August 25th or 24th, 2002

Terrace, British Columbia

Date: August 25th or 24th, 2002
Time: 4:30 a.m.

Hello Brian

I have been meaning to write you for some time about an experience that I had on the weekend of August 25th, 2002. I was living in Terrace at the time but am currently living in Pr. Rupert.

I am fairly sure that my experience occurred in the early morning of Sunday August 25, 2002.

It is not what I saw that intrigued me as I really did not see anything, it is what I heard.

About 4:30 am I awoke to go to the bathroom. The window was open in my bathroom as it was quite a warm night as it has been lately. As I was standing at the toilet a very loud and intense noise quickly filled the sky. It was loud enough that I wondered if it would wake up anyone else in the area. The noise lasted for approximately one to one and a half minutes and then was gone again quickly. The noise sounded very much like a military plane flying overhead with one very distinct difference. This noise did not come out of or move into the distance. In my experience with military planes you can hear them come from a distance and as they pass overhead you can hear them go off into the distance. This sound did not move like that. The skies were clear and bright and I could not see anything in an direction that was visible to me.

I'm curious if you have had any other reports from that time or confirmation of any military exercises in the area at the time. Any information would be helpful.

Thank you to the person for this report.

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