UFO Sighting Report
Houston & Francois Lake
British Columbia
23rd August 2002

Just in tonight (20th September 2002), I have contacted the witnesses for more information, and hope to have a look at the photos they took.

Take care

West End of Francois Lake, British Columbia

Date: August 23, 2002
Time: approx: 9:00 p.m.

Hi ...just adding my story to your list of sightings....I don't believe in space ships etc but did see something I did not understand or have an explanation for.

On August 23rd about 9:00 p.m. just before dark my husband decided he wanted to take a picture of the sunset at the west end of Francois Lake looking west up the valley to Nadina Mtn. We drove down to the bridge over the river there and he got out and spent several minutes taking 3 or 4 shots of the sky to the west. While he was doing this I stayed in the car and watched the sky...thinking that I could see just the smallest sliver of a moon peeking from behind the trees...when he got back into the car, I said something to my husband about getting the moon in a sunset shot and he said what?? that is impossible the moon can't be in that part of the sky what are you thinking??

So I said look at that sliver of light next to the trees it has been there the whole time you were taking pictures, if it isn't the moon what is it?

He asked if it had moved ...I said no not at all...then while we were looking at it the light did start to move westward we both watched and puzzled over this for several minutes then I said that he should try and get a picture of what ever it was...he grabbed his binoculars first and we spent a couple more minutes trying to see what it was that we were looking at...finally as it was moving farther off he snapped a picture of this light that we could not define and then we left.

Today we got the pictures developed and there is this light far off but still obviously incandesant and to our surprise we find two other similar but more distant lights in the photo. I will forward a picture to you when I can get it scanned...I see you have had one other report from Francois Lake....can you tell me what that one was about? Bye now...(my husband and I wish to remain nameless)

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Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

Houston & Francois Lake, British Columbia Sightings

"Both connected"

Date: August 23, 2002
Time: approx: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
The two times are from witnesses in different locations who witnessed the same object. Both events captured on film.

Hi List

Now this is getting exciting. The Francois Lake, British Columbia sighting I reported on last night, due to me just receiving the report. Well this sighting goes hand in hand with the witness who reported her sighting to me here in Houston, B.C. It took place on the same evening, at different times. The gal who captured the object on video tape watched the whole event and taped it as it was leaving her farm, said the object came down and did a loop back up and headed off from her location. This is when she caught it on video tape. The object was described to me as being a cylinder shaped craft. Now the report from the West End of Francois Lake, British Columbia, is for the very same day, August 23, 2002 at around 9:00 p.m. . The Houston video was taken at approx: 7:00 p.m. In both cases the object is exactly the same, and doing strange maneuvers in the sky. Matter of fact, I received two photos for the Francois Lake, sighting (August 23, 2002 - Time: 9:00 p.m.) and there is no doubt that the object are the same in both reports.

Matter of fact, what the witnesses did not see when watching the bright object until they had the film developed was another "2" object the same, a bit dimmer, but no doubt about it, they are the same as she explained to me after getting her pictures back. I agree with her.

I will get the photos posted today sometime, and you guys can have a peek at them. Matter of fact I sent a video tape to a list member who is going to break the video down and place it to the net, it shows three different objects, one object around the Vancouver area, and the other 2 objects are from Houston, B.C.


Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

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