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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

August 2000 : Montreal, Quebec

Location: Montreal

Date: August 2000

Time: 7pm

Number of witnesses: 30 and more

Number of objects: unknown

Shape of objects: unknown

Weather Conditions: clear skies, very quiet no wind, 18-20 degrees.

Description: As I was waiting for a friend to pick me up in front of my apartment building in Ville Emard Montreal... I stood up from sitting on stairs and was open mouthed looking at the sky. People were looking and me and looking up. A crowd began to form and cars stopped. Everyone like a mob was standing and looking up at the sky. Above the St. John Bosco Church on Springland Street, about what looked like 15 stories high approximately, about a dozen diamond shaped white lights spead about 200 feet wide were moving rapidly in geometric patterns hovering above us and the Church. As I continued to stare, the lights would move in a counterclockwise position, but would change patters.

There was a strange low cloud (which was very abnormal because skies were absolutely clear), and these lights were travelling some contours of this one cloud. They would get big and show the diamond shape they had and then minimize and speed through the contours of the cloud or smoke substance above us. We looked at this for over an hour. By then there must have been at least 80 people and we had to leave.

We had trouble getting out because people were in the street. How quiet and still everything went when I saw the lights was very bizarre. I seemed to be the first to notice the lights as I was sitting looking up at the sky. My reaction caused everyone else to start looking. My neighbors and many people were witnesses to this event. The friend that came to get me was speechless as well. It was the first out of three sightings I witnessed in the same area. The other two times were in the following weeks. Once I was alone around 11pm at night walking home across the street to the apartment building, and the other time around 11-12pm my mother witnessed them with me from the second floor balcony in the back.

I considered it could be a prank, but no one could possibly immatate these strange light movements which were fast and smooth not jerky and they had ability to transform (minimize and get bigger without flaws). No sound. This was strange as anything hovering that low would make lots of noise. All three events I witness no sound, no wind, no noise of any kind. The lights were bright but not blinding. If I had to say what shape the object above me had to go with the movement of the lights, I would have to say eliptical and geometric. Not round. Triangular, and wider than longer.

TV/Radio: The following day it was all over the news. Colleagues of friends in other parts of the city also reported the same strange event!