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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

August 2002 & Unknown : Berwick, Nova Scotia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Two past sightings regarding orange glowing orb, Nova Scotia

(1) Appeared to be over south mountain when seen from the town of Berwick,N.S. Facing south. (Canada)

(2) Appeared to be over Berwick area, saw it through my bedroom window which faced west. I was in Waterville, Kings County, N.S. Canada.

Date: The last time I saw this would have been in August, 2002 between 11 and 12 at night. Atlantic . Prior to this, I really can't remember the date. It was early fall before 9 pm because I saw it will going to the drug store in Berwick.

Approach Direction: First time, seemed to hover in the south sky. Second time, kept in the western sky.

Departure Direction: Both times, rapidly, straight down but over different areas. There are no landing fields over these areas.

Witness Direction: The only one to see the orb in the west from Waterville was my husband. He was in bed, took a quick look and went back to sleep. He didn't know what it was. I keep shaking him to get back up because I was excited and scared at the same time. He had been up all day after a back shift and didn't really care though he does remember it.

Description: The first time I saw this, it hovered in the sky. Didn't appear to be moving at all. It was big, glowing orange and bright. At first I thought it was a planet yet it was to big and bright. I remember vividly, stopping and watching it when all of a sudden it descended very quickly out of sight. Like if someone dropped a ball, it was just gone. Then I thought maybe a meteor but nothing had been said over the news the next few days. I just dismissed it, though I have often wondered about it.

(2) When I first saw it through the bedroom window, I stood and watched it. I couldn't take my eyes off it for I didn't know what it was. It was like the bright light I had seen before. It appeared to be barely moving but then it began to move from side to side and up and down. The movements were rapid, not like a plane banking. There was no sound. Had it been a C130 or CP140, I would have heard it. The movements were to fast for a chopper. The best way for me to explain it would be to compare it to someone moving a laser pen back and forth over a wall, or up and down. It was more that rapid type of movement. It was orange again, glowing and big. All of a sudden, it just seemed to drop down and disappeared. Gone, just that quick.

CFB Greenwood is about 9 miles away and I watch planes all the time. I have seen this twice, never before this and never since these 2 times. I like to watch the sky and encourage my children, you know falling stars, Haleys comet, planets etc. The last time I saw this in Waterville, I didn't sleep that night. I couldn't stop thinking about it, about what it was.

I have never really talked about it except to my husband. I didn't want to be laughed at or made fun of. I found this site last night and read about the orange orb over Nova Scotia and I knew what they were talking about. What ever this thing is, it's not something normal or usual. I'm 48 years old and still think about it. It's haunting !

Color/Shape: Soft orange but bright. Round light. Rapid movements, north to south, and east to west. back and forth. Hover. To compare it to Venus with it's sort of orange glow, Venus would be a dot. This would be the size of a dine. Big. I have never seen anything this size in the night sky before.

Height & Speed: It was about 11 o clock in the sky and the movement would be equal as to what I said about the laser pen. Rapid/swift.
Over Berwick from the west ( Waterville)
Always rapid descent.

TV/Radio/Press: I have never heard anything about it. Actually, I think I called some number I found in the phone book and told them about it. I think the call went to Halifax. (This would have been the sighting over the south mountain).
All I know is that I was excited and have no idea what it was.
Thank you for listening. Sorry I waited so long.