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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

June 2002 : Brampton, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Brampton Ontario, outskirts Mississauga Road, not far from Pearson Airport (5-10km)

Date: June of 2002, around 11 am local time

Approach Direction: from north moving south east

Departure Direction: dropping then vanishing

Witness Direction: north east

Description: Was standing out side of the shop with other employees. When someone notice what appeared to be a plastic bag flying very high in the wind. 2 of us continued to watch the object and noticed it was not a plastic bag but a shinny silvery ball. We continued to watch it move along slowly when all of a sudden it appeared to change colour almost to black and drop out of the sky towards us at a very high spead. Myself and the other person both shouted and dropped to the ground the other people standing outside didnt know what was going on when we looked up again the object was gone.

Color/Shape: round silvery ball, changing to black. would say the size was about the size of a small car maybe a little smaller.

Height & Speed: 1500 ft or more

TV/Radio/Press: none