Calgary, Alberta

2000 & 2002

Calgary, Alberta Objects Split Into 5 In A Triangular Shape

Date: 2000 also 2002
Time: 10:30pm & 12:00am

Location of Sighting: East of Calgary on Glenmore Trail just after Langdon the last incident and just before Langdon many times and once North of Highway #1 viewing it from the south at Glenmore Trail at Langdon.

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 5

Shape of objects: The first one looked like a glowing tennis ball of light. The second an old man on a bike. The third some kind of huge craft we thought was a passenger airliner but had lights surrounding it. The next time I seen something it was about 3-5 balls of glowing lights that seemed to gather into 3 and split into 5 in a triangular shape hovering up to the south.

Full Description of event/sighting: We were coming into Calgary on Glenmore Trail approaching the town of Langdon about 2 miles or so away I pointed out to my niece that she should have a look at the strange lights ahead, and that I had seen them a few time coming in and out of town. I wasn't really bothered by them, just found them annoying. She thought they were strange too, and we watched this light bounce up and down until you get really close about to the edge of town then it stops. I know enough to know its not nearly close enough to the small airport to have anything to do with it. And this place is too close to houses to land planes.

The next time we came back from Carseland my niece was watching the big planes coming down towards the city and she said, check that one out. It must be Mick Jaggers private plane hah hah. I laughed and said what makes you say that, she said check out the flashy lights. I got to the four way stop and we watched it, it wasn't moving as fast as it should have been or it would have been gone, and I wouldn't have been able to see it. Then it just suddenly took off and just stopped, and went backwards. Shocking ! I just said, Ok, lets go, that's nice, I've seen enough for one night. I just said not to say anymore about this stuff because the kids were in the back seat of the car and I didn't want them to hear anymore and ask questions. Don't want them scared to live in the country.

I came home another time from Calgary approximately midnight and was coming down the same stretch going east past Langdon and just at the edge of the eastside of town this old man, out of no where is riding on an old antique bicycle with a basket full of vegetables like he's doing a delivery at midnight? When my car got to where I was going to go around him he suddenly veered to the right just like he was turning into a driveway or side walk and just rode right into no where and disappeared. Alien? Ghost?

Anyway I had moved and had been gone for a year and a half and was at an extremely stressful time in my life and was staying with friends out in Strathmore. I was in a hurry because it was late, so I took the short cut from south Calgary out to Strathmore past Langdon. After all the other stuff that happened out there, I really didn't want to see anymore, or at least know what it was. It's the not knowing that is scary. Anyway as I was driving past Langdon the road as it started to fog over and my driving became slower and slower and I was increasingly becoming worried because it was hard to see above 3 feet off the road, but 10 feet above that was fine and I was starting to panic about whether I was going to have to stop the car in the middle of no where and wait for the fog to lift a bit. I was crawling along when I noticed up to the right in the sky 3 balls of light glowing, like the previous ones we'd seen. But these ones kept pulling apart and making five into a triangle and then I thought just what I need tonight to add to my misery.

The all of sudden while trying to drive, one of the balls of light was coming down towards me. I kept trying to drive faster to get away. I realized this light was coming to me for a reason. Whatever it was, I really didn't need it as I am stressed and I can't deal with this and if it comes any closer I am going to panic and freak out and be worse. Even if this means no harm, this is not my day to meet people from else where. As soon as I finished thinking, that thought in my head that glowing white ball stopped right where it was and started ascending back to the other lights. I drove a fast as I could to the main road and got out of there. I have never been back yet. But fully intend to keep going back because I now have rationally thought about it. They were coming to comfort me, I was scared before they came down and I panicked. I did say not now, I can't deal with this and they left me alone. They watch us and help us. If they wanted to hurt us they would have destroyed us along time ago. Now I just want to communicate with them and thank them for their concern. Isn't it nice to know we're not alone and people do care. God has many other planets and people it's just our initial reactions we have to be better prepared for. And last but not least no I am not crazy, I did wonder for awhile but no I am intelligent and a very, very good Christian.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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