Hiawatha First Nation (just outside of Peterborough) Ontario

Mid November 2000

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Hiawatha First Nation (just outside of Peterborough) Ontario, Canada

Date: 11/2000 (Mid November) Around dusk.

Approach Direction: Object came from the North West (from Peterborough area)

Departure Direction: Continued heading South East

Witness Direction: I was facing South, My friend who was coming to meet me was facing East.

Description: First of all, I am glad I found a website like this for I a can finally share this experience. I know it happened a while ago (I was 16 at the time) but I remember much of it like it was yesterday because it scared the heck out of me! It was the middle of November and I had left my house (along Hiawatha Tenth Line - just about a 7 minute walk from the north coast of Rice Lake) and began walking south along this road. It was around dusk and I was thinking how nice the sun setting looked and that's when I noticed this object almost above me. I looked up at it and stopped walking for a minute and studied it, trying to find out if it was a plan or not. I am very sceptical about things and this is why I decided to watch it for a bit. It was not making any sound at all, and the only reason I even noticed it was because I was looking at the sky. It was shaped as a Triangle with each corner being lit up (the front one was white, and the two side ones where green. The two green sides would dim out and then come back on, staying green. In the centre of this object was a circular shaped white light). I came to the conclusion that it couldn't be a plane because the lights were not changing colour as quickly as commercial Jets do, and it was way to low as well. The fact I could not hear a sound made it even more eerie for me. It was also moving extremely slow for it to be human, in my mind. I started walking again, while watching it move past me and over the community health centre and daycare (going south east). Then the two side green lights dimmed out again and came on as white lights. It also stopped dimming out. Instead it was now a triangle with four solid white lights, instead of two white and two green. I began running towards Paudash Road (runs along Rice Lake in my community) and started running west on it until I met my friend. She was as freaked out as I was for she had been watching it too. The next day I was telling my mom about it, and a few days later she reported to me that a friend of hers (on Paudash Road) had been watching it too from her property.

Color/Shape: It was Triangular shaped, its main colour seemed to be whitish grey. each corner of the object was a light, the front of it was white, and the two side ones were green. There was a circular white light in the middle of it. The corner lights kept dimming out and coming back on - slowly.

Height & Speed: It was moving very slowly in a south eastern direction (It came from a north western direction). It was not as high as an airplane, but other than that I can not express an estimated height.


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