August 10th 2002

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Scarborough Ontario Canada

Date: 08/10/02 approx. 7 or 8 p.m.

Approach Direction: Two in the North, and one rising directly out of the treeline, as I faced East.

Departure Direction: The solitary one headed East. I don't know where the other two went.

Witness Direction: North, then East.

Description: My husband and I were in our backyard, with one of my friends from work. I was talking to my father on a cordless phone, and I happened to look towards the North. I saw two tiny dots in the North sky, kind of "fading" in and out of visibility. I interpreted this as seeing two birds flying in and out of the clouds. Then I realized there were no clouds. I remarked to my father that I thought I might need glasses because I was seeing "spots".

All of a sudden, a third "dot", this one much, much closer, and east of my backyard, rose from out of the trees across the street. It was perfectly spherical, and it rose up very quickly, about 100 feet into the air, then suddenly stopped and hovered.

The most amazing thing was that it was behaving like the other two dots in the North, but at this close proximity, it appeared to be like a swarm of insects; reflecting and deflecting the sunlight as they moved. But it was shaped perfectly spherical, and it was perfectly silent. I don't remember who yelled out, "What is that thing?!!", but I became afraid to look at it, and went inside. My husband had gone inside also, to look for his glasses. He did not get to see it, as he could not find his glasses. My friend, however, saw it also.

I went back outside about 5 minutes later, and it was still there, hovering, but as I stood there, it began to glide towards the East, travelling at about 200 mph. It stopped and hovered above the west end of the city, becoming like the black dots in the North, but it no longer appeared to fade in and out. It simply remained a black "dot".

I did not report this because it felt totally outlandish, and I did not want to be "marked" as some kind of freak. I'd like to know if anyone else may have seen these things, as I have never heard UFOs described in this way before.
Thank you.

Color/Shape: Three round, spherical objects. "Fading" in and out; from black to a kind of silvery translucence or transparency, then back to a mottled black. The object itself felt "alive". Very active and fearsome.

Height & Speed: The two in the North were thousands of feet in the air; about 50 miles North of where I stood. The solitary one rose to about 100 feet, then gracefully glided away at approximately 200 mph



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