th - Hamilton, Ontario
Jul    5th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul    5th - Vancouver, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul    6th - Foxboro (North of Belleville), Ontario
Jul    6th - Kawartha Golf and Country Club, Peterborough, Ontario
Jul    8th - Westboro, Ottawa, Ontario
Jul  11th - Manitoulin, Ontario
Jul  12th - Gatineau, Quebec
Jul  12th - Rue St Marie, Quebec
Jul  13th - Hamilton, Ontario
Jul  14th - Boucherville, Quebec
Jul  14th - Boucherville, Quebec
Jul  15th - Sarnia, Ontario
Jul  17th - Brantford, Ontario
Jul 18th/19th - East Side Of London, Ontario
Jul  19th - Vancouver, British Columbia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul  20th - East Vancouver, British Colombia
Jul  20th - Nelson, British Columbia
Jul  21st - East Lake, Near Picton, Ontario
Jul  23rd - Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul  23rd - North Bay, Ontario
Jul  24th - Kitimat To Terrace, British Columbia
Jul 24th/28th - Trail, British Columbia
Jul  25th - North Bay, Ontario
Jul  25th - Waterhen Lake, Saskatchewan
Jul  26th - Castlegar, British Columbia
Jul  26th - Houston, British Columbia
Jul  29th - Creston, British Columbia
Jul  29th - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jul  30th - Between McLean and Regina, Saskatchewan
Jul  31st - Kelowna, British Columbia [Solved?]
Aug   ?? - Capreol, Ontario
Aug   ?? - Fort McMurray, Alberta
Aug   ?? - Kootenay Lake Moving Towards Nelson, British Columbia
Aug   ?? - Mount Currie, British Columbia
Aug   ?? - Nelson, British Columbia
Aug   ?? - Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba
Aug  1st - Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia
Aug  1st - Lethbridge, Alberta
Aug  2nd - Caledon, Ontario
Aug  2nd - South-West Guelph, Ontario
Aug  3rd - Aylmer, Quebec
Aug  4th - Aylmer, Quebec
Aug  5th - Oakville, Ontario
Aug  5th - Stewart Lake, 5km From Kuujjuaq, Quebec
Aug  6th - West of Rosthern, Saskatchewan
Aug  7th - Montebello, Quebec
Aug  7th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Aug  9th - Southwest Oshawa/Whitby, Ontario
Aug 12th - Kingsway And Edmonds, Burnaby, British Columbia
Aug 12th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Aug 12th - Richmondhill, Ontario
Aug 13th - Calgary, Alberta
Aug 13th - Edmonton, Alberta
Aug 13th - NNE Of Burke Mountain, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Aug 13th - Toronto, Ontario
Aug 14th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Aug 14th - Moosomin, Saskatchewan
Aug 15th - Fredericton, New Brunswick
Aug 15th/16th - Nipawin, Saskatchewan
Aug 16th - Heritage Mountain, Port Moody, British Columbia
Aug 18th - Black Point, Nova Scotia
Aug 18th - Chester, Nova Scotia
Aug 18th - Seeleys Bay, Ontario
Aug 19th - Fort St. John, British Columbia
Aug 19th - Laval, Quebec
Aug 20th - Edmonton, Alberta
Aug 21st - Fraser River, between Surrey and Coquitlam, British Columbia
Aug 22nd - Houston, British Columbia
Aug 23rd - Houston, British Columbia
Aug 25th - Grouse Cypress Bowl, Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 25th - Heritage Mountain, Port Moody, British Columbia
Aug 26th - Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby, British Columbia
Aug 26th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Aug 26th - Edmonton, Alberta
Aug 26th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Aug 26th - Springbank Airport, Calgary, Alberta
Aug 28th - Aylmer, Quebec
Aug 28th - Aylmer, Quebec
Aug 28th - Aylmer, Quebec
Aug 28th - Galerie d'Aylmer, Quebec
Aug 28th - Pontiac to Aylmer, Quebec
Aug 29th - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
Aug 31st - Caledon, Ontario
Aug 31st - Lake Huron, Ontario
Sep   1st - Kamloops, British Columbia
Sep   1st - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sep  2nd - Queensland Beach, Nova Scotia
Sep   5th - Oshawa, Ontario
Sep   5th - Pabos, Gaspesie, Quebec
Sep   9th - Oshawa, Ontario
Sep 11th - Aldergrove, British Columbia
Sep 11th - Bedford Basin Toward Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sep 20th - Transcona, Manitoba
Sep 20th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sep 21st - Caledon, Ontario
Sep 21st - Richmond, British Columbia
Sep 22nd - Fort McMurry, Alberta
Sep 22nd - Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 23rd - Ste. Adolphe, Manitoba
Sep 24th - Calgary, Alberta
Sep 24th - Capilano Mall, North Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 24th - Invermere, British Columbia
Sep 24th - Invermere, British Columbia
Sep 24th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Sep 24th - Thessalon, Ontario
Sep 29th - North Surrey, British Columbia [Fireball]
Sep 29th - Ucluelet Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Sep 30th - Houston, British Columbia
Sep 30th - North Surrey, British Columbia
Oct    ??  - Surrey, British Columbia
Oct   2nd - Ucluelet, British Columbia
Oct   4th - Edmonton, Alberta
Oct   4th - Edmonton, Alberta
Oct   5th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Oct   6th - Sarnia, Ontario
Oct   6th - Stevensville, Ontario
Oct   6th - Toronto, Ontario
Oct   7th - Cochrane, Alberta Photo(s) in report
Oct   8th - Sarnia, Ontario
Oct 10th - New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Oct 11th - Calgary, Alberta
Oct 11th - Telkwa, British Columbia
Oct 12th - Pickering, Ontario
Oct 12th - Trans Canada Highway near Abbotsford, British Columbia
Oct 15th - Little Current, Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Oct 17th - Ottawa, Ontario
Nov 28th - Montreal, Quebec Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Dec   ??  - New Hazleton, British Columbia
Dec  5th - Calgary, Alberta
Dec 16th - Fergus/Guelph, Ontario
Dec 16th - Forest, Ontario
Dec 24th - Port Alberni, British Columbia
Dec 27th - Canadian Trans Canada Highway 1 From Banff to Calgary
Dec 27th - Port Alberni, British Columbia
Dec 28th - Sudbury, Ontario


