May 2002

Quesnel, B.C. - Barkerville Highway

Date: May 2000 ?
Time Evening

It's odd, but no matter how open minded people claim to be, they always question your sanity the moment you suggest or speak of something outrageous, which is why none of us have reported this before. I live in Quesnel now (oh the irony) having moved here form Prince George two years ago, and there's been a lot of strange things going on around here. From what I've heard from other people I know here, there's been several sightings around here of strange lights and whatnot, and they aren't surprised in the least that I've seen something myself (Something to do with Dragon Lake, but no one knows what exactly).

So this brings me to my other experiences. It was the first year I moved here (we're on the Barkerville Hwy) which would have been the summer of 2002 (May, not sure of the date), and I was outside having a smoke at night and watching the sky like I usually do. We get some really clear skies here sometimes and you can actually pick out the Milky Way if it's dark enough (course you're form Houston here in BC so you probably know all about this). So, I'm out looking, and I followed a few satellites that went overhead, and then there was another. It slowly lit up as it went north (could have been more northeast) as they do when they catch the sunlight peeking around the earth.

Only (and this is where I go off the deep end) it changed direction. It was subtle at first, but gradually it hooked around to the east, and disappeared. There were no flashes of light, or anything else for that matter, just a pinpoint of light coming out of the dark, making a course correction and fading out of sight. The time was around midnight, I *think*. Whether or not that's worthy of discussion, I don't know. But it was peculiar. Now, last year I had another sighting, right here in the driveway. And this one, while it might appear to be obvious as to the cause, isn't so easy to dismiss in my opinion. It was in mid October of last year, and I was in the house, and the dogs were barking a little so I went outside to check on them (we had an orphan bear cub show up last winter, not long after this all happened, strange side note there).

I shone my flashlight around the property and into the trees (2 acres, trees border the property save for the highway side and the second driveway) and seeing nothing I decided (you guessed it) to have a smoke. So I'm standing there, looking to the east up the second driveway and I catch a glimpse of a bright green light behind the trees. Being so close to Halloween I assumed it was just someone shooting fireworks, but as it passed behind the trees and through the gap where the driveway was, I could clearly see that it's trajectory wasn't diminishing like a falling object would. It was falling in a straight line at about a 10 degree angle towards the north. It may have had a tail, but it was hard to tell because it was bright enough to leave spots in my vision, although I seem to recall that there were sparks? falling away from it as it flew (meteor? Are they green?). Anyway, it went on to the north and I lost sight of it in the trees, and I looked around for a while and didn't see anything else (about an hour actually) and then I started thinking of what it could have been.

Here's some facts and observations:

1. This light was close, and travelling roughly parallel to the large overhead power lines that are a quarter of a kilometer east of where I live, which puts it at maybe 250 meters away

. 2. It was a bright light, bright enough to burn my vision, which could indicate a pyrotechnic of some sort.

3. The light didn't 'curve' towards the ground as it went north, but was straight, and when it came into full view it was definitely below the power lines. When I saw it through the trees, it was definitely above them.

4. There was no noise, and the light (object?) didn't explode, nor was there any flash of light.

5. I haven't dismissed the possibility of it being Ball lightning, because of it's close proximity to the power lines.

6. The next day I took my dirt bike over to the clearing where the power lines are, and searched for a good 4 hours or so and found no evidence of burnt grass or impact (I might have missed it entirely, that's always possible). On this same thought, I checked the other side of the highway, and I couldn't find any evidence of 'launch tubes' for roman candles etc, nor could I find anything that might indicate that someone had even been there (no paths, footprints, the grass was still upright, and though it was mostly dead it looked totally undisturbed. Any how, this could just be a meteor, but without going under hypnosis, I'll probably never know for sure.

Thank you to the witness for the great report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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