Tranquille/Padova Outside Of Kamloops, British Columbia


Tranquille/Padova Outside Of Kamloops, B.C. White Light Going In Circles

Date: About 3-4 years ago. (Reported in February 2006)
Time: After dark.

Message: I grew up in Salmon Arm. One of the things we often did was drive the hour and a half to Tranquille on the Lake aka Padova just outside of Kamloops. As you probably already know, Tranquille is a old town that used to serve as a TB ward in the 1920's, and later was turned into a Mental Asylum. It is now unfunctional, and I believe that the police are using it as some sort of training grounds. Anyways, when we were in highschool we would go to this place, sneak in, and explore. It is a really creepy place and it has a very odd energy field.

One of the things we usually did before we snuck in, was drive up the mountain a bit and park where it overlooked this place to scope it out. So we were sitting there in the car, overlooking this place when we noticed this light that was hovering above, but behind this place. It was obviously dark, so we couldn't see the shape of it. So the four of us sat there, starring at this light wondering what it could be. It was white and it was going around in circles. We probably watched it for about 5 minutes then we noticed this blue light and it was horizontally coming towards the white light. So we sat there anticipating what would happen when they meet. Once they met, the lights both shot off into our direction towards our vehicle. We all screamed, and the driver stepped on the gas and we took off down the mountain. Then all the sudden there was a deer in the middle of the road. It was one of the creepiest experiences. This happened about 3-4 years ago. Like a year ago, I was watching this UFO show on TLC about UFO sightings. This guy came on and described exactly the same thing we saw, but he saw it in daylight. And what he saw was the white light hovering over a lake, and a blue light coming towards it, and when they met they both shot off. He saw the shape of the craft and described it as looking almost like a blimp.

Anyways, So I went back to Tranquille in the day, and sure enough where the white light was hovering there was a lake.

I'm not too sure where this site is situated, etc but Tranquille on the Lake / Padova in Kamloops, BC Canada is a definitely a hot spot for the paranormal. It is hard to find information about this place because it is heavily censored. Rumor has it, that there has been some crazy stuff that has happened there.

Thank you to the person for sharing their experience with me.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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