      ??    - Heart's Hill, Saskatchewan

Winter - Between Clinton and 70 Mile House, British Columbia


      ??    - Pebble Beach, Westbank, British Columbia

Late Summer - Pointe-Des-Cascades Quebec
Fall - Hobbema, Alberta

Jan    2nd - Montreal, Quebec
Jan    2nd - Ucluelet, Vancouver Island
Jan    3rd - Grouse Mountain, Vancouver
Jan    3rd - Surrey, British Columbia
Jan    5th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jan    6th - Houston, British Columbia
Jan  11th - Calgary, Alberta
Jan  11th - Surrey, British Columbia
Jan  11th - Surrey To Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jan  12th - Mount Pearl, Newfoundland
Jan  27th - Scarborough, Ontario
Jan  30th - Ottawa, Ontario
Feb   1st - Calgary, Alberta
Feb  2nd - Vancouver, British Columbia
Feb   4th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Feb   5th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Feb   7th - Pickle Lake, Ontario
Feb 11th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jan 12th & 16th - Newfoundland Major UFO Sighting
Feb 12th - Oshawa/Whitby, Ontario
Feb 14th - Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia
Feb 15th - Port Coquitlam, Burke Mountain, British Columbia
Feb 15th - Ruskin, British Columbia
Feb 16th/23rd - Pointe Claire, Montreal
Feb 17th - Waterloo, Ontario
Feb 21st - North Battleford to Midale, Saskatchewan
Feb 24th - Highway 401, Durham Region, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Feb 24th - Whitby, Ontario
Feb 26th - Langdale, British Columbia
Feb 26th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Feb 26th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Feb 28th - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Mar   ??  - Summerland, British Columbia
Mar  8th - Calabogie, Ontario
Mar  8th - Simcoe, Ontario
Mar 12th - Ottawa, Ontario
Mar 13th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Mar 14th - Peterborough, Ontario
Mar 15th - Caledon, Ontario
Mar 17th - Cookstown Ontario
Mar 17th - Terrace, British Columbia
Mar 19th - Toronto, Ontario
Mar 23rd - Mistatim, Saskatchewan
Mar 25th - Orangeville, Ontario
Mar 27th - Trail And Warfield, British Columbia
Mar 30th - Peterborough, Ontario
Mar 30th - Regina, Saskatchewan
Mar 30th - Vernon, British Columbia
Apr   1st - Southern Scarborough
Apr 11th - Highway #27, Cookstown, Ontario
Apr 11th - Taber, Alberta
Apr 14th - Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Apr 14th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Apr 17th - Observing From Richmond, B.C. To The SE Towards Mt. Baker
Apr 18th - Georgetown, Ontario
Apr 18th - Towards Burnaby, British Columbia
Apr 20th - Downsview, Ontario
Apr 21st - Scarborough, Ontario
Apr 23rd - Rossland, British Columbia
Late Apr/Early May - Southside Edmonton, Alberta
May   ?? - Etobicoke, Ontario
May   ?? - Oshawa Whitby, Ontario
May  3rd - Calgary, Alberta
May  7th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 8th & 12th - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
May  9th - Kuujjuaq, Quebec
May 11th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 15th - South-East Of Verona, Ontario
May 15th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 18th - Nelson, British Columbia
May 21st - Calgary, Alberta
May 25th - Hamilton, Ontario
May 25th - South East Of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
May 25th - Terrace, British Columbia
May 27th - Cambridge, Ontario
May 27th - Port Moody, British Columbia
May 28th - Terrace, British Columbia
Mid Jun   - Don Mills And Lawrence, Ontario
Jun   1st - Toronto, Ontario
Jun   3rd - Scarborough, Ontario
Jun   8th - Terrace, British Columbia
Jun 9th, 10th & 13th - Gooderham Ontario
Jun  10th - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jun  19th - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Jun  20th - Northern Scarborough, Ontario
Jun  25th - Coles Island, New Brunswick
Jun  25th - Toronto, Ontario
Jun  25th - Towards Whitby, Ontario
Jun  28th - Terrace, British Columbia
Jun  30th - Abbotsford, British Columbia
Jul    ??  - Battleford, Saskatchewan
Jul    1st - Bella Vista Hillside, South Of Vernon, British Columbia
Jul    1st - Bella Vista Hillside, South Of Vernon, British Columbia
Jul    1st - Merritt, British Columbia
Jul    2nd - London, Ontario
Jul 2nd/3rd - Windsor, Essex County, Ontario
Jul    7th - Scarborough, Ontario
Jul    8th - St. Lazare, Quebec
Jul    8th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jul  10th - Calgary, Alberta
Jul  10th - Scarborough, Ontario
Jul  12th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jul  12th - Fenelon Falls, Ontario
Jul  14th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Jul  16th - Spring Lake, Alberta
Jul  20th - Enderby, British Columbia
Jul  20th - Keefer Lake, Near Cherryville, British Columbia
Jul  23rd - Kamloops Lake, British Columbia
Jul  24th - Ajax, Ontario
Jul  24th - Grey County, Ontario
Jul  24th - Victoria, British Columbia
Jul  25th - Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
Jul  27th - New Westminster, British Columbia
Jul  25th - Terrace, British Columbia
Jul  27th - London, Ontario
Jul  28th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul  28th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul  29th - Toronto, Ontario
Jul  31st - East Edmonton, Alberta
Jul  31st - North Shore Mountains, North Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul  31st - Toronto, Ontario
July (end of) - Georgetown, Ontario
Jul/Aug  - Lake Nipissing, Ontario
Mid Aug - Kennedy Lake, Ucluelet, British Columbia
Mid Aug - Orleans, Ontario
Mid Aug - Oshawa, Ontario
Aug    ??  - Sandbanks, Picton, Ontario
Aug  1st - Calgary, Alberta
Aug  1st - Creston, British Columbia
Aug  1st - Dryden, Ontario
Aug  1st - London, Ontario
