Campbell River, British Columbia

March 20th-30th 2002

Location: Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

Date: 03/20-31/2002 at apprx 10:00pm PST

Approach Direction: South South East

Departure Direction: North North West

Witness Direction: SouthWest

Description: My name is Neil and I happened across your website after searching for UFO info or pics from the Vancouver Island area. I have now had two separate sightings of UFOS on Vancouver Island and the description on your website from a woman in Coombs took my breath away...

In March of 2002 I lived in Campbell River BC, roughly 120km or less North of Coombs. My girlfriend at the time was outside in the backyard having a cigarette and happened to notice ionized particles in the air above our heads... the anomaly resembled those of Northern Lights (Aurora Borealus), but were not to the North of us, nor were they tinted green or spread out across the sky as I have always seen them... she called me out to look at the phenomenon which "Danced" in the sky in the same way Northern Lights would... only they were clearly not Northern Lights (normally seen during summer months that far South) this struck me as odd and so I called my father who lives roughly 30km or less from Campbell River (Near Courtenay), and he could also see the phenomenon after I directed him to look directly overhead above his house, indicating that the lights were far up in the atmosphere.... while we talked on the phone, Sherry suddenly grabbed my arm and sounding very frightened exclaimed "Oh my god! What IS that?!? Look! Look! Right There!!"

I looked up to see a dark object skim roughly 100 - 150 feet above the tree line and over our house and out of sight. My first reaction was that I was seeing a flock of birds, illuminated underneath by the orange colored street lights which lined the street beside our house. My glimpse of the object was so brief (roughly 3-5 seconds) that I could not decipher in my mind what I was seeing... whatever this object was, it was solid and blocked out the stars in the background, and it had an odd formation to the dim orange lights underneath it ( I cannot recall what exactly the pattern was, but I think it was a triangular formation.

I remember thinking afterwards as I replayed the event in my mind that there was a particular pattern or symetry to the orangish lights... I would estimate its size to be about to 30' across at its widest and appeared to narrow (like a wedge) Sherry on the other hand had watched the object from its appearance to its passing for at least 5-8 seconds as it glided soundlessly overhead (it may have made a slight sound like wind rushing past but I don't remember hearing any obvious noise).. Sherry is very level headed and seldom shaken, but she was clearly shocked and shaken by the sighting of the object... I was still on the phone and my father kept asking "What? What?"... I could not find the words to describe to him what I had just seen but remember saying "I don't know what it is we're seeing out here tonight, but there is some weird shit happening in the sky tonight over our heads..."...

I hung up the phone and went back inside after a minute or two (not really knowing what to think or do) and Sherry called me back outside a few moments later (maybe 1 - 2 min) and pointed to a section of the sky where the stars were clearly visible (it was a cloudless night) "Watch right there" she said while pointing to a particular spot in the sky (roughly SW but nearly straight overhead) I watched and saw nothing and averted my gaze to her to ask "What? I don't see it?"... "You missed it! Watch".. I looked back up and then I saw it... far in the sky (I would guess outside the atmosphere as it almost seemed as distant as a broadcast satelite) a bright white light came on, grew in intensity and then faded off.... 7-10 seconds later it reappeared in exactly the same position as before - bright white light came on, grew in intensity and then faded off - this repeated itself (remaining stationary) about 3-4 more times and then disappeared entirely...

[Note: Information in the five paragraphs above was originally one paragraph and has been reformatted for easier reading. All information is otherwise unaltered - John @ UFOINFO.]

The sighting you have on your website is especially intriguing as this sounds like it may have occured on the same evening as our sighting... is there any way you could put me in touch with this woman? perhaps send her my email address and invite her to message me?

Color/Shape: It appeared dark in color (maybe black)and definitely an elongated triangle shaped (like an arrowhead) I think UFO guys call it a "Delta Wing". The lights underneath were orange, but not really bright - probably less bright than those orangish color street lights you see, but the same hue. There was a pattern to the lights that I can't seem to recall.. I sometimes wish I knew a hypnotist so I could recall the formations of lights

Height & Speed: I would estimate that the object was roughly 100 - 200 feet over the tallest trees in our backyard, which were about 50-60 feet tall. The object did not change it's trajectory or speed, it simply travelled in a straight line as it passed overhead and disappeared over our roof.

TV/Radio/Press: There were no other sightings to my knowledge (unless you count the Coombs sighting) but it is interesting to note that the Timberline Highschool/ North Island College that was just down the street from where we lived reported in the paper a few days later that its security cameras had recorded some unusual lights in the building (reported as a "ghostly image"). The story was in the local paper and apparently the dean of the school had the tape erased as he did not want any more publicity around it. any copies out there?


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/020320.shtml