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Filed 5th September 2002

Telkwa, British Columbia

Date: May 19, 2002
Time: approx: 1:05 a.m.

I spoke today (September 5, 2002) with two people. One was the witness who watched an extremely bright light ( a large mass) flying very slowly over their farm, and the sister of this gentleman who was the one who informed me of this event.

The witnesses sister told me about an event that took place back on May 19, 2002 on her brothers farm in Telkwa, British Columbia, Canada. The sister lives in Smithers, B.C. and works for a well known business and of course wanted to remain anonymous. She filled me in with a little information in which her brother had told to her after the May 19, experience, and how it effected him mentally after seeing what he saw. I asked her if she thought her brother might talk to me about what happened, and she said she would call him, it wasn't long afterwards when the witness did call. One of the first things he asked was, would I have an explanation to what he had seen.

The witness went on to say that he went to bed around 11:30 p.m. on May 19, 2002 and was woken up approx an hour and a half later due to his dogs barking like crazy, he mentioned it was normal for them to bark at coyotes which are around the farm howling at night, or other wildlife which crosses their fields. The witness said the dogs also were acting up more than normal, and they did sound rather stressed at something, so he got up out of bed to see what was bothering the dogs, also telling them to be quiet.

As he walked through the kitchen towards the back door, we noticed a bright glow of white light coming in through the kitchen window. ( Investigator note: I know exactly where his property is, as I was just out in the neighborhood just recently interviewing witnesses from the July 29, 2002 sighting. There are no street lights in his area and the occasional light from a neighbor's farm in the distance.)

He went outside and walked out looking to see where this light was coming from. Over the field and approx: 1000 feet up, a large mass of white light was slowly moving across the sky heading in a northwesterly direction. (I asked just how fast was the mass of light moving, his example of the speed was, "it moved a fast a small Ultra-light aircraft or close to it"). The witness said the whole field, trees, home, and barns were all bathed in this white light. He watched this for a few seconds, then called his pets and ran back into his home.

Now when I talked with his sister, I asked if he reported the sighting to anyone after it happened, such as the RCMP in Smithers. Now she thinks he did, so I am assuming he mentioned this to her. But when I asked him, he said he had not told anyone other than his family. (HBCC Note: When I dropped by the RCMP detachment about a month ago, they did not have any other sighting reports on file, as I asked. Mind you, I knew they had one other report as they took the details off of me and opened a file on it.).

The witness did not want to go into it much more. But his sister did tell me that he was a mess after the encounter. She said the whole family had not believed in UFOs to speak of, but did always wonderful if there could be some form of life out "there". She also said it took him months to finally deal with it, and get back to a somewhat normal routine.

Thank you to the folks for there report.


Burns Lake, British Columbia

Date: August 22, 2002

Time: approx: 10:45

(HBCC UFO - Note) I still don't have a lot on this sighting, but this is the little I received from the newspaper. Two brothers were outside when the notice a bight white object at a low level moving slowly across the sky. One of the brothers went next door and had his neighbor come out to watch the object. It took approx: 10 - 15 seconds to pass from their view. According to the newspaper the brothers, said it was no plane they knew of.

Thanks to the newspaper for this report


Meziadin Junction, British Columbia

Date: August 27, 2002
Time: not given.

I ran into a lady who works in our Post office, she asked if I had received a sighting report from Meziadin Junction, British Columbia. I told her no, so she gave me the little she did know about it.

Three witnesses, two Arrow transport trucks hauling concentrated mineral from the Huckleberry mine (which is just located approx: 80 kilometers outside of Houston, B.C.) spotted a large bright object in a stationary position below the horizon of the mountains. The object was ringed with different colored lights. Both trucks pulled over to the side of Highway #37 and turned the ignition off and sat and watched the object for approx: 10 minutes before it rose up slightly and moved down the valley and out of their line of sight.

I am still trying to get a hold of the witness for a more detailed report.


Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Date: August 30, 2002
Time: approx: 11:35 p.m.

A lone witness reported seeing two solid objects traveling together at a low level out from the Prince Rupert harbor. The objects stopped at one point, made a quick turn heading northeast toward Khutzeymateen Park. (HBCC UFO Note - Again, I am waiting for details on this sighting and hope to have them soon.


Kitwanga, British Columbia

Date: September 4, 2002
Time: approx: 9:15 p.m.

A witness telephoned me last night and told me he had just witnessed a couple of "green - transparent" balls of light traveling in a southwesterly direction at a low level. I asked the witness if he could give me an approx: altitude the green lights were at. He guessed they could have been around ten thousand feet or so. HBCC UFO Note - Not sure about this one guys.)


Houston, British Columbia

Date: approx: 22, 2002
Time: None given. (daylight sighting)

(HBCC UFO Note - Again, I Have no more information on this report, and hoping the witness will contact me).


I just came back from (deleted by HBCC UFO) office and I did hear there that one of the Planning Forester's father, who delivers coffee in Northern BC, did have a daylight sighting of a silvery disk inside of Houston, BC. This event took place 14 days ago. I confirmed with the Planning Forester the correctness of the statement and he asked me to forward your phone # which I have done already.

Are you aware of this sighting?


Kitwancool, British Columbia

Date: None given
Time: None given

HBCC UFO Note - Waiting to do a telephone interview about this report).

Secondly, (deleted by HBCC UFO) mother told us yesterday that a " very respectable "Gitskan man did witness 9 ( nine ) disks parked beside Highway 37 going towards the village of Kitwancool, B.C..

She did not mention when " this event " took place . I will try, if you are interested, to set up a phone call with her for the next weekend.


" Moose Carcass Site without vegetation "

Now about this case, which I have not been out on as it took place a while back and I have no idea what the condition of the area would be like. The good part is, I am going to interview the second forestry worker who was there and saw the approx: 20 feet circle and the Moose Carcass. This is an interesting report.

So hope to have this for you all soon.

Take care

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

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