Aug  2nd - Sandbanks, Prince Eward County, Ontario
Aug  4th/5th - Port Au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland
Aug  5th - Boucherville, Quebec
Aug  5th - Cherry Beach, Toronto, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug  5th - Parkland Area, Manitoba
Aug  6th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Aug  8th - Winlaw, British Columbia
Aug  9th - Montreal, Quebec
Aug  9th - Westmount, Montreal, Quebec
Aug 11th - Edmonton, Alberta
Aug 11th - Kuujjuaq, Quebec
Aug 11th - Scarborough, Ontario
Aug 12th - Richmond, British Columbia
Aug 13th - Boucherville, Quebec
Aug 13th - Western Oshawa, Ontario
Aug 13th/14th - St. John, New Brunswick
Aug 15th - Port Alberni, British Columbia
Aug 19th - North of Nelson Island, Earl's Cove - Saltery Bay, British Columbia
Aug 19th - Toronto, Ontario
Aug 20th - Battleford, Saskatchewan
Aug 20th - West Vancouver To Coquitlam, British Columbia
Aug 21st - Edmonton, Alberta
Aug 21st - Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Aug 22nd - Chilliwack, British Columbia
Aug 22nd - North Surrey, British Columbia
Aug 25th - Cochrane & Lake Louise, Alberta
Aug 25th - Keefer Lake, British Columbia
Aug 25th - Northern Alberta (85kms From Peace River)
Aug 25th - Penticton - Summerland, British Columbia
Aug 25th - Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
Aug 25th - Saint-Alphonse-de-Rodriguez, Quebec
Aug 25th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 26th - Scarborough, Ontario
Aug 26th - Toronto, Ontario
Aug 27th - Kootenay River, Near Creston, British Columbia
Aug 27th - Near Highway #1, South East Manitoba
Aug 28th - Cochrane, Alberta
Aug 28th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Sep   ??  - Magnetawan, Ontario
Sep   ??  - Port Maitland, Nova Scotia
Sep   ??  - Tottenham, Ontario
Sep   1st - North Surrey, British Columbia
Sep   1st - Oshawa, Ontario
Sep   1st - Tottenham, Ontario
Sep  2nd - Parkland Area, Manitoba
Sep   3rd - Surrey/Whalley British Columbia
Sep   4th - Kaslo, British Columbia
Sep   4th - Oshawa, Ontario
Sep   5th - Etobicoke, Ontario
Sep   5th - Terrace, British Columbia
Sep   5th - Vernon, British Columbia
Sep   6th - Chilliwack, British Columbia
Sep   7th - Courtenay, British Columbia
Sep   7th - Waskatenau, Alberta
Sep   8th - Squamish, British Columbia
Sep   9th - North York, Ontario
Sep   9th - Vernon, British Columbia
Sep 10th - Montreal, Quebec
Sep 10th - Oshawa/Whitby, Ontario
Sep 10th - Southwestern Oshawa, Ontario
Sep 10th-14th - Cumberland, British Columbia
Sep 11th - Canadian Forces Base, Comox, British Columbia
Sep 11th - Sun Rivers Golf Course, Kamloops, British Columbia
Sep 11th - Toronto, Ontario
Sep 12th - Sarnia, Ontario
Sep 13th - Alliston, Ontario
Sep 14th - Jericho Beach Park, Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 15th - Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Sep 15th - Sechelt, British Columbia
Sep 16th - Scarborough, Ontario
Sep 18th - Edmonton, Alberta
Sep 19th - Vernon, British Columbia
Sep 21st - Sudbury, Ontario Audio Report
Sep 22nd - Langford - Victoria, British Columbia
Sep 23rd - Seymour - Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 23rd - Seymour Mountain, Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 24th - Marystown, Newfoundland
Sep 25th - CFB Comox, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Sep 25th - Crosstown/Coal Harbour, Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 25th - McBride, British Columbia
Sep 25th - Trossachs, Saskatchewan
Sep 27th - Spruce Grove, Alberta
Oct   2nd - Mississauga, Ontario
Oct    5th - Oshawa, Ontario
Oct    5th - Vernon, British Columbia
Oct    6th - South Of St. Thomas, Ontario
Oct    6th - Toronto, Ontario
Oct    7th - Keremeos, British Columbia
Oct    8th - Castlegar, British Columbia
Oct  10th - Hamilton, Ontario
Oct  11th - Cote-st-luc, Montreal, Quebec
Oct  12th - Balfour - Nelson, British Columbia
Oct  13th - Burke Mountain, Coquitlam, British Columbia
Oct  15th - Ajax To Pickering, Ontario
Oct  17th - Guelph, Ontario
Oct  18th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Oct  19th - Oshawa, Ontario
Oct  19th - Terrace, British Columbia
Oct  26th - Sudbury, Ontario
Oct  29th - Durham, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct  29th - Surrey/Whalley Area, British Columbia
Oct  31st - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Nov  2nd - Barrie, Ontario
Nov    5th - Oyama, British Columbia
Nov    9th - Kamloops, British Columbia
Nov  10th - Miami, Manitoba
Nov  10th - Oakville (Old Oakville), Ontario
Nov  11th - Toronto, Ontario
Nov  14th - Comox, British Columbia
Nov  17th - Edmonton, Alberta
Nov  23rd - Etobicoke, Ontario
Nov  24th - Scarborough, Ontario
Nov  24th - Sharon, Ontario
Nov  25th - Kingston, Ontario
Nov  25th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Nov  26th - Kits And Point Atkinson, from Burrard Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia
Nov/Dec  - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Dec   1st - Sudbury, Ontario
Dec 4th-7th - East Of Oshawa, near Lake Ontario
Dec   6th - Lake Ontario
Dec   7th - Bowmanville, Ontario
Dec 10th - Hobbema, Alberta
Dec 10th - Sidney, British Columbia
Dec 12th - Bowmanville, Ontario
Dec 12th - Bowmanville, Ontario
Dec 12th - Hamilton Mountain, Ontario
Dec 12th - Whitby, Ontario
Dec 13th - Ghost Lake, Alberta
Dec 13th - King City, Ontario
Dec 13th - Lakeside, Ontario
Dec 13th - Orleans, Ontario
Dec 13th - Scarborough, Ontario
Dec 14th - Gregore Mills, Ontario
Dec 17th - Terrace, British Columbia
Dec 18th - Calgary, Alberta
Dec 19th - South-east of Peterborough, Ontario
Dec 21st - Scarborough, Ontario
Dec 22nd - Calgary, Alberta
Dec 22nd - Calgary, Alberta
Dec 25th - Calgary, Alberta
Dec 30th - Chateauguay, Quebec


