Early July 2000

Airdrie, Alberta

Date: Early July 2000
Time: Late Evening

A gentleman called on to file a report. He first told me he lives in the next town north of Airdrie, Alberta. Back in the year 2000 he was living in Calgary, Alberta and they had just purchased the home north of Airdrie. The fellow works evenings, so one night when he finished off his shift at work, he asked a good friend if he wanted to take a drive and have a look at his new home he had purchased. He told me it was a beautiful evening and they decided to take the trip to look at the new home. They headed out, both men discussing the distance they would be traveling from Calgary to the new home. The driver thought they would be traveling some 40 kilometers, but his friend thought it would be a little further then that. The driver hit the button on the odometer which set it at zero kilometers. This way they would know just how far they were about to travel one way. The two men arrived safely at their destination and had a look around and took some time talking etc... It was starting to get later into the evening so they thought it best to get back on the road heading towards home. The passenger in the vehicle mentioned to the driver that he had in-laws living in Airdrie and would it be ok if they swung by to show the driver their home.

As they drove along the highway outside of Airdrie the driver noticed some very bright lights coming up from behind them. The lights were very bright, has the passenger had turned around to look he commented on the brightness and how fast the lights were approaching them. Both men thinking this was a vehicle never gave it a lot of thought, other than these lights which were almost blinding to the driver.

Now here is where the story takes a strange twist. All of a sudden the fellows came upon a large sign, it read "Country Hill Boulevard" which is the first exit to Calgary. What is puzzling is that from when the strange lights came up from behind them and to the sign which read "Country Hill Boulevard", there is a possibility that some time has gone missing. Both men do not recall driving through Airdrie at all. The driver took a look at the odometer and he noticed they may be missing 20 kilometers. As he mentioned to me, he never gave any of this much thought, but did find it rather strange. The driver also said he has driven this stretch of highway many times and nothing like this has ever taken place.

I asked the man if he or his friend had ever had any vivid dreams and he said no. As far as he knows nothing out of the ordinary has happened to him other than this one strange event. The driver did mention that his friend did lose a little sleep over the experience.

Thank you to the witnesses for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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