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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Late August 2002 : Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba (Updated 1/10/2007)

Date: Late August 2002
Time: Approx: 3:00 a.m.

It happened late August 2002. I live in Manitoba (Canada) and just to the Southwest corner of Riding Mountain National Park are a few lakes. I stay at a one of those lakes. It was approx. 3:00 p.m. Variable cloud, otherwise a very clear sky. I had been out fishing for a few hours that day and the fish were slow at biting from the heat of summer. I was just about to come in to the shoreline somewhat from the center of the lake. I reeled in and set the rod in the boat. I felt a strong gust of wind, having been fairly calm all that day and week...It caused me to look up to the sky. Suddenly there directly above me stationary in the sky was a silver disc object. The blue sky in contrast for the background. I could see the edge of a cloud float by above the disc, then blue sky again. It was up a distance in altitude but not to the clouds, and not to the point where I had to try to make out the object. It was very clear and very real. I was rather shocked, it is not what you expect to see.

The first thought: I was just seeing things, quickly I realized that what I was looking at was really there. I was in awe, my heart was was there for 1 to 2 minutes (maybe longer), then it went straight up into the sky.
The accent was different from any flying machine that I had known of. It had instantaneous movement and it was very smooth. There was no contrail of any sort..nor was there any sounds from it, not that I could hear (the boat was idling) the ship (object) itself was not huge but not small from what I could see. I also noticed it to be smooth surface, but it was not close enough for any other details to be revealed. The lake where the sighting took place is rather secluded and the are very few people there during the week days.

"Now this is what I failed to mention to you, when I reported this".

I failed to mention, my two friends that were on board with me at the time of this encounter. I stated about the object above and pointed it out immediately to them.

I never mentioned my friends before..because they never saw it or they don't remember. They were falling all over the boat and over each other as this craft sat in the sky above us. My friends were very disoriented. I saw them like they were drugged..which of course they were not... Everything happening was in very slow motion. It was like I was about to faint or pass out..that is how I felt from everything slowing down. You know how you feel on the verge of passing out do to and injury or trauma.

I kept yelling at my friends who seemed to almost be coherent..but they continued to stumble everywhere. Between looking up at the silver disc and trying to get my friends to look at it..took some time..None made any sense at all to me..that is why I am not sure how long the whole thing took place. It was most certainly at least 2 minutes. They seemed very normal after the encounter..but it was almost like coming our of a sleep state..We all were not very talkative..or they were not..I was more fully awake to speak.

I ask my two friends very regularly about see if they remember..They do get uneasy looks and say they don't. That is why I never included them in my sighting report. Because they never saw it..or they don't remember it at the least.

I was reading about time slowing down in other peoples encounters and I figured I better come clean with this..
Even though I didn't include this in my first report. It just made a bit more sense to me now..and I feel it was a very important part that I should not have omitted.

There was a definite slow down in time..or a time fluctuation that was not constant in the entire area..because to me, my two friends were slowed down even as they stumbled around..they seemed to do it in slow motion..and I was still in "normal" time fro my perspective.

I know there are other things that happened during that time period..but..I do not know what it is..I cannot remember..It is very much bugging me.

Thanks Brian..I do apologize for not revealing everything I remembered the first time I reported this..If any more future encounters happen..I will tell you everything I can ever odd or unimportant it may seem at the time.

I am so glad you are back with your site..The world needs to know the truth..You are a large factor in helping reveal it to everyone. It's good to have you back..and good luck in your ventures!

Take care.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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