Winter - Oshawa, Ontario


Various dates - Southern Ontario


2000, 2002, 2004 - Caribbean, Hagersville & Missisauga, Ontario

     ??   - Vancouver, British Columbia

Early   -  Calgary, Alberta

Spring   -   Iron Bridge, Ontario
Summer - Lac Gagnon, 100 Miles NW of Montreal, Quebec
Summer - Orleans, Ontario
Summer - Prince Edward Island Park, Calgary, Alberta

Fall - East Toronto, Ontario

Jan-Mar? - Edmonton, Alberta

Jan    4th - Honey Moon Bay, Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island
Jan    5th - Burke Mountain, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jan    5th - Prince George, British Columbia
Jan  11th - Nelson, British Columbia
Jan  12th - Nelson, British Columbia
Jan  20th - Nelway, British Columbia
Jan  30th - Prince George, British Columbia
Jan  31st - Prince George, British Columbia
Mid/Late Feb - Saint John, New Brunswick
Feb   3rd - Houston, British Columbia
Feb   5th - Mount St-hilaire, PQ - St-Jean Baptiste de Rouville
Feb   8th/12th - Vernon, British Columbia
Feb   9th - Kitchener, British Columbia
Feb 10th - Summerland, British Columbia
Feb 11th - Red Rock, British Columbia
Feb 12th - Calgary, Alberta
Feb 27th - Decker Lake, British Columbia
Feb 29th - Mission, British Columbia
Mar   ??  - Edmonton, Alberta
Mar   7th - Decker Lake, British Columbia
Mar   7th - Edmonton, Alberta
Mar   7th - Stony Plain - Spruce Grove, Alberta
Mar 12th - Decker Lake & Area, British Columbia
Mar 12th - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Mar 13th - Halifax, Nova Scotia Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Mar 19th - Brampton, Ontario
Mar 19th - Ciel de St-Rémi, Quebec
Mar 19th - Saint-Georges de Beauce, Quebec
Mar 21st - Ottawa, Ontario Fireball
Mar 21st - Sarnia, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Mar 21st - Saskatoon, SK
Mar 25th - New-Wes-Valley, Newfoundland
Mar 26th - St. John's, Newfoundland
Mar 28th - Calgary, Alberta
Mar 28th - Prince George, British Columbia
Mar 28th/29th - Various locations
Mar 29th - Vernon, British Columbia
Mar 29th - West Kootenay, British Columbia
Mar 31st - St. Paul, Minnesota
Apr   1st - Haysboro, Calgary
Apr   4th - Calgary, Alberta
Apr   4th - New Westminster, British Columbia
Apr   4th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Apr   5th - Stony Plain, Alberta
Apr   8th - Smithers, British Columbia
Apr   8th - Vernon, British Columbia
Apr   9th - Ontario
Apr 10th - Saint-Laurent, Quebec
Apr 10th - Williams Lake, British Columbia
Apr 11th - Truro, Nova Scotia
Apr 11th - Vernon, British Columbia
Apr 14th/15th - Acton, Ontario
Apr 16th - Smithers, British Columbia
Apr 17th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Apr 18th - Fernie, British Columbia
Apr 19th - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 21st - ENE of Newmarket Near Sharon, Ontario
Apr 25th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Acton, Ontario
Apr 24th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Apr 26th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Apr 28th - English Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia
Apr 28th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Apr 30th - Stellarton, Nova Scotia
May  ??  - Sackville, New Brunswick
May  ??  - Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary, Victoria, British Columbia
May  1st - Cambridge, Ontario
May  3rd - Christina Lake, British Columbia
May  3rd - St-Philippe, Quebec
May  4th - Telkwa, British Columbia
May  6th - Greenwood, British Columbia
May  8th - Lang Lake, Ontario
May  8th - Telkwa, British Columbia
May  9th - Robson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia
May 10th - Empress, Alberta
May 11th - ValCaron, Ontario
May 13th - Prince George, British Columbia
May 14th - North Vancouver, British Columbia
May 14th - Walnut Grove Langley, British Columbia
May 15th - Scarborough, Ontario
May 15th - Summerland, British Columbia
May 16th - Terrace, British Columbia
May 16th - Vancouver, British Columbia
May 17th - Ottawa, Ontario
May 17th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 18th - Victoria, British Columbia
May 19th - Ohsweken, Ontario
May 19th - Ottawa, Ontario
May 19th - Trail, British Columbia
May 20th - Trail, British Columbia
May 20th - Vernon, British Columbia
May 22nd/23rd - Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 26th - West St. Paul, Manitoba
Jun   3rd - Abbottsford, British Columbia
Jun   3rd - Langley, British Columbia
Jun   4th - Prince George, British Columbia
Jun   6th - Rawdon, Quebec
Jun   6th - Vernon, British Columbia
Jun   6th - West St. Paul, Manitoba
Jun   7th - Fort Fraser, British Columbia
Jun   8th - Trail, British Columbia
Jun   8th - West St. Paul, Manitoba
Jun 10th - Osoyoos, British Columbia
Jun 11th/12th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jun 12th - Burlington, Ontario
Jun 15th - Langley, British Columbia
Jun 15th - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Jun 16th - Nelson, British Columbia
Jun 16th - Vernon, British Columbia
Jun 18th-19th - Fort St. John, British Columbia
Jun 19th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jun 19th - Victoria, British Columbia
Jun 20th - Duberger-Les Saules Park, Quebec
Jun 20th - Windsor, Ontario
Jun 21st - Houston, British Columbia
Jun 22nd - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jun 24th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jun 26th - Bathurst and Eglinton, Toronto
Jun 26th - Hamilton, Ontario
Jun 26th - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 26th - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 26th - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 26th - Windsor, Ontario
Jun 27th - Calgary, Alberta
Jun 27th - Toronto, Ontario
Jun 28th/29th 2004 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jun 30th - Burke Mountain, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jun 30th - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jun/Jul  - Steeles Ave, North York, Ontario
Jul     ??  - Mississauga, Ontario
Jul     ??  - Scarborough, Ontario
Jul    2nd - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Jul    2nd - Quebec
Jul    2nd - Sauble Beach, Ontario
Jul    2nd - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul    2nd - Scarborough/West Hill, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul    3rd - Mississauga, Ontario
Jul    5th - Peterborough, Ontario
Jul    5th - Rosemount, Montreal, Quebec
Jul    6th - Laval, Quebec
Jul    6th - Mississauga, Ontario
Jul    8th - Redcliff, Alberta
Jul  10th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul  12th - Prince George, British Columbia
Jul  12th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul  14th - Dryden, Ontario
Jul  12th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul  16th - Barriere, British Columbia
Jul  16th - Prince George, British Columbia
Jul  16th - Mississauga, Ontario
Jul  17th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul  19th - Drumheller, Alberta
Jul  19th - Aaron Provincial Park, Dryden, Ontario
Jul  19th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jul  19th - Trowbridge Falls, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Jul  21st - Québec City, Québec
Jul  22nd/23rd - North Surrey, British Columbia
Jul  24th - Belcher Islands, Sanikiluaq, Nunavut
Jul  24th - Mt. Pleasant, Ontario
Jul  25th/26th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jul  28th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jul  30th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jul  30th - Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Aug  ??  - North Langley, British Columbia
Aug  ??  - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aug  1st - Gooderham, Ontario
Aug  1st - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Aug  5th - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Aug  6th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Aug  6th - St. Thomas, Ontario
Aug  6th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aug  7th/8th - Surrey, British Columbia
Aug/Sep  - Mud Lake Road, Murillo, Ontario
Aug 11th - Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Aug 11th - Rossland, British Columbia
Aug 11th - Wardsville, Ontario
Aug 12th - Houston, British Columbia
Aug 12th - Nestor Falls, Ontario
Aug 13th - Wardsville, Ontario
Aug 14th - Durham Region, (Pickering to Oshawa), Ontario
Aug 15th - Spallumcheem Valley, British Columbia
Aug 16th - St. John's, Newfoundland
Aug 16th - Scarborough, Ontario
Aug 19th - Lewis Lake, Between Barrier & Kamloops, British Columbia
Aug 19th - Terrace, British Columbia
Aug 19th - Vernon, British Columbia
Aug 19th - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aug 20th - Cambridge, Ontario
Aug 24th - Wolseley, Saskatchewan
Aug 25th - Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan
Aug 29th - Parksville, British Columbia
Aug 29th - Manville, Alberta
Aug 31st - Foxboro, Ontario
Sep   1st - West Hill, Ontario
Sep   5th - Grande Prairie, Alberta
Sep   8th - Elgin, New Brunswick
Sep   8th - Scarborough, Ontario
Sep 10th - Toronto, Ontario
Sep 11th - Caledon, Ontario
Sep 12th - Airdrie, Alberta
Sep 12th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Sep 17th - Beaumont Trailer Park, Heyden, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Sep 20th - Oshawa, Ontario
Sep 21st - Scarborough, Ontario
Sep 22nd - Clay Hill Caledon, Ontario
Sep 22nd - Smithers - Telkwa, British Columbia
Sep 22nd - Smithers, British Columbia
Sep 24th - South Shore, Montreal, Quebec
Sep 24th - Toronto, Ontario
Sep 25th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Sep 25th/26th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Sep 26th - Caledon, Ontario
Sep 26th - Colborne, Ontario
Sep 27th - Scarborough, Ontario
Sep 28th - London Ontario
Sep 29th - East York, Ontario
Sep 30th - Calgary, Alberta
Oct   1st - Fort St. John, British Columbia
Oct   2nd - Kitchener, Ontario
Oct   3rd - Vernon, British Columbia
Oct   6th - Mile 98, Alaska Highway, Fort St. John, British Columbia
Oct   6th - Scarborough, Ontario
Oct  10th - McLean, Saskatchewan
Oct  11th - Wardsville, Ontario
Oct  12th - Scarborough, Ontario
Oct  14th - Ville De Gatineau, Quebec
Oct  16th - Chilliwack-Langley, British Columbia
Oct  20th - Garden Bay, British Columbia
Nov    1st - Maymount, Saskatchewan
Nov   2nd - Grande Prairie, Alberta
Nov   2nd - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nov   3rd - London, Ontario
Nov   3rd - Shelbourne/Alliston, Ontario
Nov   7th - Ottawa, Ontario
Nov  12th - Northwest Of Edmonton, Alberta
Nov  12th - Toronto, Ontario
Nov  14th - Lake Ontario, Toronto
Nov  19th - Parc Montcalm, Candiac, Quebec
Nov  22nd - Caledon Ontario
Nov  24th - Houston, British Columbia [Multiple Reports]
Nov  25th - Coquitlam/West Vancouver, British Columbia
Nov  25th - Prince George, British Columbia
Nov  26th - Petawawa, Ontario
Nov  27th - Garden Bay, British Columbia
Nov  29th - North Bay, Ontario
Dec   1st - Cochrane, Alberta
Dec   1st - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Dec   2nd - From a Boeing 767
Dec   2nd - Surrey, British Columbia
Dec   3rd - Calgary, Alberta
Dec   3rd - Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, British Columbia
Dec   5th - Acton, Ontario
Dec 11th - Telkwa, British Columbia
Dec 14th - Brampton, Ontario
Dec 15th - Edmonton, Alberta
Dec 16th - Telkwa, British Columbia
Dec 17th - Montreal, North Quebec
Dec 17th - Mountain View, Ontario
Dec 18th - Montreal, Quebec
Dec 18th - (Nine Mile Lake), Parry Sound, Ontario
Dec 18th - Tweed, Ontario
Dec 20th - Scarborough And Whitby, Ontario
Dec 21st - Edmonton, Alberta
Dec 22nd - Burnaby, British Columbia
Dec 22nd - Trail, British Columbia
Dec 23rd - Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Dec 27th - Surrey, British Columbia


