2000, 2002, 2004

Caribbean, Hagersville, Missisauga Ontario Different UFOs, Different Locations

Date: 2000, 2002, 2004.
Time: Night & day

Number of witnesses: 1-1-4
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: 2 lights, 1 silver ball.

Full Description of event/sighting: First I'd like to say I've had an interest in UFOs since I was young. I'd also like to mention that in 1999 I was asleep on a couch for the night in an apartment near Bathurst and Lawrence in Toronto and could feel I was about to wake up when I was over come by a feeling of euphoria. I remember feeling so good I felt I never wanted to wake up. I heard this loud pop in my right ear followed by a hiss and woke up immediately. I had had a problem with that ear since I was a kid and had seen a doctor several times to have a wax build up removed. Anyhow since that incident I've had no more problems except the odd deep itch. Anyhow, my first event was when I was playing on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. (I'm a musician) and I walked out onto the crew deck around 2:30-3:00 in the morning as we sometimes used to hang out in the crew bar after work. I noticed a flashing light out of the corner of my right eye and thought it was an airplane. I turned to look at it and noticed it was way up there.

It seemed higher than jets fly but lower than satellites. It stayed in one spot and flashed irregularly in no discernable pattern lighting up the area around it with amber light. Kind of like in a fog. All I could see was the light, nothing in between the flashes. I watched it for about 20 minutes that I can recall and woke up around noon the next day in my cabin. I had bruises under my arms which could have been caused from the chair or someone picking me up but no one mentioned anything to me and I'm sure they would have if that was the case. Also I didn't recall any of this until two evenings later and I don't remember falling asleep or waking up and going to my cabin, and no I was not drunk. For about a year after I found that random flashing lights had an almost hypnotic effect on me.

About a year and a half later I moved on to a farm outside of Hagersville, ON, on Cheapside road. I would sometimes go out at night when the weather was nice and look at the stars. I'd count the shooting stars, airplanes and satellites. I had also seen on several occasions that group of three satellites orbiting overhead. On one of these nights I noticed a light passing by in the distance which seemed to low to be a satellite and had non of the usual airplane lights and made no noise I could hear. The next night I went out again and at around 3:00 am I saw the same light only this time it was closer and again no aircraft lights and no sound and I mean no sound.

I noticed everything was dead quiet. No crickets, frogs or bats. After the object had passed everything went back to normal. I went out again the next night and at about 10 after 3 the dogs across the road started barking wildly and then silence again. About 10 seconds later the light appeared again this time almost directly over head. As I watched it go by it gave me the impression that it could pass through a tornado and it would have no effect. It didn't seem natural or should I say earthly. After it had passed over head it started to light up like a flare or like the light from arc welding. I thought for a minute it might explode but as the light dimmed I could tell it was a light moving around the outside like you would see looking at a lighthouse. The weather was bad for the next few nights and then I moved back to Brampton for work but a girl I was going out with stayed a bit longer and told me one night her and her daughter we watching television when they noticed it was light out in front of the house.

They went outside the front door and saw a light shining straight down from the sky on to the lawn. They couldn't see any object just a wide beam of green light that seemed to have particles in it that slowly vanished. She had also visited her sister recently in Chatham, ON and was sitting outside one night looking towards Detroit when they saw lights in the sky above the city dancing around. That's how she explained it and though they couldn't figure out what they were seeing her sister thought it was probably a weather experiment which made no sense at all to her.

I'd like to ad that her sister had witnessed, back in the late 70's, a disc sitting in a field one night when her and her boyfriend were out driving in the country. I've heard he refuses to talk about it and on the two occasions I've asked her about it she gets upset an walks out of the room. My third incident was when I was working a day job for a while and we were on a break sitting on a bench when I noticed a silver ball passing by between us and the Toronto airport. I pointed it out to the other guys and I asked them what they thought it was. One guy said a helicopter but when I asked him where the tail and rotors were he had no answer. Another guy thought it might be a balloon but it was going against the wind and in a completely straight line. Then when he said a UFO no one argued or laughed and we just watched it fade out of sight. One more story if I may, (sorry I didn't mean to write a novel but I've got to tell this stuff to someone with an interest so my mind can rest). The girl from the farm, her nephew, another friend and I were out in the country not far from the Hamilton ON airport when I noticed a bright light behind us.

It kept getting closer and brighter. We thought it was a plane at first but we couldn't make out any wings. It got so close I suggested we pull over and have a look saying that the car engine might die anyhow from what I had read. Well we pulled over, got out of the car and when it got real close we panicked, jumped in the car and sped off. When I looked out the rear window it started to change direction and it turned out to be a plane. So much for all of our brave talk about coming across one that had landed and wanting to meet who ever or what ever is on board. Anyhow, thanks for you patients, and keep up the great work. Sincerely.

Thank you to the witness for the very interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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