August 12th/15th/17th/19th/23rd/31st 2001

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

[UFOINFO Note: This report appears to have been machine translated.]

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Name: M. Morin

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Date: The 12, 15,17 19, 23, 31, August 2001.

Approach Direction: South for the disc and for the gray spheres any directions

Departure Direction: For the disc west north and for the gray spheres any directions.

Witness Direction: For the first time south.


An agent of security on his place of work would have perceived in the downtown area some remarkable events the 12, 15,17 19, 23, 31, August 2001.

"I was on my place of work to the downtown area in the angle of Sainte-Élisabeth and de La Gauchetière (The yards of Gauchetière), when all began suddenly on August 12, 2001 at midnight and twelve, at the time of my inspection, I left an establishment of construction in the very obscure backyard and while descending the slope from the ground, I saw a reddish thing by far in a limpid sky on the side of the Law courts of Montreal, Quebec, at the beginning of my walk, I was absorbed by my tasks and in impossibility of worrying me this object flying under the last quarter moon on the right side.

However arrived in the middle of the backyard, I suddenly saw this flying machine of a width to that of full moon reduced to 20 percent and to the shape of a metal circle which was slightly in red and dark orange fusion, it crossed me in a horizontal curve slowly and silently over my head of the right-hand side in direction West to hide itself towards the mountain and I did not see again. I had just realized after a big reflections that there was no flying machine known on this current terrestrial sphere which could equalize this description.

There was a chain of extraordinary phenomena during the nigths of the 15, 17, 19, 23, 31, in August 2001, of very large gray spheres in identical dimensions travelled of an incredible speed at late hours in all the directions of the sky and certain times one at the back of the other one or alone above the buildings of the city center, furthermore immovable during some seconds to demote. Other indescribable authentic facts showed themselves during the warm nights in the sky of the old Montreal near the river St-Laurent. Almost half of the unusual appearances had quickly been recorded with a camcorder close to the Palate of the Congresses of Montreal."

Witness, M. Morin

Color/Shape: This flying machine of a width to that of full moon reduced to 20 percent and to the shape of a metal circle which was slightly in red and dark orange fusion.

Height & Speed: Slowly


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