Dec 2003-Feb 2004 - Vernon, British Columbia


     ??   - Cloverdale, British Columbia
     ??   - Hubbards Beach, Nova Scotia
     ??   - Rayleigh, British Columbia
     ??   - Revelstoke, British Columbia

Summer   - Okanagan Falls, British Columbia
Summer   - Toronto, Ontario
Late 2003 - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Late Fall   - Babine Lake Road, British Columbia
Winter - Glencoe, Nova Scotia

Jan   4th - Rosswood, British Columbia
Feb   3rd - Houston, British Columbia
Feb   3rd - Houston, British Columbia
Feb 10th - Duncan, British Columbia
Feb 19th - Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Feb 22nd - Kitimat, British Columbia
Feb 22nd - Between Terrace & Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Mar   3rd - Houston, British Columbia
Mar   7th - Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Mar 15th - Houston, British Columbia
Mar 19th - McKenzie, British Columbia
Mar 21st - Rue de la Montagne, Montreal, Quebec
Mar 23rd - Terrace, British Columbia
Mar 25th - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Apr   3rd - Terrace, British Columbia
Apr 14th - Houston, British Columbia
Apr 14th - Houston, British Columbia
Apr 19th - Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Apr 20th - Vernon, British Columbia
Apr 20th-24th - Houston, British Columbia
Apr 21st - Houston, British Columbia
Apr 24th - Houston, Quick & Telkwa
May ??    - Peace River, Alberta
May  9th - Terrace, British Columbia
May ??    - Kimberley, British Columbia
May 10th - Terrace, British Columbia
May 13th - Terrace, British Columbia
May 15th - Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Montreal, Quebec
May 31st - Houston, British Columbia
Jun   2nd - Knox Mountain, Kelowna, British Columbia
Jun    5th - Houston, British Columbia
Jun  24th - Terrace, British Columbia
Jun  25th - Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Jun  25th - Houston, British Columbia
Jul     ??   - Langley - Aldergrove Area, British Columbia
Jul     ??   - Penticton, British Columbia
Jul  (mid) - Kelowna, British Columbia
July (late)  - Chilliwack, British Columbia
Jul   ?? - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul     6th - Hecla Provincial Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul     7th - South Montreal, Verdun, Quebec
Jul   10th - Winfield, British Columbia
Jul   17th - Terrace, British Columbia
Jul   17th - Toronto, Ontario
Jul   17th - Trail, British Columbia
Jul   18th - Terrace, British Columbia
Jul   20th - Edmonton, Alberta
Jul   20th - Restoule Provincial Park, Ontario
Jul   22nd - Lethbridge, Alberta
Jul   22nd - Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Jul   24th - Northeast of Kingston, Ontario
Jul   24th - Terrace, British Columbia
Jul   26th - Cranbrook, British Columbia
Jul   26th - Terrace, British Columbia
Jul   26th - Wardner, British Columbia
Jul   26th - Wasa, British Columbia
Jul   27th - Cranbrook, British Columbia
Jul   27th - Houston, British Columbia
Jul   27th - Vernon, British Columbia
Jul   28th - Cherryville, British Columbia
Jul   28th - Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna, Kimberley, Cranbrook, Jaffray, British Columbia
Jul   28th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul   29th - Dunmore, Alberta
Jul   30th - Airdrie, Alberta
Jul   31st - Houston, British Columbia
Jul   31st - Houston, British Columbia
Jul   31st - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul   31st - Kelowna, British Columbia
Jul   31st - Westbank, British Columbia
Jul  (late) - Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Jul/Aug   - Oshawa, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report Video in report
Aug (early) - Yarrow, British Columbia
Aug    ?? - Aylmer, Quebec
Aug    ?? - Kelowna, British Columbia
Aug    ?? - Kelowna, British Columbia
Aug   1st - Kelowna, British Columbia
Aug   2nd - Houston, British Columbia
Aug   3rd - Kelowna, British Columbia
Aug   4th - Stratford, Ontario
Aug   6th - North Bay, Ontario
Aug   7th - Sakinaw Lake, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia
Aug 11th - Fort McMurray, Alberta
Aug 11th - New Westminster, British Columbia
Aug 12th - Vernon, British Columbia
Aug 13th - Houston, British Columbia
Aug 14th - Between Nelson & Salmo, British Columbia
Aug 14th/15th - Caledon, Ontario
Aug 17th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 18th - Airdrie, Alberta
Aug 18th - Penticton, British Columbia
Aug 19th - North Bay, Ontario
Aug 22nd - Kamloops, British Columbia
Aug 22nd - Kimberley, British Columbia
Aug 22nd - Regina, Saskatchewan
Aug 23rd - Airdrie, Alberta
Aug 24th - Thornhill, Terrace, British Columbia
Aug 26th - Kimberley, British Columbia
Aug 26th - Terrace, British Columbia
Aug 26th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 27th - Oshawa, Ontario
Aug 27th - Thronhill, Terrace, British Columbia
Aug 28th - Enderby, British Columbia
Aug 29th - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug 30th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Aug 30th - Penticton, British Columbia
Aug 30th - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Aug 31st - Barrie, Ontario
Aug 31st - Picnic Island, Honey Harbour, Ontario
Aug 31st - Thronhill, Terrace, British Columbia
Aug (late) - St. Laurent, Manitoba
Sept   ?? - Toronto, Ontario
Sep   2nd - Kelowna, British Columbia
Sep  2nd/3rd - Houston, British Columbia
Sep   3rd - Barriere, British Columbia
Sep   6th - Airdie, Alberta
Sep   6th/7th - Southeast of Beaumont & Edmonton, Alberta
Sep 10th - Barriere, British Columbia
Sep 10th - Chilliwack, British Columbia
Sep 12th - Saskatchewan
Sep 12th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 13th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Sep 15th - Airdrie, Alberta
Sep 15th - Airdrie, Alberta
Sep 15th - Airdrie, Alberta
Sep 18th - Kamloops, British Columbia
Sep 20th - Lakes District, British Columbia
Sep 25th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 26th - Airdrie, Alberta
Sep 26th - Vancouver, B.C. & Point Roberts, Wa., United States
Sep 27th - Terrace, British Columbia
Sep 28th - Burnaby, British Columbia
Sep 28th - Toronto, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Sep 30th - Terrace, British Columbia
Oct   ??  - 30 Kms South East Of Edmonton, Alberta
Oct   1st - Ootischenia, Castlegar, British Columbia
Oct   1st - Quesnel, British Columbia
Oct   1st - Slocan Park, British Columbia
Oct  2nd - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Oct   3rd - Quesnel, British Columbia
Oct   4th - Telkwa, British Columbia
Oct   9th - Slocan Park, British Columbia
Oct   9th - Smithers, British Columbia
Oct 13th - Laval, Quebec
Oct 17th - Montreal & Laval, Quebec
Oct 19th - Telkwa, British Columbia
Oct 19th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Oct 21st - Mount McDonald, Yukon
Oct 22nd - Houston, British Columbia
Oct 22nd - Houston, British Columbia
Oct 25th - Regina, Saskatchewan
Oct 26th - Stoner, British Columbia
Oct 26th - Telkwa, British Columbia
Nov (early) - Airdrie, Alberta
Nov   ??  - Coquitlam, British Columbia
Nov 12th - Kelowna, British Columbia
Nov 15th - Vernon, British Columbia
Nov 16th - Burns Lake, British Columbia
Nov 22nd - Airdrie, Alberta
Nov 25th - Creston, British Columbia
Nov 26th - Gatineau, Quebec
Nov 28th - Didsbury, Alberta
Nov 30th - New Westminster, British Columbia
Nov 30th - Vernon, British Columbia
Dec  ??  - Edmonton, Alberta
Dec  1st - Des Rivières and Duberger Park, Québec
Dec  3rd - Vernon, British Columbia
Dec  5th - Orillia, Ontario
Dec  8th - Houston, British Columbia
Dec 13th - Airdrie, Alberta
Dec 13th - Airdrie, Alberta
Dec 13th - Between Crossfield and Carstairs, Alberta
Dec 13th - Calgary-Edmonton, Alberta
Dec 13th - Reddeer, Alberta
Dec 14th - Airdrie, Alberta
Dec 24th - Airdrie, Alberta
Dec 26th - Sicamous, British Columbia
Dec 28th - Eganville, Ontario
Dec 29th - Comox Valley, British Columbia


     ??    - Tranquille/Padova Outside Of Kamloops, British Columbia

Winter - From Forest To Mt. Carmel, Ontario


2000/2003 - Gitwinksihlkw, British Columbia


2000 & 2002 - Calgary, Alberta
2000, 2002, 2004 - Caribbean, Hagersville & Missisauga, Ontario

2002? - Cobourg, Ontario
2002? - Melbourne, Ontario

Summer - Burnaby, British Columbia
Summer - Coquihalla Connector, British Columbia
Summer - Flamborough, Ontario
Summer - Oshawa Harbour, Ontario
Summer - Vancouver, British Columbia
Late Summer/Early Fall - Red Bluff, Quesnel, British Columbia

Jan    ??  - Calgary, Alberta
Feb    ??  - Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Mar    ??  - Summerland, British Columbia
Mar 20th-30th - Campbell River, British Columbia
Apr    6th - Clinton, British Columbia
May   ??  - Quesnel, British Columbia
Jun   ??  - Brampton, Ontario
Jun   2nd - Vancouver
Jul   20th - Kanoke Island, Sabaskong Bay, Lake of the Woods, Ontario
Jul   20th - Restoule Provincial Park, Ontario
Jul   25th - Mount Roche de Boule, Hazelton, British Columbia
Jul 28th/31st - Smithers, British Columbia
Jul   29th - Houston, Quick, Telkwa and Smithers, British Columbia
Jul   29th - Houston, Quick, Telkwa & Smithers, British Columbia
Jul   29th - Houston, Quick, Telkwa & Smithers, British Columbia
Jul   29th - Powell River, British Columbia
Jul   29th - Quick, British Columbia
Jul   29th - Sayward, British Columbia
Jul/Aug   - Houston, British Columbia
Jul/Aug   - Winfield, British Columbia
Aug   ??  - Prince George, British Columbia
Aug & Unknown Date - Berwick, Nova Scotia
Aug   3rd - Houston, British Columbia
Aug 10th - Scarborough Ontario
Aug 13th - Houston, British Columbia
Aug 16th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Aug 22nd - New Germany South Shore, Nova Scotia
Aug 23rd - West End of Francois Lake, British Columbia
Aug 23rd - Houston, British Columbia
Aug 25th (or 24th) - Terrace, British Columbia
Aug 30th - Houston, British Columbia
Aug (late) - Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba
Aug (late) - Northern Lake, Manitoba
Sep   5th - HBCC Houston British Columbia Canada UFO Reports
Sep   9th - Whiteswan Lake, British Columbia
Sep 14th - Terrace, British Columbia
Sep 14th - Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 15th - Mercier, QC, Canada
Sep 27th - Montreal, Quebec
Oct   3rd - Houston, British Columbia
Oct 15th - Houston, British Columbia
Oct 17th - Hungry Hill - 15 Miles West of Houston, British Columbia
Oct 22nd - Granisle, British Columbia
Oct 31st - Indian Brook, Nova Scotia
Nov   ??  - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Nov   1st - Victoria, British Columbia
Nov 2nd/3rd - Southeast Manitoba
Nov   3rd - Kitwanga, British Columbia
Nov 23rd - Terrace, British Columbia
Dec 21st - Victoria to Vancouver, British Columbia
Dec 27th - Granisle, British Columbia


Summer - Osbourne Village, Manitoba
Summer - Toronto, Ontario


1975, 1999, 2001 - Castlegar/Nelson, British Columbia

      ??     - Smithers, British Columbia
      ??     - Sturgeon Valley, Outside Of St. Albert, Alberta
      ??     - Woodbridge, Ontario

Jan   ??  - Dalmeny, Saskatchewan
Jun   ??  - Osprey Lake, Princeton, British Columbia
Jun  16th - Plantagent, Ontario
Jul    ??   - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul     1st - Victoria, British Columbia
Jul   29th - Vancouver area, British Columbia
Aug 10th - Montreal, Quebec
Aug 12th/15th/17th/19th/23rd/31st - Montreal, Quebec
Aug 14th - Northwest London, Ontario
Aug 16th - St-Polycarp, near Valleyfield, Quebec
Aug 19th - Lake Marie Louise, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario
Aug 25th - 70 Mile House, British Columbia
Sep   9th - North Bay, Ontario
Sep 12th - Whites Lake, Nova Scotia
Oct    ??   - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nov   ??  - Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Nov 6th/14th - Resolute Bay


2000? - Lumsden/New-Wes-Valley, Newfoundland
2000? - Port Alberni, British Columbia
2000 & 2002 - Calgary, Alberta
2000, 2002, 2004 - Caribbean, Hagersville & Missisauga, Ontario

Spring      - Harrison Lake, British Columbia
Summer      - Burin, Newfoundland
Summer      - Georgian Bay, Ontario

May  21st - Douglas Lake, British Columbia
Jun    ??    - Vernon, British Columbia
Jul    ??    - Elgin, Ontario
Jul (early) - Airdrie, Alberta
Aug (?)    - Burnaby, British Columbia
Aug   ??  - Montreal, Quebec
Aug (?)    - Victoria, British Columbia
Mid Nov  - Hiawatha First Nation (just outside of Peterborough) Ontario


1999/2000 - Kamloops, British Columbia

Dec 1999/2000? - Between Prince George And Vancouver, British Columbia


      ??    - Smithers, British Columbia
      ??    - Williams Lake, British Columbia
Early 1990s - Babine Lake/Granisle, British Columbia
Early 1990s - Guelph, Ontario
Summer, early 1990s - Ontario
Summer 1990s - Kingston, Ontario
Mid 1990s - CFB Petawawa, Ontario
Mid 1990s - Gibsons, British Columbia
Late 1990s - Red Deer, Alberta


1975, 1999, 2001 - Castlegar/Nelson, British Columbia

      ??     - Carleton Place, Ontario
      ??     - St.Catharine's, Ontario

Summer/Fall - Pike Lake, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Feb   ??  - Langford, British Columbia
Mar 10th - Elliot Lake, Ontario
Mar 12th - Sudbury, Ontario
Mar 13th - Garson, Sudbury, Ontario
Mar 15th - Dunlop Lake, near Elliot Lake, Ontario
Mar 15th/16th - Regional road 80, near the Skead-Sudbury Airport turnoff, Ontario
Mar 20th - Between Sault, Michigan and Sudbury, Ontario
Mar 24th - Blind River, Ontario
Mar 29th - Sudbury, Ontario
Apr  13th - Sudbury, Ontario
Apr  13th - Val Caron, Ontario
Apr  15th - Ironbridge, Ontario
Apr  17th - Garson, Ontario
Apr  23rd - Bonavista, Newfoundland
May 20th - Dowling, Ontario
Jun  15th - Ontario
Jun 22nd - Sudbury, Ontario
Jun  27th - Lively, Ontario
Early July - River Valley, Ontario
Jul     4th - River Valley, Ontario
Jul   12th - Chelmsford, Ontario
Jul   12th - South Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Aug   ??   - Kemptville, Ontario
Aug   ??   - Near Lake Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Aug   ??   - Woodbridge, Ontario
Aug 13th - Whitefish, Ontario
Aug 18th - Garson, Ontario
Aug 21st - Lively, Ontario
Sep   8th - New Sudbury, Ontario
Sep 29th - Canoelake, Saskatchewan
Sep/Oct   - Durham, Ontario
Oct  ??    - Edmonton, Alberta
Oct 12th  - Regina, Saskatchewan
Nov   ??   - Trans-Canada Highway, Saskatchewan
Nov   ??   - Vernon, British Columbia
Dec 24th - Toronto, Ontario


Late Summer/Early Fall 1998/199 - Ajax, Ontario
Winter 1998/1999 - Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver British Columbia

Dec 1998/Jan 1999 - Grand Forks, British Columbia


      ??     - Edmonton, Alberta
      ??     - Mudge Island And Ladysmith, British Columbia
      ??     - Shawville, Quebec
      ??     - Stoner, British Columbia
Summer  - Oromocto, Newbrunswick
Summer  - Thunder Bay, Ontario
Winter     - Houston, British Columbia

Apr   7th - Port aux Basques, Newfoundland
May 18th - Berthierville, Quebec
May 18th - Montreal, Quebec
May 18th - Newmarket, York Region, Ontario
May 30th - Lachine, Montreal, Quebec
Apr   ??   - Big Hawk Lake, North Of Canarvon, Ontario
Jun   ??  -  Kamloops, British Columbia
Jun   ??  -  Ladysmith, British Columbia
Jun   1st - Sorel, Quebec
Jun   6th - Chateauguay, Quebec
Jun   9th - Montreal, Quebec
Jul/Oct   - Glen Williams, Georgetown, Ontario
Aug  ??  - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Aug  ??  - St. Laurence Gulf, New Brunswick
Aug  8th - Houston, British Columbia
Aug  ??  - Trout Creek, Ontario
Oct   ??  - Prince Edward Island
Oct 30th - Aroostook, New Brunswick
Nov   ??  - Sydney, British Columbia
Nov 16th - Canora, Saskatchewan
Nov 18th - 402 Highway, Just Past Kerwood, Ontario


      ??    - Kelowna, British Columbia

Summer - Between Tillsonburg and Aylmer Ontario


Various - Nova Scotia


    ??   - Kelowna, British Columbia

Winter - Chatham, Ontario

Feb   ??  - Orleans, Ontario
Mar   ??  - Nelson, British Columbia
Mar   ??  - Ottawa River, Ontario
Jun   ??  - Quesnel, British Columbia
Jun 17th - #8 Highway, south of Miramichi, New Brunswick
Jul    ??   - Aroostook, New Brunswick
Jul    ??   - London, Ontario
Aug   ??  - Armstrong/Enderby, British Columbia
Oct    ??  - London, Ontario
Oct 24th - Near Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia
Nov   ??  - Lake Drive, Jackson's Point, Lake Simcoe, Ontario
Nov 14th - Whistler, British Columbia


Winter - Toronto, Ontario

Nov 1996/Feb 1997 - Hamilton, Ontario


Summer - Toronto, Ontario
Winter - Montreal, Quebec

Sep ??   - Vegreville, Alberta
Sep 15th - Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Nov 11th - Toronto, Ontario


Summer - Penticton, British Columbia


     ??  - Maple Ridge To Mission, British Columbia

Summer - Sussex, New Brunswick
Winter - Abbotsford, British Columbia
Winter - Mill Lake, Abbotsford, British Columbia

Jul ?? - Windsor, Ontario
Aug ?? - Sudbury, Ontario


1994/1995 - Markham, Ontario


1994? - North Vancouver, British Columbia

Summer - Rosswood, British Columbia

Mar  26th - Hull, Québec
Apr/May - Nanaimo/Cassidy, British Columbia
Jul     ??  - Hart House Farm, Caledon, Ontario
Jul     ??  - Pass Creek, Castlegar, British Columbia
Jul   15th - Oromocto, New Brunswick
Jul   20th - East Of Prince George, British Columbia
Sep   ??  - Gatineau, Quebec
Sep   ??  - Lestock, Saskatchewan
Oct   ??  - Alaska Highway, between Kusawa Lake and Whitehorse, Yukon
Oct 16th - Parksville/Qualicum, British Columbia
Dec   ??  - Houston, British Columbia
Dec   ??  - Lake Of Bays, Muskoka, Ontario


      ??    - Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Summer - Emma Lake, Saskatchewan
Fall         - Sarnia, Ontario
Fall         - Sarnia, Ontario

October - Chilliwack, British Columbia


Jun/Aug - Brantford Ontario


     ?? - Cote Des Neige & Saint Leonard, Montreal, Quebec
     ?? - Kincardine, Ontario
     ?? - Smithfield, Ontario

     ?? - Falconridge Area, Calgary, Alberta

Jul  ?? - Between Montbeillard and Rollet, Quebec


     ?? - Mississauga, Ontario


     ??  - Bells Corners, Ontario
     ??  - North Burnaby, British Columbia
     ??   - Prince George British Columbia
     ??   - Vernon, British Columbia

Jan 12th - Kearney Lake Road, heading to Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
Jun    ??  - St. Catharines, Ontario
Jul    ??  - Whiteswan Lake, British Columbia
Aug  ??  - Kincardine, Ontario
Aug 11th - Boulardarie Island, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Oct 28th - Six Nations Reserve, Ontario


     ?? - Matheson, Ontario


    ??  - East Prairie Metis Settlement, High Prairie, Alberta

Summer - Mount Benedictson, Fraser Valley, British Columbia
Fall    - Fort St. James, British Columbia

Mid July - Oshawa, Ontario


    ??  - Hope, British Columbia
    ??  - Yellow Point, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Summer - Kitimat, British Columbia

Dec 26th - Near Napier Lake, Hwy 5 old Merritt-Kamloops Hwy, British Columbia


July - Thunder Bay, Ontario


Early 1980s - Nanaimo, British Columbia
Fall 1980s - Lake Ontario, Burlington, Ontario
Late 1980s - Toronto, Ontario

Victoria Day, Mid 1980's - 8 Miles South Of Forest, Ontario


     ??   - Surrey, British Columbia
     ??   - Thamesford, Ontario

Summer - Chambly, Quebec
Late Summer - Lake Simcoe, Ontario
Late Fall - Endako, British Columbia

Aug 13th - Northern British Columbia


Aug  8th - Houston, British Columbia


Oct   ??  - Langley, British Columbia


July/August 1980's (86 or 87) : Grand Forks, British Columbia


1973 & 1986 - Montreal, Quebec

Jun  ?? - Highway 304, 100 Km North of Pine Falls, Manigotogan, Manitoba


     ??  - Houston, British Columbia

Summer - Grand Forks, British Columbia
Winter - Edmonton, Alberta

Mar-Jun - Beaverdam, Near Fredericton, New Brunswick


Jul   ?? - North Sooke, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
July 1984 : Vancouver, British Columbia
Jul 23rd - Vancouver, British Columbia


Winter 1983/84 & June 1985 - Sherwood Park, Alberta


June - Glenella, Manitoba


Sep   ??  - Northfield, Nova Scotia
Oct   8th - Near Ft McMurray, Alberta


Summer - Highway 43, Ontario


1979-1982 - Cold Lake, Alberta


     ??  - Falkland, British Columbia Audio Report Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Jul/Aug - Kelowna, British Columbia
Aug  ?? - Pedicodiac River, Moncton, New Brunswick


    ??   - St.John's, Newfoundland

Summer - From Stephenville To Kippens, Newfoundland

Late March - Mill Bay Road, Mill Bay, British Columbia
Jul/Aug - Gravenhurst, Ontario
August - Salmo, British Columbia
Sep 29th - LaSalle, Quebec
October - Appleton Boys School, Bolton, Ontario


Early   - Gaspe, Quebec
Summer - Vancouver, British Columbia

Jan ?? - Toronto, Ontario
Oct ?? - Picher Creek, Alberta


1979/1980 - Forest Grove, British Columbia
1979/1980 - Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario


1970s - Vernon, British Columbia

Early 1970s - Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Early 1970s - North Of Fort St. John, British Columbia
Early 1970s - Tranquille, North Of Kamloops, British Columbia
Late Spring/Summer 1970s - Montreal, Quebec
Mid January Mid 1970s - Uxbridge, Ontario
Mid   1970s  - Paipoonge Township, Outside Of Thunder Bay, Ontario
Mid 1970's - 1980 - Noelville, Ontario
Summer, Late 1970s - Cape St. George, Newfoundland
Late 1970s - Sudbury, Ontario


Jun 15th - Greater Toronto Area, Ontario
Jul    ??  - Palgrave, Ontario
Jul   5th - Delta Beach, Manitoba
Jul 10th - Barss Corner, Elmwood, Nova Scotia
Oct  7th - Wabasca, Alberta


Dec 24th - Chicoutimi, Quebec


Summer - Atholville, New-Brunswick
Summer - North York, Ontario
Fall - Conacher Lake, Thessalon, Ontario

Jul 22nd - Aylmer, Ontario
Au   ??  - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dec   ??  - Bay St. George, Newfoundland


     ??   - Milburn Lake, British Columbia

Winter - London, Ontario


Fall-Spring - Beacon Hill, Gloucester, Ontario


     ??   - Lethbridge, Alberta
     ??   - Milburn Lake, British Columbia
     ??   - Shuswap Lake, Celista, British Columbia

Late Fall - Goose Bay, Labrador

Jul   4th - Edmonton, Alberta
Aug   ??  - Oshawa, Ontario
Aug   ??  - Sarnia, Ontario
Aug   ??  - Scarborough, Ontario
Aug   4th - Markham, Ontario
Mid/Late Aug - Brandon, Manitoba
Oct   ??  - London, Ontario
Nov   ??  - Greenwood, Nova Scotia


       ??    - Richmond Hill, Ontario
       ??    - Rural Municipality of Rockwood, Manitoba

Summer - Meaford, Ontario

Jul   ?? - Lethbridge, Alberta
Late Jul - Lethbridge, Alberta
Aug   7th - Powell River, British Columbia


1975/1976 - Transcona, Manitoba

Summer/Autumn 1975-1976? - Wascanna Park Nature Preservative Regina, Saskatchewan
Fall 1975/Spring 1976 - Humber Valley Golf Course, Rexdale, Toronto


1975, 1999, 2001 - Castlegar/Nelson, British Columbia

       ??    - Sydney, Nova Scotia

Spring - Loyola Campus, Montreal, Quebec

Summer - Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario

Winter - Near Elora, Ontario

Jan 20th - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
June/July - Schomberg, Ontario
Aug   ??  - Sudbury, Ontario


Mid-Summer - Golden Lake, Val David, Quebec

June - Departure Bay, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia


     ??    - Hwy 48, (North of) Toronto, Ontario

Summer     - Near Lillooet, British Columbia
Summer     - Peterborough, Ontario
Fall/Winter - North Gower, Ottawa, Ontario

Jul    ??   - Montreal, Quebec
Oct 31st - Texada Island, British Columbia
Nov 15th - Val Caron, Ontario


1973/1974 : Sydney, Nova Scotia


1973 & 1986 - Montreal, Quebec

Aug   ??  - Oshawa, Ontario
Aug   ??  - Oshawa, Ontario
Dec   ??  - Gallants Deer Lake Airport, Newfoundland


       ??  - Sointula, Malcolm Island, British Columbia

Spring - Topley Landing, British Columbia
Spring/Summer - Chilliwack, British Columbia
Summer - Scarborough, Ontario

Jul    ??  - Between Riviere du Loup, Quebec and New Brunswick
Jul   7th - Prince George, British Columbia
Aug 2nd - SW Calgary, Alberta


       ??  - Nova Scotia


Summer - Pierrefonds, Quebec


       ??  - Saint John, New Brunswick

August - Miworth, British Columbia
September - Alaska Highway, Yukon Territory


1960s - Belleville, Ontario
1960s - Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Early 1960s - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Early 1960s - Kootenay Lake, North Of Boswell, British Columbia


      ??     - St. John's, New Foundland
Spring    - Red Deer, Alberta
Fall         - Handhillls area Farm, Hanna, Alberta

Jun   ??  - Parksville, British Columbia
Jul   ??  - Prince George, British Columbia
July/Aug - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
July/Aug - East Of Peterborough, Ontario
Sep 22nd - Vimy Ridge, Quebec
Dec 26th - Cornerbrook, Newfondland


1968? - Boston Bar, British Columbia

1968 - Near Lake Glenmore, Calgary, Alberta
1968 - Victoria, British Columbia

Jul  ?? - Burlington, Ontario
Jul  ?? - North Of Kamloops, British Columbia
Oct  ?? - Boston Bar - Yale, British Columbia
Oct  ?? - Fraser Canyon, British Columbia


May/June - Demorestville, Prince Edward County, Ontario


Aug   ?? - Scarborough, Ontario Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report
Late Sep - Goose Air Base, Labrador


    ??   - Marathon, Ontario
    ??   - Clarkson, Ontario


Easter   -  St. Albert, Alberta

Aug 29th - Corona-Fort Francis, Ontario
Mar 27th - St. Albert, Alberta
Jun  ??   - Laidlaw, British Columbia


    ??   - Beausejour, Manitoba


Fall - Pt. Mann Bridge, British Columbia

Jun/Jul - Windsor, Ontario
Dec ??  - Windsor, Ontario
Dec 9th - East Of Alymer, Ontario
Dec 9th - Windsor, Ontario


1963/1964 - Revelstoke, British Columbia
1963/1964 - Scarborough, Ontario
1963/1964 : Woodlawn, Ottawa, Ontario

Summer - Morricetown, British Columbia


Summer - Victoria, British Columbia
Summer - Victoria, British Columbia

Nov 23rd - Mattagami River, South Of James Bay, Northern Ontario


Fall - Northern Ontario


Late Fall - Barrhead, Alberta


Early/mid 1950s - Tuc-El-Nuit Lake, Oliver, British Columbia


August - USAF SAC Base, Goose Bay, Labrador Photo(s)/Drawing(s)in report


1954/1958 - Tuc-El-Nuit Lake, Oliver, British Columbia


?? - Houston, British Columbia [Fireball Report]


?? - Saskatchewan And Manitoba


Aug  ?? - Burnaby, British Columbia


    ??   - Winnipeg, Manitoba


Late 1930s - Confederation Park, Burnaby, British Columbia


    ??   - Alert Bay, British Columbia